random license plate

sometimes life is just, so beautiful. art in motion. today while riding the bus i saw a randomized license plate that happened to say “CAAR” and i cried real tears

The Waffle Cottage Chronicles

IN WHICH, in a Modern AU, Sasuke successfully convinces Shingen (and by extension, Saizo and Yukimura) to take a cross-country roadtrip to the Mouse World amusement park, because he has never been and has always wanted to, and they stop at a 24 hour diner for waffles, whereupon they acquire a short order cook/waitress, you. SHENANIGANS ENSUE, with additional cameos by ALL the other Samurai as appropriate. 

 This is the fic that Refused To Be Written. I started on it like a legitimate year ago, and the device I was writing on got stolen while I was at the doc’s, and so it just stalled out, but the idea wouldn’t leave, so at some point I tried to do an outline…and it grew, and grew, and grew. And here we are. This is not a fic, this is a 5000+ word headcanon in bullet point form.  Someday I may actually write it out. That day is not today.

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Emily’s License Plate

So I’ve been rewatching random episodes from season one and I just saw this (which is emily’s license plate) in episode 1X19. This is Emily as she was driving into the Owl Tavern to meet with Paige. 

I know everyone has been going crazy like “CHD-2463″ must stand for Charles DiLaurentis. Which it might but then….if it’s emily’s license plate, how did it end up being the license plate on Jenna’s car?

My thought is that maybe this is just a random license plate that they use over again. But I always had this idea that the PLL people were very deliberate. Plus, it’s interesting that the car that kidnaps Emily has the same license plate as her car. 

What do you guys think!? I’m really interested in everyone’s opinion, maybe I’m just missing something! :)