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→ myth figures: Tommyknockers

The Knocker, Knacker, Bwca, Bucca or Tommyknocker is a mythical creature in Welsh, Cornish and Devon folklore. They wear tiny versions of standard miner’s garb and commit random mischief, such as stealing miners’ unattended tools and food. Their name comes from the knocking on the mine walls that happens just before cave-ins - actually the creaking of earth and timbers before giving way. According to some Cornish folklore, the Knockers were the helpful spirits of people who had died in previous accidents in the many mines in the county, warning the miners of impending danger. To give thanks for the warnings, and to avoid future peril, the miners cast the last bite of their tasty pasties into the mines for the Knockers. In the 1820s, immigrant Welsh miners brought tales of the knockers and their theft of unwatched items and warning knocks to western Pennsylvania, when they gravitated there to work in the mines. Cornish miners, much sought after in the years following the gold and silver rushes, brought them to California and Nevada. Belief in the knockers in America remained well into the 20th century. When one large mine closed in 1956 and the owners sealed the entrance, miners circulated a petition calling on the mineowners to set the knockers free so that they could move on to other mines. The owners complied.  X

27 Reasons Iceland Is The Most Awesome Country On Earth (Version 2.0)
  1. Very few insects.

  2. The city of Reykjavík elected a comedian mayor whose election campaign amounted to political performance art.

  3. They told the UK and the Netherlands to sod off after the banking collapse (even if was right-wing nationalists who led the charge.)

  4. They were able to bring about an election using non-violence.

  5. Björk. ‘Nuff said.  (But as with any celebrity, it’s always best to respect their privacy).

  6. Instant boiling water (even if it is sulphourous).

  7. A lot of cheap, green energy.

  8. A history of representative democracy going back to the tenth century, interrupted by monarchy for several centuries.  (It certainly isn’t the modern conception, but it was an early form of democracy.)
  9. Lakkriskulur.

  10. They wrote the Sagas.

  11. No military and no history of empire.

  12. They actually did a through investigation after the banking collapse (admittedly there weren’t that many prosecutions [yet?]).

  13. They elected the first BGLT head of state.

  14. Their Eurovision representatives speak out against misogyny and wear dresses but are (presumably) straight… and are guys.

  15. The Reykjavík Grapevine.

  16. The challenging (at least for a non-native speaker) language that is Icelandic.  It makes my mouth into shapes it’s never had to form before and I love it (even if my mouth does get confused at times). I like the difficulty, because it means when I am finally able to achieve some fluency, I will only be that much happier with myself.

  17. The very pleasant Icelandic accent (to my ears at least).

  18. The Yule Lads. Such random mischief.

  19. Skyr, my favourite cultured milk product. Yummy!

  20. The landscape is ethereal and gorgeous.

  21. Jónsi (and Sigur Rós).

  22. They banned strip clubs in Reykjavík(with some degree of success).

  23. Everyone is on a first name basis.

  24. They only had their first accidental police killing this year.

  25. Björk again, because she’s just that amazing.  (And again, please don’t bother celebrities if you see them on the street.)

  26. You can stop off at a man-made thermal pool on the way to the airport (even if it, like everything else, is really expensive).

  27. Icelandair lets you stop over in Iceland for free on the way to or from Europe and is often the cheapest fare. (I haven’t been paid anything to say that.)

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***READ THIS***Cece Hit Alison Thinking it was Bethany/What Happened Labor Day.

Okay, it’s a sleepless night for me but I think I may have just solved what happened Labor Day weekend… There’s a huge difference in what happened to Bethany and what happened to Alison that night… One of them being planned, the other a mistake. In the autopsy, it was said that Bethany was hit over the head by a shovel but her CAUSE OF DEATH was suffocation for being buried alive. Cece hit Bethany over the head with a shovel, that had to have been planned… BUT in Alison’s situation, she was hit over the head with a rock, a split-second decision to subdue a person. But… It was a mistake… Alison was never the target that night, Bethany was, and EVERYTHING went wrong. This is what happened that fateful night step by step. 

 1. Cece went to Radley, calling herself Alison DiLaurentis, this wasn’t a random act of mischief for Cece… Bethany had done something to someone she loved (Possibly Charles or Marion) and she wanted revenge. 

2. Cece continues to write/visit Bethany, and slowly she made a plan to kill Bethany, luring her out of Radley that night… 

3. Cece hit Bethany over the head with a shovel, Bethany is knocked unconscious and Cece hides her body somewhere in the bushes. She then hears Spencer and Alison fighting and goes to investigate the fight. 

4. MELISSA hears something and witnesses Spencer walking back with a shovel, when she goes to investigate she finds Bethany’s body. Thinking the person was Alison and that Spencer had killed her; she buries Bethany to protect Spencer. She then moves the body to the gazebo to bury Bethany.

5. After witnessing the fight between Alison and Spencer, Cece goes back to Bethany’s body and sees that it’s missing. She comes to the conclusion that Bethany had regained consciousness and was walking around somewhere.

6. Cece searches everywhere for Bethany… Until… 

7. Alison is walking back to her house, thinking she had won. From behind, Cece thinks it’s Bethany (since they were in the same clothes)… Cece then hits Ali over the head with the closest thing she has to her… A rock. 

8. Mrs. D sees what happens, she runs to Alison’s aid… Cece then forces her to bury Alison in the Gazebo on top of Bethany (whom they didn’t know was there at all) 

9. Alison is pulled out of the grave by Mrs. Grunwald… Cece witnesses this, she goes to the grave and finds Bethany’s body and fills in the hole Alison left when she was pulled out so no one would know what happened. 

10. She then assumes Spencer was the one to bury her because she was the last one with the shovel. This is why she tells Holbrook that Spencer did it, and also why Jessica hates Spencer so much, everyone thought Spencer was the one to bury Bethany alive… Thus causing Cece to mistake Alison for Bethany.. If Bethany had not been buried, Alison wouldn’t have been hit.

Here’s the proof… In 4x25 Cece is brought in for Wilden’s murder, Holbrook says she’s on hool for a murder charge and she better have something good to bargain with. She tells Holbrook it was SPENCER who killed Bethany, which is incorrect, Melissa was the one to bury Bethany. And if you remember, in 4x23, Spencer recieves a  bunch of faceless pictures in a photo booth with the message “You know me, Spencer. You killed me.” 

Whoever A is, they genuinely thought Spencer was the one who buried Bethany alive… They had no idea Melissa was the one to bury her by mistake.

And there was only one person that thought this information and believed it so much that it got them out of a murder charge and got Spencer Hastings hooked on one: Cece Drake

*mic drop*


The individual who came to be known as Kylo Ren was born some time after the Battle of Endor.As an adult, approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor, he followed the dark side of the Force and became part of the Knights of Ren, taking on Ren as a surname. He built his own lightsaber, a dangerous and ragged design unlike that of a typical lightsaber. He was allied with the First Order.