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Was there any better moment during last week’s episode than when Rob Malone, Random Orlando, a guy in a penguin suit, and Chris (background) rocked out to “Toxic Shock” by a band called Cudzoo and the Faggettes? Incredibly there were even funnier moments (I’m looking at you Triceratops That Can’t Do a Boston Accent.) Overall it’s a must watch episode for any TCGS fans. Seriously though, can we make Rob the fourth faggette?

Your hobbit cast crush by sign

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No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy. A motto of the British Special Air Force is: “Those who risk, win." 
A singe green vine shoot is able to grow through cement. The Pacific Northwestern salmon beats itself bloody on it’s quest to travel hundreds of miles upstream against the current, with a single purpose, sex of course, but also…life. [Elizabethtown 2005]

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In the name of Misha Collins

So. Today, this morning I noticed that the flags at my school were still flying at full mast.

It really upset me because usually after every mast shooting we’ve had, the schools flags are down at half mast regardless of what happened. Every shooting has a half mast.

I gave it an hour and they were still up, showing the American pride and I began to get annoyed

“Those flags should be at half mast! Why aren’t they at half mast like all the other shootings!?”

The emotion showed in my voice as I confronted the office ladies about this and they simply told me that “its Steve’s job.” (Our janitor) and I politely asked them if they could page them and they rudely declined me.

I gave it another hour, still flying high. I began to wander around school for I had finished my finals and had nothing to do. I saw Steve and confronted him. “I haven’t gotten any order to lower them, should I have lowered them?” I told him yes and he said he would talk to the office ladies. We went, they told him not too and I argued that he should. Steve advised me to go talk to Tracy, the principal, and see what he said.

“Tracy! I personally believe that the flag should be at half mast in behalf of the shooting! I mean, we’ve flown it at half ever other shooting… Why not this one?” He tells me that he greatly appreciates my concern and he would talk to the superintendent after break.

Break comes and goes, the flags still flying high. I sat quietly in my seat, thinking about why they were still up high. I asked my teacher why they were flying high after the biggest shooting in American history and she said that she didn’t know, but she wasn’t happy with it. She went and talked to Tracy.

She came back and short story short, apparently the govener hasn’t given the order to fly them at half mast. I was out raged, the kids in my class were bickering back and forth. The teachers and student body of my school that I had talked with were upset and offended by this.

I dove into the depths of the internet. Obama had ordered the flags be flown at half mast. I was confused. Shouldn’t the president have the most power? Shouldn’t we be listening to him? I brought this up to Steve and he he explained what my teacher had already informed me. He felt aweful because he always goes out and lowers the flags after a shooting.

I went back to class, posting a few things on facebook to keep everybody up to date on the whole affair with the flag situation. One of my old class mates comented that LePage has in fact given the order and that this situation was crappy.

She even sent a link. I opened it and it was a trusted source so I quickly showed my friend across from me who called to the teacher and I was given the okay to go to the office once more.

In the matter if seconds I found Steve and showed him the article on my phone. He showed the office ladies and went to Tracy who brought the article up on his computer. He made a phone call and got the okay, and told the other schools.

I helped Steve with the lowering with the flags, he even let me lower the American one.

He was extremely proud of me and he also said to remind him not to piss me off because I dig deep into stuff.

I did this small random act because of somebody who has inspired me. I did what I thought Misha Collins would do. I did my research, I dug into stuff, my friends helped me on this project and I got my school(s) to lower the flags.

Orlando, you stay safe, you stay strong. Don’t give into the hate. Give love.