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random otayuri trash pile coming right up ;) hope ya like it!! (it’s really bad quality, i know)

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how do you summon demons?

JIN: Great Question! Well, its a bit of a process so bare with me. 

But first, let me clear something up. Beginners are not able to summon demons without making a contract first. We need to find and “capture” one first. The downside to that is that demons are invisible to the human eye. That’s why I had this specially made!!

It’s a modified polaroid camera! 

Using the viewfinder on this camera makes it so that demons are visible (Dont ask how it works). Once you find your demon, simply take a picture of him!

For example, here is what it looked like before and after I used the camera to capture Jimin

Now, where to find the demons? and how exactly does the camera capture them?

The six demon boys I contracted had their souls bound to a place or object. Jimin was bound to an apple tree, Yoongi was bound to a piano, etc… It takes a bit of intuition to figure out which objects have demons bound to them.  

When you take a picture of the demon with the polaroid, it automatically transfers the demon’s soul out of the original binding object and into the printed photograph. Since The photograph is in your possession, the demon is also in your possession. 

Once the demon is in your possession, you can summon it wherever you want and make him do whatever you want. 

Of course, this isnt the only way to make a contract with a demon. Since I’m an expert with this method, I’m starting to learn how to summon demons from the underworld with black magic, which is real risky business. 

Be warned! Even if you have the demon in your possession, they might try to escape or even try to kill you! It’s important to create a bond with them right away.

Hope that helped a bit~

omfgo like. i went to a 4/20 party yda and got talking to the prettiest babe and she shared a lot of hair tips with me but we didn’t talk for long cuz i had the munchies and left to get pizza

turns out we didn’t even get each other’s names/numbers but somehow?? she??? sent me a fb request???? like,,,,how the shit did she find me???????? was i the victim of light-stalking,,,,is she like,,,,,,,,interested??????

just realized ive been thirsty for some space princess 

Steven Moffat puts a puzzle box in front of his audience, and asks them to put it together.

Then, when they can’t, he laughs and calls them stupid, and tells them they’re obviously not smart enough to figure out his puzzle.

And meanwhile, he’s holding more than half the pieces behind his back.


OKAY so my Etsy is Here, There’s nothing in it atm since I’m waiting for two particular items to be done before I drop anything. 

I also have an instragram (Currently empty) hereI’ll post some processing pictures and what not there, as well as items I’ll have for sale in shop or out.

I’ll let yall know when I fill the shop with stuff, but It probably won’t be for another week or so, since one particular thing is being a booty about cleaning. 

Thank yall for being so patient with me, I’m really spastic when it comes to stuff like this. I’v had both of them tucked away for a couple years and Just never did anything with them.

I shall declare today as shit day!!! 💢💢My ‘one whole week being super sick while covering for colleague’ finally came back to bite me on the arse! Being sick, confuse & doing 2 peoples job cause me this one mistake of entering the wrong file into the company’s system!! I also can’t make important calls cause sore throats kinda stole my voice. Adding to that is my senior officer ‘requesting’ a helping hand for an 'urgent’ shit(basically it’s her job but it seem watching Korean drama at work is more important to her!!🙄🙄😒😒). Now my supervisor is blaming me for everything!! Like yes it’s my fault but what you gonna do??!?

Such a cool umbrella

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What qualifications do any of the mods of this blog have to answer all of these questions? Other than your personal experience of course, which can be very different for everyone else.

Don’t you think this question is really rude? I mean, it’s not like we are performing aurgery without training or something over here. Any question we don’t feel we can answer, we send people to someone else. We tell people to ask a doctor or a vet or someone more qualified. We research things and get our facts straight and provide research to people when possible. I mean we don’t just make up random shit and answer questions we have no right to answer.

-Mod Bella


see these feelings are outta control
talk about losing losing all my shit for you
cause I been thinking about thinking about
putting my body body body on top of you

Do I have to write it on your bedroom wall, you fool?


Another day at the dance studio, another day of Zynlos ringing people up in his swim trunks. x)

Uℓтιмαтє Hσρє

Hmm… get a few bombs and place them on the outskirts of the city, or do I want to just stare at the sky blankly for the next few hours to make time go by..?

Blowing up random shit for the hell of it, and still being bored from the results of it all, or just relax and stare off into space and not move much. One or the other, but blowing up stuff did sound like it would shake the city, maybe set a small panic. 

… A couple explosives never hurt anyone.

Africans Hate Black Americans? Stop it. Literally the other way around, and can’t be reversed.

I see a lot of people saying African people don’t like Black Americans, and things like this. Let’s forget about even my experience, I went to different schools and got accounts from way too many people. Do ya’ll realize how Africans are treated? Like, the kids/teenagers/adults which outnumbered the african kids of course, bullied them, called them names, African Booty Scratchers (most famous one idk how many times I got called this), monkey/apes making ape noises cause that’s “africa”, “Ya’ll stink”, just all around picked and shitted on africans through their lives, made fun of their accents, again, don’t know how many times accents were shitted on, making up random african sounding names to make fun of them, all this to the point they tel ltheir parents and their parents are always aware and sometimes intervene, then they try and get their kids away from that. In line at post office the other day, this African lady was being nice to this Black american woman politely told her the line was moving, and it was, as she was holding everyone on line, she started yelling things out like “Stupid African, go back to africans I see the fucking line, can’t even speak right telling me this”, walking somewhere another day, Black american walks by another girl who sits down in front of hair hair braiding salon and starts shouting these “fckin africans stink, always sitting out here, what do they think this is, africa? nah im really ready to fight them they always out here”, another day african lady is in fish market, i dead see her make a mistake turning around and bumping just a LITTLE bit into a Black american, the black american wasn’t evne gonna say nothing, the black american woman got bumped into, turned around to look, faced forward again, then did a double take realizing it was an african woman then she went OFFFFF. A woman that wasn’t evne going to do something in the first place, she went crazy like “FOH DONT TOUCH ME, YALL DIRTY ASSES” african woman kept apologizing HARD “I’m so sorry”, she mimicked her accent and kept insulting. Ya think Africans just out here just Not liking you? You don’t know how your Black Americans treat them? Till this very instance, i can name every single insult an Black american who has never had a problem nor heard rumors about African people, who never even interacted with one comes up with insults and bullying methods straight fro just KNOWING or SEEING the person is african. Never see an African do that in reverse, never seen an African instance of bullying Black Americans, never seen them look at Black Americans and come up with insults if the insults weren’t based from a place of them being hurt by yall before. What, yall think Africans just got up one day and started hating Black Americans? Sick of seeing the “Why yall hate us so much”, Interestingly, I went to school in Africa and we have American children sometimes, and they were always, literally treated like ROYALTY. Like they’re kings/queens or something coming straight from a giant castle. Go there and they just praise the shit out of you and want to know everything about you. “Africans hate us”, stop it. Those africans that “don’t like you” are those who were affected by happened to them when they came here. The African people back home don’t care at all if you want to reconnect with them. Black americans do too much to them FIRST. They were looked down at as animals forever by YALL, in all situations I can imagine, so when ya’ll bring the words “theyre mean and look down on us : (” I just wanna OOOOooo. Ya’ll really think after every single that be happening to them out here they’re gonna come out and hug yall, and thats the ones who are HERE who aren’t that happy. The ones back home where I come from are just AMAZED and just LOVE you to the point where it’s annoying (in a good/bothering about how amazing you guys are and your accomplishments always asking me about the black people here and why theyre so cool) out there. An african friend of mine in LOVE with yall came here, got shitted on by yall, then changed his mind because he was insulted, looked at as an animal, then  Random number of you wanna be like “Wow they hate us”, yall make me SICK with that. The words “Go back to africa, fckin africans” were uttered by yall before “I want to know my roots :D:D” were uttered by a few of you who get hurt because “The mean africans who reside in america who always get shitted on by us (even if not by me personally :-( ) now are hostile and make little jokes about where where our place in africa is while we dont know they love us and make movies about us and praise us and always want to hear news about us back home from their families who live here because they think we’re so cool :(” . Even I had, coming to america, everything talked about. I come to school see someone who looks like me, I’m so happy, I try to make friends, “Eeew, african booty scratcherr”, Parents out here getting their kids to drop their accents so they sound american enough to not get shitted on. “Africans hate us”. Lmao. Cry me a fucking river.

Zayn ft. Big Payno