random person who's cute

Random person: * looks in the mirror* im not even cute…who will ever love me?

Jackson:*pops up out of the shower* THATS NOT TRUE!!!

Random person: who tf are you? How did you come out my shower?

Jackson: im here to tell you *spins toward person* * pushs person into the wall* * gets really close* * whispers* i love you

Random person: deadass?

Jackson: dead *leans closer* ass

Random person:* blushes* well….i …….i love you too

Jackson:*winks* * disappears*

Random person: wtf was that…

  • Random person: So SS Link, who do you love?
  • SS Link: Zelda, she's a wonderful person.
  • Random person: OoT Link, which is the one lady you love?
  • OoT Link: Theirs to many but if I have to pick one, it's Malon!
  • Random person: Toon Link, is there a girl you like?
  • Toon Link: Um Tetra. She's cute and sassy.
  • Random person: TP Link, who are you in love with?
  • TP Link: (flips the table) Midna! I miss you! PLEASE COME BACK!
  • Random person: HW Link Any...
  • HW Link: Help me.
  • Cia: He's mine bitch!
  • Lana: No, he's mine you witch!
  • Random person: Linkle is there a special man you love?
  • Linkle: Nope just Zelda. Cause I love her so much I will do anything for Zelda. Even when I get the direction wrong.
  • Impa: You had one job!
  • Linkle: Don't judge me.
18, 26, 27

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18. Obsession- 

I absolutely love… birds  T__T  I had a pet bird for years but he passed about two years ago and i’m dying to get another but the kiddos are so little that I can’t devote the kind of attention i’d like to towards raising one.  I’m the person who see’s a pet bird or a random cute birb and has to interact with it.  I die a little each time. lol

26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? 

I was pretty sheltered and timid growing up and extremely shy due to social anxiety.  The summer I turned 18 I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go on a road trip several states over to Otakon in Baltimore.  I went with two of my best friends who made me a cosplay of Aerith from Kingdom Hearts out of the goodness of their heart.  This was the biggest convention i’d ever been to and I was pretty much walking around in awe the whole weekend.  Until I met him.  I met a really cute Sephiroth waiting around the halls for the cosplay contest and he was having trouble with his armor.  I had duct tape on me.  I was normally completely terrified of talking with guys but being at a convention surrounded by people with similar interests made me a bit braver.  I helped him fix his armor and gave him my email.  Played it cool and freaked out afterwards to my friends with a little meltdown. lol

That sephiroth cosplayer and I have been married for Ten years as of next summer.  Because I had awesome friends who were willing to pull me out of my comfort zone. <3

27. Something you would change about yourself? 

Social anxiety!  I either talk way too much in person to the point of sounding like a auctioneer or I’m dead silent with the deer in the headlights look.  There isn’t much in between until I’m comfortable with a person and even then I tend to retreat into myself a lot. TvT  Online interaction is easier because you have more time to think and edit what you’re trying to say but having regular conversations with someone… let’s just say i’m very easily distracted, say random things that seem like they make sense but don’t to anyone but me, and constantly worry about what people think of me to the point of just not interacting.  Run on sentence is running!

Love Letter (MoriartyxReader)

Name: Love Letter

Author: Micia

Fandom: Sherlock

Characters: James Moriarty x Reader

Word Count: 2.182

Warnings: None

More One-Shots: (x)

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Authors Note: Inspired by the amazing Love Letter I received anonymous when I actually reblogged the post ;) The “Letter” found in the One Shot is the one I received and belongs to whoever was the amazing person who wrote it! <3


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