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Uhm after watching this loop for about 2 minutes, I have come to realize that this exists just to show Larry is real. Larry anyone? Alright.

anonymous asked:

LOL, so Elounor "kissed several times" but no pics were taken. How convenient. Reminds me of the time that fan said she saw them kiss on the balcony earlier this year in St. Thomas (I think), but there were no receipts of her even being there with him.

That’s how it always is. AMA’s rumor: “Omg I saw them kissing! But I didn’t get any pictures because I didn’t snap it in time.” St. Bart’s rumor: “I love Eleanor so much and I’m her biggest fan but I didn’t get a single picture of her. I also saw them kissing on their balcony even though I was a mile away.” Not gonna lie though I’m still waiting for them to pull out picture proof that she was there. Just like the wedding photos we got yesterday, I feel like they’re sitting on those to release at some point in the future. Random “former Larry shipper” MY ASS who hacks into Jay’s email: “I just hacked Louis’ mom’s email and found a bunch of information about their flights and the new bed that they just got and the house that they live in together so wooops I guess Larry isn’t real. Too bad I didn’t take any screenshots. All I did was text my friend this ridiculous story.” I see a lot of big claims and zero receipts as usual.