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someone’s probably documented this but random observation of the day is that apparently russel is the only band member who has yet to sport the black and white striped shirt.

EDIT: also, note the timeline: Noodle in phase two, then 2d in phase 3 and finally murdoc in phase 4. yes ik the pictures aren’t in order.

bearer-of-courage  asked:

Zel/Gan Gan/Link All 3tp


Okay, so I asked and you specified Ocarina era so here we go.

  • Who’s the messiest one: Oh Link by FAR. Zelda is relatively tidy by virtue of Impa lecturing her about not being sloppy as a child, and although Ganondorf is/was a king, depending on how the Gerudo feel about him, he’s also pretty neat and organized. Link is more of a “throw it somewhere out of the way and go” person.
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: Zelda. She is also the most uncomfortable about expressing her feelings in general. Ganon will lay it on thick just to tweak her nose a little (and even though she gets embarrassed, she appreciates affection), and Link is just so enthusiastic about his feelings that it’s hard not to reciprocate.
  • Who’s the funniest drunk: Probably Link. Zelda gets a little more crude, and a little more loud; Ganon can drink them both under the table thanks to body weight alone. Link can get rather silly and show-offy, especially if he’s got the ocarina (because if you were drunk and you could make it rain and turn day into night and what have you, wouldn’t you?). 
  • Who texts the most: Zelda and Link would text each other all the time, much to Ganon’s irritation. Zelda is more likely to text both of them random observations about her day or the people around her, while Link is more of the checking in type. (“Hey how are you????” “Link, you saw me half an hour ago.” “Yeah, so??”)
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Ganondorf, because everything he likes is dramatic and loud and embarrassingly pretentious. 
  • Who reads the most: Zelda, but she trades books with Ganon relatively often. 
  • Who’s better with kids: Ganondorf closely followed by Link. Ganondorf has spent a lot of time around kids (some of whom were his), but the Gerudo ladies mostly shoo him away because men are obviously not smart enough to raise children. Still, he’s surprisingly tolerant of snotty noses and annoying questions. Link is friendly with everybody and of course children like him. Zelda doesn’t mind children, but she doesn’t know quite what to do with them, and she can come off as a little cold sometimes when faced with an awkward situation.
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Link likes to tinker with stuff but Ganondorf just magics it back into place.
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby: Probably Link. Ganondorf really likes showing off his organ (hahahahahahahahaha no I’m sorry I don’t mean that) but Link can’t go anywhere without picking up an errand from somebody and he breaks crockery so often you’d swear it was on purpose…
  • Who cooks and who cleans up: They can all cook enough to get by but none of them are especially passionate about it. Zelda is conscientious about making sure they’ve all eaten at proper intervals. If there aren’t any servants, than cleanup would probably be a shared activity. If anything, Link would insist that Zelda rest instead of cleaning up because she’s busy all the time with kingdom business, and he doesn’t mind washing dishes with Ganon. 

Happy Belated Birthday to the beautiful cinnamon roll, Kelly!  I don’t  normally write this ship, but have some Sterek Coffeeshop AU

Stiles presses the phone to his ear, straining to hear his douchebag client over the noise of espresso machines and coffee grinders.

“I’m sorry, what?” he yells into the phone, pointedly ignoring the dirty looks from the other patrons in line.

“I said can you make it ‘pop’ more?” The client, Jackson, asks. “I mean, I like the whole look of it, but it doesn’t really seem to sum up our company mission statement, y’know?” Stiles grits his teeth and squeezes the bridge of his nose. He’s had clients from Hell before, but nothing like the president of Whittemore Industries. He’s pretty sure that if he hear’s Jackson mention “Web 2.0” or “Vision of the Future” one more time, he’s going to scream.

He glances to his left, noting that he is next in line. Jackson won’t let him get a word in edgewise, much less let him hang up the phone.

“Next!” The cashier calls out. Stiles approaches the counter, phone still pressed to his ear. “What can I get for you today?” Stiles holds up a finger in his direction as he tries in vain to end the conversation.

“Listen, Mr. Whittemore, I have to… “ He turns to the counter, carefully placing his hand over the phone. “Caramel Macchiato, no whip.” He gives the barista a tight smile before turning back to the call.

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Another Random Gravity Falls Observation

I was rewatching A Tale of Two Stans the other day - the scene between Dipper and Mabel in their bedroom to be specific - and I realized I’d just seen the inspiration for a tiny gag in Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality during the trial scene.

Mabel says to Dipper: “Did you hear what they said? I think they said they’re going to buy us puppies made of ice cream. Might be wishful thinking, though.”

And later, in Weirdmageddon 2, Craz says: “Out there, it’s nothing but heartbreak. In here, who wants pug sundaes?”

Puppies made of ice cream being Mabel’s wishful thinking. Pug sundaes in Mabeland.

I see it now.

I mean, I’m sure everyone else got that forever ago, but I’m still tickled.

Go me.

I know some people don’t like using emoticons, but I don’t just use them as like cute little additions to text I use them as a substitute for facial expressions in conversation. So unless you use a :P or a ;) occasionally I have no idea whether you’re kidding or being sarcastic or not and if you never throw down a :) or a :( once in a while then I don’t know how you’re feeling about whatever you’re talking about

and basically if we have an entire conversation in which you don’t use any emoticons at all I just mentally imagine you standing there talking you me in a monotone with a completely blank face and I get kind of creeped out

I don’t get why certain white people think it’s racist to call black people “black people”.

I mean do black people in other countries get called African English? African Japanese? African Australian?

I wouldn’t be offended if someone called me white instead of Caucasian American. Anglo Saxon American? 

Ideas for Tucker Appreciation Week prompts

In case you needed more plot bunnies or ideas for Tucker Appreciation Week prompts. Official tag for the event is #lovetucker2k15. More info here.

(March 1) Technology- A self proclaimed Techno Geek, technology is what Tucker knows best. He’s never to be seen without at least one PDA. He’s synched up with ghost tech to reprogram Skulker’s armor and taught Technus how to play D00M (when he and Danny weren’t too busy with all nighters trying to beat Chaos). He was thrilled to find out that Sam’s connected enough to get upgrades and new models before they’re released to the public and once went through the Presidential Fitness training for a styrofoam PDA. His online profile is Fryer-Tuck and he’s hacked into the school system to change his grades before.

What do gaming sessions look like now that he knows Sam is Chaos? What happens to piles of his outdated PDAs? Does he ever tinker with some of the Fenton’s inventions? How often does he use his knowledge of technology to help in a fight? Does he ever need to hack into anything in the future?

(March 2) Romance- That’s “TF,” ladies, “as in Too Fine.” Tucker always seems to strike out in the romance department, but certainly not for lack of trying! He’s got his own cologne and a wide range of cheesy pickup lines. He’s asked every single girl in school to go to dances with him and has briefly dated both Valerie and Star. Also gave Sam a peck on the cheek while they partnered in the flour sack baby project.

What’s Tucker’s opinion on chick flicks? What does he do on Sam / Danny date nights? What would he plan for the evening if someone actually said yes to a date? What would Tucker be willing to do in order to find romance of his own and where would it eventually come from?

(March 3) Power- Tucker has always had an inferiority complex. He desires power but historically hasn’t handled it well once he obtained it. When his best friend became a half ghost with super powers, his jealousy flared up and he made an ill fated wish that turned him into a twisted halfa version of himself called Tucker Phantom. Two seasons later, he abused his power as Pharaoh. In his Nocturne-induced dream, Danny was a janitor in his mansion. Then the show ended while appointing him Mayor of Amity Park.

If Tucker had been the original halfa would he have become the hero with Danny and Sam on his side from the beginning (see clockwise/double reverse trio au)? What are some missing scenes from episodes with his evil personas? What kind of mayor would he make? Would Vlad ever take an interest in Tucker once he recognizes that the boy’s becoming a third wheel?

(March 4) Fandom- Tucker’s a fan. He’s in love with Sam’s in home movie theatre and can accurately identify many comic book villains. The destination he chose for their summer vacation/hiding the reality gems was a convention. Danny Phantom had inspired its own comic book and there were many people cosplaying as the ghost boy when they showed up (but no Tuckers, he lamented, despite the fact that he even comes with gadgets!).

What is he a fan of and how obsessed does he get with his shows? What have his past con experiences been like? How would he react to finding the in-universe Danny Phantom fandom? And is cosplay the reason he has an A in sewing?

(March 5) Celebration- Yay Tucker’s so awesome! Use this as a free day to showcase what you love about him the most! Or…

What does he do to celebrate good grades at the end of the school year? What do his birthday parties look like? What do the surprise birthday parties he organizes for Danny and Sam look like? Does he have a victory dance for finally collecting the seven keys to the apocalypse and gaining access to the world wide web?? Does monologuing ever get him in trouble? We know the Fentons celebrate Christmas and the Mansons observe Hanukkah… but what about the Foleys? What other random days of the year would he know about and fake celebrate just as an excuse to annoy Sam or get his mom to give them extra food money for snacks at the Nasty Burger?

(March 6) Fashion- Tucker’s always noticeable in his mustard yellow shirt, green cargo pants, and rocking the red beret. But he’s been in a couple snazzy suits for school dances and being appointed mayor (Abraham Lincoln top hat whut). There was his avatar’s futuristic suit in D00M, his Medieval archer getup, and that one time he was Pharaoh for a day. He’s also filled in as the Casper High raven. And we also can’t forget the week Sam put him through a Goth phase… or that Tucker cross dressed as Sam so that she wouldn’t be marked absent in school.

Draw him in a secondary outfit that doesn’t get much attention. Update his wardrobe, turn that beret into a beanie, or give his look a complete reboot. Make him go somewhere undercover. Or try putting him in an AU, a different time period, another genre, or in a crossover. How would his outfit and sense of style (or lack of it) change depending on his situation? What would his Halloween costume be?

[alternate prompt is AU / crossover in case drawing isn’t your thing]

(March 7) Resume- Tucker is great with technology, can identify specific meats by smell only, and has an A in sewing. He can organize rallies overnight, shoot a crossbow with pretty decent accuracy, and knows how to speak Esperanto, but absolutely cannot sing. He knows how to pull off a red beret, can eat through a ring of blood blossoms, knows his comic book villains, and has been Danny’s best friend since pretty much forever. And he became Amity Park’s youngest mayor at 16. Just don’t ask him to go to a hospital or be around snakes at all and he’s your man!

When do his skills come in handy? When does he save the day or provide a laugh when it’s needed most? What impresses his teachers? What provides a distraction for Danny to transform and slip away unseen? What are the skills so secret that we’ve never heard of them (headcanons very very welcome)?

Random Tumblr Observations

Some days I can’t help but notice the cliqueiness of Tumblr. How certain groups of people only talk to and support other certain groups of people. It reminds me of my high school and college days. And then I remember oh yeah Tumblr is like 90% high school and college aged people and I’m the minority. I guess at some point we all start caring less about wanting certain people to like us and focus more on those who already do.