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So I made a Greasers on Crack video.

Ok stay with me on this but...

Because Johnny has been staying with Rosita for awhile and is constantly around her kids, he accidentally calls her mom when asking her a question. At first he’s super embarrassed and that Rosita might react to it, but she doesn’t and they carry on normally to his relief. On the inside though, Rosita is so happy she wants to cry because she pretty much already sees Johnny as her son ever since he got there.

127 during exam season
  • taeil: studied well but panics the last few minutes before an exam, slamming a textbook to the side of his head chanting random formulae
  • johnny: "remember everyone, happiness isn't determined by academic grades" he says every exam before they enter the hall. fails every single one of them
  • taeyong: doesn't sleep the night before bc of stress. walks to school robotically chanting his notes ("osmosis...process by which molecules tend to pass through a semipermeable...")and with life sucked out of his eyes
  • yuta: doesn't even turn up to the exam bc he forgot there was even one on
  • doyoung: prepared for everything since day 1. gets 100% on almost all papers except one where he got 102% bc he corrected one of the questions
  • jaehyun: "lol yeah me too i didn't study" tries to look cool but obviously has dark circles and lost 30% of his hair
  • winwin: that annoying kid that actually didn't study. finishes with 1 hour to spare and makes everyone anxious. still gets straight As
  • mark: calm, collected, super fine. perfect. --is what everyone thinks. his blond hair conceals all the accumulated grey hairs
  • haechan: "studying is for nerds" and actually has notes all over his arms. cheats his way through and he's almost successful. in the final few minutes of the exam he raises his arm to go to the toilet and gets caught
NCT Horoscope: Most awkward member around you

Which NCT member of the hyung line, including Hansol and Kun, is the most awkward around you and why. 

*Hyung line = 20+ years old*


Aries - Taeil: He’d be a little awkward around you at first because he’d be a little take aback by how attractive you are. He wouldn’t know what to say to you. However, with the help of his members, he’d quickly adjust to your presence and you both would get along well. 

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Taurus - Hansol: He’s already a little shy but meeting a pretty girl/cute boy like you would make him even more shy, so he’d be awkward until he gets comfortable around you. 

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Gemini - Johnny: right after the both of you met, he told his members that you were his ideal type. One of the members would tell you in front of him, so this would just make it awkward at first since you both had just met. 

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Cancer - Winwin: When you two met, you right away called him adorable. He would be shy about it and would be a little awkward around you. Soon, he’d grow comfortable to you calling him cute

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Leo - Ten: it would only be awkward because of you. From the moment you two met, he flirted with you. You were shy about it so it made the atmosphere uncomfortable for the two of you. However, he’d still continue flirting with you to the point that you’d be used to it.

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Virgo - Taeyong: he’d be shy around you because he had a crush on you when you two were younger. Even after not seeing each other for 4 years, he’d still find you really attractive. He would still interact with you to make things less awkward to the point where you are comfortable with flirting with each other. 

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Libra - Kun: Haechan would be the reason for the awkward environment between the two of you. From the moment you two were introduced, he constantly reminded you guys that he thought you two would make a cute couple. Kun would laugh to cover up his embarrassment while you just blushed. But, I mean, Haechan wasn’t lying. 

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Scorpio - Jaehyun: it’d be awkward because it was obvious you found Jaehyun cute. The first time you met, you stuttered a lot and you were blushing around him. It was also awkward because Jaehyun couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He found you to be really adorable. So yeah, it was awkward because of the obvious attraction between the two of you. However, you two would become close over time and your relationship would grow from there. 

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Sagittarius -  Johnny: you being shy around your long time crush would make it awkward. Johnny, however, would find your crush on him adorable. He’d tease you about it, but would try to get you to be more comfortable with him. 

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Capricorn - Yuta: It would be awkward between the two of you because you were really close friends when you were little kids, but you left. After years of not seeing each other, you guys don’t know what to say to each other. You both have changed so at first it’s hard to be comfortable, but you two grow close again after catching up on what you both missed out on from each others’ lives.

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Aquarius - Doyoung: seeing a pretty girl/cute boy like you wouldn’t really faze him, but you would be really shy around him. So in order to get you to be comfortable with him, he’d try to be more outgoing with you. He’d constantly tell you stupid but funny jokes and he would even flirt with you. 

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Pisces - Ten: In this case, Ten would embarrass himself in front of the other members by trying a pickup line on you, but you would reject him. You only rejected him because you were flustered about the random pick up line direct towards you. Right after rejecting him, he’d walk away from the awkward atmosphere and before he makes things worse. 

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