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Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 

You have to remind men that they don’t have power over you and you don’t owe them attention, emotional investment, love, time, or consideration just because they like you or because he’s a “nice guy”.


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.

Random positivity:

Lgbt people are awesome
Lgbt people are valid

Gay people are great
Gay people are valid

Lesbians are lovely
Lesbians are valid

Bisexuals are brilliant
Bisexuals are valid

Trans people are terrific
Trans people are valid

Questioning people are pure quality
Questioning people are valid

Asexuals are amazing
Asexuals are valid

Pansexuals are perfect
Pansexuals are valid

Non binary people are beautiful
Non binary people are valid

Genderfluid people are fantastic
Genderfluid people are valid

Bigender people are brilliant
Bigender people are valid

Sapphic people are spectacular
Sapphic people are valid

Achillean people are amazing
Achillean people are valid

Enbian people are excellent
Enbian people are valid

Homoromantic people are awesome
Homoromantic people are valid

Biromantic people are the best
Biromantic people are valid

Aromantic people are amazing
Aromantic people are valid

Panromantic people are pantastic
Panromantic people are valid

You are super cool
You are beautiful
You are awesome
You are valid


Cardio Man In Tights

Carrot And Stick Approach For Me!

Sexy AS Hell, Baby!

Finally ! 

i love how different all the charters are ♥

It’s getting better now, less butterflies more comfort. We can talk more easily, make eye contact more easily, and all I wanna do is be around you. But don’t get me wrong I still get excited over small conversations and smiles and eye contact, just not so nervous. It’s nice. I don't want it to go away.
—  1:18
Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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