random person who's cute

  • Random person: So SS Link, who do you love?
  • SS Link: Zelda, she's a wonderful person.
  • Random person: OoT Link, which is the one lady you love?
  • OoT Link: Theirs to many but if I have to pick one, it's Malon!
  • Random person: Toon Link, is there a girl you like?
  • Toon Link: Um Tetra. She's cute and sassy.
  • Random person: TP Link, who are you in love with?
  • TP Link: (flips the table) Midna! I miss you! PLEASE COME BACK!
  • Random person: HW Link Any...
  • HW Link: Help me.
  • Cia: He's mine bitch!
  • Lana: No, he's mine you witch!
  • Random person: Linkle is there a special man you love?
  • Linkle: Nope just Zelda. Cause I love her so much I will do anything for Zelda. Even when I get the direction wrong.
  • Impa: You had one job!
  • Linkle: Don't judge me.
Love Letter (MoriartyxReader)

Name: Love Letter

Author: Micia

Fandom: Sherlock

Characters: James Moriarty x Reader

Word Count: 2.182

Warnings: None

More One-Shots: (x)

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Authors Note: Inspired by the amazing Love Letter I received anonymous when I actually reblogged the post ;) The “Letter” found in the One Shot is the one I received and belongs to whoever was the amazing person who wrote it! <3


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