random nonsense thoughts

On one hand, I always expected Jason and Percy to be rivals and fight

but then again, in this first POV Jason literally jumps off a cliff to save a girl he just met without knowing he can fly

he was like oh yes this seems like the next logical step

and I’m like

of fucking course this dumb-ass sweetheart with a hero complex was gonna be Percy’s bro in .5 seconds

Sometimes I randomly remember that time a little girl, a 9 year old CHILD, wrote on her homework assignment ‘girls have vaginas’ and the trans cult had a massive fit over it and called for blood.  Some said they wanted to slap the shit out of her, the child.  Some said they wanted to slap the shit out of the girl’s mother (no mention of the father, of course).  Some said the girl should be taken out of her home.  Some people demanded the girl’s home address and the address of the school she attended.  Some called for the girl’s teacher to be penalized/fired and the school to get in all sorts of trouble.  Many of them said everyone involved should be ashamed.  Sometimes I randomly remember how vicious and hateful a group of people got over a homework assignment, and it really messes with my head.

All because a little girl acknowledged biology.

“Y'know Loki,” Loki’s gaze flickered up from the book he was reading as you started speaking. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to slap someone on the face, like really smack them.”
With long slender fingers, Loki slowly marked his place in his book and turned to face you on the couch. He studied you curiously, blinking. “Now why is that?”
You shrugged, “same reason I want to get into a fist fight just once in my life.”
“Because you’re insane?”
“I’m dating you.” You shot back, smirking slightly.
“Fair enough.“ Loki slowly set down his book and straightened up, unfolding himself off the couch. “Well, I’m a god, I can’t help you with the first fight and highly suggest you avoid that, but slapping me won’t hurt me.”
You frowned, looking up at him, “I couldn’t do that, that’s mean.”
Loki chuckled, “and here I thought you wanted to slap someone.”
“In righteous anger, not you.”
“Darling, believe me, I’ll be fine.”
You slowly stood up, moving away from the couch and standing in the center of the room. Loki followed you as you continued to study him. “Well if you’re sure.” You trailed off. It was strange to be the one mock hitting, normally Loki did that in the confines of your shared intimacy.
Raising your hand, you moved to strike him. Lightning fast, Loki caught your wrist, maneuvering you backwards until you were pressed against the wall, pinned by both wrists. Loki quickly began peppering kisses on your throat and jaw, nibbling and sucking as he moved.
Finally, as you turned into a writhing groaning mess, Loki pulled away and grinned at you.
You panted heavily, arms still held up as his body pressed into yours. “Was that just an excuse to do this?” You gasped.
Loki chuckled, “more or less. Remember, hitting isn’t nice.”
“Except when you do it.” You retorted, biting your lip flirtatiously.
Loki reached down to pinch your rear teasingly, “spanking is different love, and I’m not nice. Also, you like it.”
You sighed, reaching up to stroke your free hand through his hair, “that I do.”

okay but I might Cry a little bit about Trans Guy Whiskey that is so important to me you don’t even understand???

Whiskey being all soft and hesitant with the other guys for ages. Just…watching. He gets anxious and the best thing to do is observe and figure out how all the other guys act and if they’re cool and if they’d be really mean to him. He doesn’t want to find out that they’re all secretly assholes by coming out to them, you know? 

Holster and Ransom already know, and so does the coach. They’re endlessly cool with him and honestly like…So Protective, when it comes down to it. Whiskey is just a chill bro who wants to play hockey, and they want to make that as safe for him as possible. 

he like, very carefully tells some people eventually. Bitty first, because Bitty is such a kind understanding queer dad and its lovely, really. He tells Tango not long after, because Tango is like…a bit intense and asks a lot of questions, but hes well meaning and Whiskey thinks that Tango might be one of the best friends hes ever had. And Tango doesn’t ask him a thousand and one questions about it, because he kind of gets that that might be A Lot and he can google pretty much anything hes curious about later when he gets back to his dorm. 

But mostly he doesn’t feel the need to go around and tell everybody and make sure they know. He tells them if the time comes up and thats abt it. 

Too many feels

I tried to stay away from the soundtrack. I really did. I was happy just sticking to the studio released spoilers. That was enough for me. I don’t have iTunes so I was safe, self control still in place. But then they put them on Spotify. Still, I tried to avoid it and when I eventually caved the first songs on shuffle were Snowing and EQ before the playlist was hi-jacked by some random nonsense.

Again I thought ‘I’m fine, I can hold out until tomorrow night. I have will power’

I do not.

Next shuffle brings Happy Beginnings and now I’m a sobbing mess.

Must buy more tissues tomorrow, I can see now I’ll be needing them.