random nights are my favorite

you know what one of my favorite feelings is? whenever you just start talking to someone and it all just flows. neither of you are worried about where it’ll go, because secretly you both know you’ll end up together, but haven’t voiced it yet. everything is easy and light. when you see them, it just genuinely makes you feel like the clouds have parted for the sun to shine. that’s truly one of the best feelings.


Aaand THE MOST RANDOM late night doodle happened again!

(but could be an excuse to draw my favorite characters anyways)

Completely random realization I had last night - my two favorite superhero TV shows (X-Men: Evolution and Agents of SHIELD) both have an episode in early season 4 (4x05 in XME and 4x03 in AoS) called ‘Uprising,’ which focuses on superpowered people becoming targets of street violence, and also features a blackout at some point.

Each show also has a season finale called ‘Ascension’ in which the Big Bad, an ancient all-powerful superhuman worshiped as a god, brainwashes some of the heroes into helping him spread some sort of power all over the world that will transform everyone into superhumans (and predictably kill many of them in the process). 

I know they’re both Marvel properties and those are both common Marvel themes/storylines, but I still thought the parallels were really cool, especially the episode names! 

i’ve decided random night calls are my favorite. he called me saying talking to me makes him fall asleep easier. he’s usually super sarcastic so i just giggled and told him it’s cause im so boring. he replied it’s because my voice calms him, repeating it almost to assure me. then we spoke about our past while laughing about dumb stuff in between until he fell asleep. i never liked phone calls up till now. i think im feeling too much too fast

emcapi  asked:

Twelve Signs, page 43 :D

“What are all of you studying for?” asks the librarian, looking from Kanaya with her star charts, to Aradia’s symbolic flash cards, to Sollux, who’s queuing posts on all his social media sites in case they don’t come back by tomorrow at noon, and then to Vriska, who stares brazenly back while her hand adds “Knives” to a column entitled “THINGS WE MIGHT NEED” on the study room’s whiteboard.

(There were other possibilities on this page but I’m sorry this is my favorite)