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is there a fic out there where tony is trying to buy some time for the avengers to initiate a plan so his idea is to try and flirt with thanos, to throw him off guard enough so he wont notice what the others are doing

but then it turns out that thanos has heard all about his ‘merchant of death’ moniker so he’s,,, all about that so the distracting is definitely working but now tony has to deal with thanos trying to get it on w/ him

and then thanos is all, let us compare our body count, you must have killed so many to get a wonderful name like that! and tony is just hahaha…. yeah. yeah i have (and thanos is giving him heart eyes while tonys trying not to cry)

Just Like That

Relationship: Sam x Reader

Tags: smut, straight up smut, bit of felching

Words: 669 (heh)

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-as you’d shyly confess your little secret to him, he’d run his hand in your hair before grabbing a fistful; giving it a delicious tug- 

“You’re lucky you have a kinky best friend, who just so happens to wanna fuck your brains out.” 
*giggles as he lets go* 
“Only if you want to of course.~”

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-tilts his head as your little kink rises some interest in him- 

“So you just wanna be hurt, essentially right?” 
“Because wouldn’t pulling your hair hurt you?”

You; *shy as heck* “No it feels really, really good..”

“Would it be weird if I wanted to do that to you, then? I kind of want to try it.” 

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-would immediately be turned on by the idea of doing that to a girl, especially if that girl were you- 

*grabs your hand and pulls you to his bedroom*

You; “What are you doing?” 

*turns back and smirks* 
“Gonna give you what you want, babygirl.” 

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-becomes somewhat at the mention of kinks, but immediately as soon as he finds out you two have one in common- 

“You like getting your hair pulled?” 
*raises his brow at you as he scoots closer to you* 
“You know, if you ever need someone to help satisfy your little kink, I’ll be more than happy to help.” 

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-you two would be talking about random stuff when kinks and sex would slowly become part of y’all’s conversation, causing you to confess about your little secret- 

*acts shocked at first to hide the fact that he’s into it* 
“Hair pulling really?” 
*immediately gets curious about other things you’re into* 
“What else do you like? I’m curious because you act so innocent, it’s sort of hot to think about what else you’d be into.” 
*smugly giggles as you playfully punch his arm*

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-the two of you would be laying together, asking random questions when he’d suddenly ask about your kinks- 

You; “I kind of really like getting my hair pulled during foreplay and sex.” 

*his eyes widen slightly as he turns to face you, placing his hand on your hip* 
“That’s actually super hot..” 
“I know we’re friends and stuff, but I’d love to do that to you..” 

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-you two would just be chilling like always when the topic of sex randomly would come up- 

“So what kinds of things are you into, y/n? We’ve been friends for like years and we’ve never talked about this before.” 
*both of you would giggle as you shyly admitted to your little hair pulling kink* 
“You must really like being roughed up, huh?” 
*you’d shyly nod as he scooted closer to you, then whispered* 
“I’d do a lot more than just pull your hair if you’d let me.” 

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  • Grimmjow: Quiero cogerte toda la noche, Kurosaki.
  • Ichigo: Quiero que me cojas!
  • Grimmjow: ...really?
  • Ichigo: Nel said you would have said this eventually and taught me a proper reply. Yes, I accept the fight, so you won't bother me anymore!
  • Grimmjow: A fight.
  • Ichigo: Yes.
  • Grimmjow: ...never thought I would have been grateful to Neliel.
Merthur AU

Arthur loves giving Merlin a foot rub (and Merlin is addicted to Arthur’s touch). In fact, their fascination with each other’s feet started a long time ago & they have no intention of giving up on it.

me, writing sexy fics

•"so hot omg"
•"the sight was e r o t i c"
•"“penises can cum as many times as I want them to”“
•"there was fire in his veins”
•"cock" x19
•"fuck" x28
•"he moaned at the feeling" x99999
•"I l ov E yoU"
•"the kiss was electric
•some random kink
•the ending is always them falling asleep bc my virgin self thinks sex must be tiring af

just out of curiosity but like i’m not the only one that hates the random mics in spring awakening obc, right?