random leggings


This is something I realized like.. 3 or 4 years ago, but it still makes me burst out laughing whenever I think about it. 

Ikuto’s leg straps are 100% a fashion choice made by him, all by himself seeing as none of the other boys seen wearing his school uniform wear them. I want you to just imagine Ikuto looking at his school uniform and thinking to himself “This isn’t cool enough… what can I do to make it cooler.” Then after much consideration, in a moment of inspiration he decides to put random straps on his legs.

What a nerd I love him. 


In @crankgameplays‘s Snakepass video he brought up a nightmare he had as a wee boi about a giant snake strangling him. And for some reason I decided to depict the snake back for revenge. I dunno, I’m tired. Noodle attempting to eat a blueberry or something. Always ask first.

Random PSA

To my fellow ladies, cis, trans, or anyone hoping to appear ‘feminine’:

I am a cis woman and I am hairy as hell. I shave my arms, pluck my beard, moustache, eyebrows, and even sideburns. Perhaps I am 1/8th yeti. When I was a pubescent child-thing, other children would ask why my arms were so hairy. Why my legs were covered in black dots despite my shaving [ the large black roots showed through my translucently pale skin ]

Yet also, the top of my head hair is thinning. I am using Rogain for women.

MY POINT IS: Whether you shave or pluck or don’t, if you’re naturally hairy- you’re just hairy. Being hairy doesn’t make you masculine or ugly. 

If someone says otherwise, they’re probably trying to sell you something.


Manly Monday Melons

Those Are Monster Melons…Hard And Oh…So Ripe!

Nice Arse, Stud!


The Advantages To Never Skipping Leg Day

1. You Look Great In A Pair Of Tight Trousers.

2. Your Legs Look Sexy In A Skin-Tight Square Cut.

3. You Balance Well On A Slippery Surface, Whilst Looking Alluring In Budgy Smugglers.

4. Legs Are The Key To Endurance, Speed, And Stamina On The Rugby Pitch.

Never Skip Leg Day!

Woof, Baby!

Happy Birthday @chychymazzu!! Have a wonderful day and I hope you like this present heheee yes I was the anon asking your favourite character the other day, it was all part of my plan mwahahaa! I wanted to give something back to you since you give so much to this fandom with requests and your beautiful art!

Deeper Examination

Square Filled: Medical Kink
Ship: Dean x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Medical roleplay, fingering, unprotected sex, light comeplay/breeding kink?
Summary: Dean remembers when you mentioned how intimate doctor’s visits could get, so you decide to take advantage of a clinic in the middle of a case.
Word Count: ~1100
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo, requested by @autopistaaningunaparte

Seeing Dean standing there in scrubs and a white lab coat had you thanking Chuck that it was just the two of you on this case.  Sure, this hadn’t been in the plan, but when you had to sneak in to the small town’s clinic in the wee hours of the morning, why not take advantage?

Especially since you’d drunkenly admitted to Dean a few months ago how intimate doctor’s visits could sometimes get.  

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