random kink

is there a fic out there where tony is trying to buy some time for the avengers to initiate a plan so his idea is to try and flirt with thanos, to throw him off guard enough so he wont notice what the others are doing

but then it turns out that thanos has heard all about his ‘merchant of death’ moniker so he’s,,, all about that so the distracting is definitely working but now tony has to deal with thanos trying to get it on w/ him

and then thanos is all, let us compare our body count, you must have killed so many to get a wonderful name like that! and tony is just hahaha…. yeah. yeah i have (and thanos is giving him heart eyes while tonys trying not to cry)

Merthur AU

Arthur loves giving Merlin a foot rub (and Merlin is addicted to Arthur’s touch). In fact, their fascination with each other’s feet started a long time ago & they have no intention of giving up on it.

  • Grimmjow: Quiero cogerte toda la noche, Kurosaki.
  • Ichigo: Quiero que me cojas!
  • Grimmjow: ...really?
  • Ichigo: Nel said you would have said this eventually and taught me a proper reply. Yes, I accept the fight, so you won't bother me anymore!
  • Grimmjow: A fight.
  • Ichigo: Yes.
  • Grimmjow: ...never thought I would have been grateful to Neliel.
me, writing sexy fics

•"so hot omg"
•"the sight was e r o t i c"
•"“penises can cum as many times as I want them to”“
•"there was fire in his veins”
•"cock" x19
•"fuck" x28
•"he moaned at the feeling" x99999
•"I l ov E yoU"
•"the kiss was electric
•some random kink
•the ending is always them falling asleep bc my virgin self thinks sex must be tiring af

i want a long fic to read that is not a wip that has a happy ending that is in character and is either reality based or a non-fantasy au that doesn’t involve breakup scenarios or cheating or character death and isn’t centered around miscommunication based angst and no one is straight-except-for-just-you and makes me feel emotional and happy and invested and satisfied and also maybe sex but only if it adds to the story and doesn’t delve into random daddy kink out of nowhere and isn’t punk or pastel or bad boy or soulmates or begin with the words In A World Where and also where the details in the fic written are accurate to where the characters are supposed to be from and everyone British isn’t randomly American instead and also the fic should have the appropriate amount of space between lines not too much but also not none and is multichapter but has more than 500 words per chapter 

anyway i don’t ask for much come on 

just out of curiosity but like i’m not the only one that hates the random mics in spring awakening obc, right?

On Dan’s New Video

I’m 99.99% sure he’s not going to come out. Sure, it’s possible. Anything’s possible. But that’s probably not it. So that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the legitimate chance that this video is just Dan talking about one or more of his random kinks. The hints from his liveshow obviously point towards this. Not gonna lie, Internet Support Group 9 makes a lot more sense and that’s probably what it’s gonna be but we’re talking about the other thing here. If Dan does release a video talking about his kinks, we’re NOT going to kinkshame him. Got it? Whether it’s today or a year and a half from now, he’s still opening up to the world a door that’s been closed for a very long time and if we sit around kinkshaming him, he’s probably not going to open any more for quite a while. Okay? Okay.