random number generator will be used to help determine which one of ten you'll be interacting with

Vocaloid M!A's Ten-Faced + Goodbye to Alice + Reon- open RP

D-ne woke up, feeling a little strange.  Her body felt a little different, like it was taking up more space than normal, and…her head felt crowded. As if my own brain doesn’t belong to me. She looked in the mirror, and saw something was definitely different. She looked five years older, making her what…21? Hey, at least, now I can drink and gamble as much as I please!

There was a note tacked on the side of the mirror, saying

“ \OwO/ Please enjoy your new home! If you haven’t noticed yet, there are more people with you than normal! Please get to know them all before saying goodbye! 

One- Normal D-ne, the yandere stalker obsessed with B-ko

Two- obedient, and fragile, rarely expresses emotion, likely to crack with tears if she gets too much attention, either positive or negative

Three- hyperactive and acts like she’s on a sugar high for most of the time, can’t sit still

Four-highly critical of everyone, including herself, and thinks most of the world is stupid.

Five-the party girl, always wanting to go out and have fun, at parties, at casinos, with or without alcohol

Six- gets angry over every little thing, and will most likely bite your head off for even the slightest offense.  Highly volatile.

Seven- has A-ya’s personality, pessimistic, antisocial, rumor-lover, occult-lover

Eight- C-ta’s personality, wants to protect A-ya at all costs, somewhat popular 

Nine- B-ko’s personality, two-sides and relies heavily on her "mask” to get out of situations, still likes A-ya, highly popular

Ten- addicted to everything bad, the punk. smokes, drinks, gambles, would have a motorcycle if she had enough money.

P.S.- All ten of you can now draw extremely well!!! Enjoy!“

What…What kind of messed up joke is this? There’s no way this is real, is it? D-ne stared at the mirror, reflecting her older self.  She moved to get dressed, and found that nothing fit properly.  What…this is getting annoying…. She ended up dressing up in some of her mom’s clothes, and left home to see how much more messed up the world was in her current state.