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In the 1950s and ‘60s, if there were any children’s books in a house, at least one of them was likely to be a Little Golden Book. With their golden spines and brightly colored pictures, they begged to be grabbed off a shelf by a curious child — which is exactly what their creators intended. Those beloved books celebrate their 75th birthday this year.

'The Poky Little Puppy’ And His Fellow Little Golden Books Are Turning 75

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Random House

Hello everyone ! April/May is a very busy time in book release :-) I will post more pictures of each book in the following weeks. Here are the dates :

The Haunted Library 9 : February 21st (OK this one is actually VERY late)
Maîtresse, appelle-moi Princesse ! : April 26th (Today !)
La Famille Royale 3 : April 27th
Hercule, Chat Policier 3 : May 3rd

I can finally share!! Check out the fantastic, utterly adventurous and delightfully whimsical cover for my new middle grade novel THE EXPLORERS (Delacorte, 2017)!!! I. Love. It. 

I love how unique it is. I love the series concept - that each cover will have different elements from that specific book around a globe. I love the artwork itself. I love my logo! (I have a logo!) I just love how fabulous it looks in general!!

I have to give special props to Matt Rockefeller who not only did the art on the cover but is doing all the interior artwork as well. Such a talent! 

(you can also preorder it here (!!): https://www.amazon.com/Explorers-Door-Alley-Adrienne-Kress/dp/1101940050 )

Helen's Friends #2

R: “Why are you scared of our house?”

Friend 1: “Everytime time I’m in it I have a panic attack for 3 reasons.

1. So much the needs to be cleaned

2. I can hear the screams of children in the basement as you replace them every now and then

3. I’m afraid I’ll be fattened and served as thanksgiving dinner I’m convinced your family is a Hannibal Lector type”

R: *cackling*

Friend 1: “Don’t laugh the birds will swarm how many times do I have to say it..”


Today marks the release for the feature film adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, starring Eva Green and directed by Tim Burton, the perfect person to bring Ransom Riggs’ bestselling YA novel to the silver screen. A number of our booksellers are looking forward to catching the film this weekend, and here’s hoping Burton will be adapting the two sequels, Hollow City and Library of Souls. And don’t forget the newest volume in Riggs’ peculiar world, Tales of the Peculiar, published earlier this month from Dutton Books.


With the official release of @sarahlinden and I’s children’s book, “North Pole Ninjas: Mission Christmas” only three days away, @penguinrandomhouse had this fun little book trailer made! This is part one, as @instagram only gives you a minute, so I will post the second half soon. Hope you dig this little glimpse! Remember the book is still available for pre-order so click here: bit.ly/NPNinjas and snag a copy. It’s time to start a #kindnessrevolution with the #NorthPoleNinjas !