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random AU scene

(Hansy.  Jily lives AU)
(because i felt that James might actually understood Pansy in some way Harry might never exactly understand … maybe?)

Pansy watched on as Harry and Draco flew in the air, chasing over the snitch. Harry’s usually messy hair was even more unruly than usual (sounds an impossible feat, but turned out wasn’t) as he soared.  Sometimes she wondered how had they ended up together, when he was clearly so much a better person than her.  She’d been awful towards he and his friends at Hogwarts, and it’s an wonder he decided to forgive her.

Sometimes she wondered if she would ever deserve him.  She wondered if she would ever be a good enough person.  Sure, he forgave her, but Harry was the kind of guy to forgive everyone. That’s just who he was by nature.

A man sat down beside her and she turned, startled. “Mr. Potter.”

“He’s flying as amazing as always, isn’t he?“ James Potter beamed proudly at the sight of his son.

Pansy smiled softly, “Yeah.”  Honestly, Pansy wasn’t ever really sure how her boyfriend’s father thought of her.  Rumor had it that he wasn’t too fond of the Slytherins,  And Pansy was sure he’d heard of all the enmity between Harry and his friends and she and her friends back during school.  Harry, always the saint that he was, might’ve forgiven her, but what’s to say his father would think the same?

James looked and her with a frown, and seemed to see her thoughts – Pansy wondered if she’d really looked that nervous.  Then he said, in a surprisingly gentle voice, “You’re not the only person to ever done stupid things at fifteen.  If you’re willing to change, who you were then doesn’t determine who you’ll become.  Do you know Harry’s mother used to hate me and think I’m the biggest bully ever?” He chuckled slightly.

She blinked, surprised.  She couldn’t ever imagine that, looking at how in love they were right now.

“You don’t have to be the person you’d been when you were younger.  And I see now that you’ve changed.” He paused, and smirked slightly. “Let me tell you a story.”