random idea o.o

Honestly though, if I were asked to direct a reboot of one cartoon, I’d obviously love to do a Tintin reboot where the animation’s like mad-fluid (especially dream sequences–I want those to be real fuckin’ trippy and fluid as fuck), everyone dresses like a 90′s anime character, and sometimes they make stupid facial expressions.


@leurauxe I saw your tags on the delinquent Iwa drawing… and … my hands moved on its own

But srsly tho school prefect oikawa HEAD PREFECT OIKAWA this image will never leave me ever again

Surprise? A LiveStream?

….within an hour or so…

But yeah I’m debating on live streaming what I’m currently working on…

(ya know… the thing that suddenly popped into my head last night o-o)

Anyway - just going to say - exposed ribs are gonna be a thing (sketch of drawing is under read more so then you can see what I’m planning to do) so if that’s not your cup of juice/tea/coffee/soda then this might not be the stream for you!

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