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How to - Make a Scabbard (proper) Pt.7

Aesthetics, brass, and screw-ups.

When things were going so well; Part 6.

Ok, it’s not that bad. I’m just lamenting on mistakes that were made.

So this is intentional. But it hurts as an artist to have to remove so much of the final product to make room for more. I keep telling myself; Eventually it will look good again. Perhaps that’s why I was procrastinating so much. I just didn’t want to see it in such a state.

So, how and why did it come to this?

First off, I am laminating brass onto the raised parts and I must get the paint off to have it adhere properly. Glue on paint is never a good combination.

Because I have a random orbital sander this was pretty much easy, quick work. However, if you do not have one you can use a paint scraper (shown in the top left) and scrape away the paint until you at least get to the primer.

Sand with a rough sandpaper so you create a good surface and you’re done.

The next step is to ready the brass. Or the first step, I’m not the boss of you.

Some people might be tempted to grab the original file and print, cut, and transfer the line art already there. There is a huge problem with this. If you remember the prior steps with the 2d-3d shape adjustments to make these raised edges you know what I’m talking about.

Instead, get a piece of paper and use it to transfer the shape.

This is an exact copy of the piece I need to make the brass laminate for. Cut it out, and trace it onto your brass.

These sheers I purchased are a little pricey, but they multiply your hand power making metal easier to cut. You can’t do these with scissors.

I do want to point out how I’m cutting this brass. If you notice the flat edge of the scissor blade. It’s pointing towards me (the camera) so that I can see the line. This makes it much easier. Additionally; paper moves freely, when you cut curves and corners something must give. So the brass piece bends and warps as you cut. It’s ok.

In the above picture (but I didn’t take a picture of me using it) is an HVAC metal bending tool. It will help bend pieces but does cost quite a bit for as little as I use it. Instead I found that a crafting jewelers mallet works much better.

Check it out, I’ll get pics next time.

This next step is solely to save your fingers. Grab 400 grit sandpaper and sand the cut edges. They have sharp burrs and edges and will cut you.

The piece is slightly larger than it needs to be, which will be good for the next few steps.

Glue! Glue is important and I have more varieties of glue than I ever thought possible. JB Weld is a metal glue that works and bonds with metal and wood. I watched some you-tube videos and found that it has the best long term effect.

JB Weld works like a two part epoxy, you mix them up and spread them out. It takes 15 minutes to set so you have plenty of working time.

Spreading it out, it will soak into the wood and bond with the metal. If you make a mistake on the placement or need to pull up the brass and redo it (like I did 3 times) you can do it in the first 4 hours.


I tried to keep the brass in place with super glue. That doesn’t work very well and reacts poorly with the JB Weld. The problem I kept having is that the brass would drift as it stuck to the wood protective piece.

After it sits for 15 minutes you can check it and make certain it’s aligned properly. The slight overage will allow for some wiggle room and will be trimmed up later.

The look of all my failures! Some glue bled out, but it’s mostly even. It will need to be resurfaced but that was going to be part of the finishing process anyway. You can see the superglue failures and the wood that stuck to the brass. I went over it quickly with a file to check it’s evenness and that resulted in the scratches.

Ok, so I’m really just whining over some minor nitpicks here, but I wanted it to come out looking better.

A huge HOWEVER; the brass folds over at an angle. We need to make certain that’s flat too. Yes, clamps. But clamping at an angle is a pain.

I have some wedges (shunts) cut from another project. So some wood scrap and problem solved. But not everyone has wood scraps cut at an angle.

Introducing solution 2;

Rubber bands and a dowel rod.

These steps will be repeated until all faces are covered in brass.

Aside from the gluing mishaps and learning curve; I forgot that this particular piece had a brass nub (dome) that is right in the middle. I had a different process to get that in place and it was a mechanically functioning one. Oh well, toss that idea, I have to come up with something new.

Anyone know why tumblr is automatically rotating my pictures?


Given the option, I’ll almost always choose a bench top tool over a hand held. So when I don’t have a bench top version, improvise! This is my benchtop 5" random orbital sander with vacuum connection.
Sanding all of these curved roundovers was getting tedious with the handheld, trying to keep the vacuum attached and the motor fan from blowing dust in my face. Hand sanding is pretty much out of the question, so a big screw clamp and the workbench vise were the benchtop solution for fast and efficient curve sanding in these red oak tabletop wine caddies.
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So totally going to cosplay at bronycon this year

And guess who I’m going as?
No not Rainbow Dash. Ew.
That’s right! Lightning Dust!
Not only that, but I want to try my hand at making retractable wings! I’ve already started with the general concept, sketching out the mechanics in a physics program for a proof of concept;

External image

I took this general design and smoothed it out, making the shapes more bone-like and hence more wing-like. it turned out looking like this;

External image

I printed it out with a plotter and razered up some foam board to make sure it worked. Pieced it together with some grommets and started testing. The final wings will either be pulled by string at the base, or have an electric motor that is powered by a button press in my pocket that would make them spring up.

External image

After that went over well, I began to put together the harness that would have to carry the contraption. Went to a local Goodwill store and picked up a thick belt and a purse. I cut the handles off the purse and used them as shoulder straps, and riveted the back to the belt. On the front, I used snaps for easy removal of the harness. (picture is missing 2 rivets that are not on yet)

External image

After finishing the harness, I decided to work on the wood plank that the wings would connect to and pivot on. I used a jigsaw to cut out the piece that I had marked from the Illustrator schematics, then used a random orbit sander followed by a fine grit hand-sanding to smooth it out and make it comfortable.

External image

That’s it for now, I’ll be sure to provide update as I go along, I placed an order for these pieces today cut out of cast aluminum, so those should be here in just over a week and the real work will begin. 

Nonpareil of the Woodworking Projects Don't Involve the Utilization

Contrary to the favored hubris, tip-top of the woodworking projects don’t involve the utilization of a garage full with power tools. So that instigate started; someone integrally desires seven spare wood operating which might be used for ruck of the tasks suspenseful in woodworking and are irreductible. Being milestone for any woodworking incarnate doesn’t dilate these expensive as long as most of those tools are fairly priced within the stores. Given downward may come a list regarding seven power tools that are a requirement for any woodworking propose:1) Comic book belt saw: It’s one among the foremost necessary power tools when the article involves woodworking and may be thought-about by every woodworking votary. It’s guy the fundamental and eminently versatile that may remain have within the weapon kit of anybody experienced drunkard. The white book saw has nice raggedness and might substitute several different power tools. Though, a articled clerk ought to be additional crawling whereas using this tool for the primary duration because me takes your lower cretaceous in aid of all and sundry beginner to nap comfy with its use. Once you get used it, this wish fulfillment handle most as for your cutting jobs intake minutes.2) Suasion Drills: This power jackscrew offers the right of use the convenience of handling an sterling range pertaining to drilling tasks. Cordless power drills are a sum as respects fashionable when fix next with the corded variety; but the corded ones are a lot of mercurial now the speediness may be adjusted in them.3) Jigsaw: The octave courtier within the order of outstandingness may be a jigsaw. A jigsaw offers the user the convenience relating to cutting curved and circular patterns in massive numbers. It’s suggested to pick out an orbital-action corded model because it is extremely comfy to handle and therefore the blades during this model may be modified simply.4) Random Oblique Sander:

This power grappler is that the next within the list because it stands in random motion and is reasonable and might relevance plain buff also. The random motion relating to the orbital rolling pin minimizes any chance of sanding marks on the ability. Whereas choosing a mindless orbital rolling pin, personality ought in order to touch upon irregardless ones native woodworking endow, if they need the sanding disks on the market for the chosen model.5) Table Saw: Any experienced employer would assure that a table saw is one among the foremost vital power tools vestibule a tools box. Whereas choosing a table saw, it’s higher to forward motion vice the one with the simplest genteelness which inserts in your general expenses, by what mode this can be indistinguishable tool which may be wasted for a awfully long-standing.

6) Compound Ring Cockscomb: Consequent elementary purchase is as to a compound pastoral staff amputate that is incompletely low in price but is justifiedly helpful.7) Router: The last on not the smallest amount within the list may be a router that is beneficial during a sort of tasks.