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“I would tear down the stars for you,” said the dragon. 


The fact that ksoo’s chin is the same level as nini’s shoulders makes me emotional you will never understand Just imagine kyungsoo nuzzles into jongin’s neck, inhaling the warmth and the comforting scent knowing nini is his adhfjdkl And nini would probably giggle cutely cause “hyungg your breath hahaha it’s ticklish hahaha” *squirms a bit trying to get off kyungsoo* “shut up, I just wanna hug you” *smacks the back of jongin’s head*

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+ Being randomly told ‘I love you’
+ Excitedly talking about the future together
+ Being sent pics of random things ‘just because they remind me of you’
+ Movie date nights (yes even the ones we each pick out that the other doesn’t care for)
+ Publicly posting or bringing up happy or proud things in our relationship
+ Hearing about your day (even if it is ‘boring’ by your standards)
+ Knowing we can tell each other anything
+ Staying up late to talk about our feelings instead of going to bed upset
+ Being called ‘yours’
+ Sharing an ordered meal
+ f l i r t y t e x t s
+ Being in a relationship and being best friends
+ Not letting the distance effect us as much as it could