random headcanon thursday

Random Headcanon Thursday

Usagi has a tough time remembering things. That isn’t the headcanon, that’s just truth. The list of things she can’t remember is near infinite, such as homework and meeting times and chores and test answers and reminders to not forget things. Sometimes Usagi even forgets LUNCH, and that is just WRONG. (Everyone will have lunch available all the time when Usagi is queen, she’s already decided this.)

But one thing Usagi hasn’t forgotten as much as everyone thinks she has is the Silver Millennium. Not that she remembers everything. Nobody remembers everything. But she remembers.

She remembers the cuts and bruises Mercury tried but failed to cover up.

She remembers how Jupiter would sometimes limp when she walked and always brush it off with a smile.

She remembers when Mars disappeared for weeks and everybody was sad and worried but nobody would tell her anything.

She remembers when Venus’s beautiful face became scarred (but still beautiful) and how Venus would deflect every question about what happened.

She remembers knowing that all of this was because of her.

Usagi remembers, and it’s made her that much more determined to keep remembering. She has a notebook, a relatively small and unimpressive thing with a hard protective cover and one small heart sticker that she’s placed on the lower left corner. In that notebook, Usagi keeps a record.

Every fight. Every scratch. Every burn and bruise. Every dislocated shoulder they had to help each other push back into place. Every covert stitch given in darkened corners where no one would see.

Usagi writes it all down, every last drop of blood, and she never forgets.

Random Headcanon Thursday

(on a Friday, and not entirely random, but whatever.)

Gangster Mouse is the “new kid” at Corporate Googlaxia. They picked her up a couple of planets ago, shortly before arriving at Earth. Siren likes her immediately, of course. Siren likes most everyone until given a reason not to. Crow had no particular opinion one way or the other about her, but told Siren to stay far away from her. She could immediately see that Gangster Mouse didn’t have what it took. Gangster Mouse was never going to be a worthy rival.

Gangster Mouse was going to get herself killed.

Crow saw it, and knew the loss would hurt Siren (didn’t it always?) and so told her again and again not to get attached. It did no good. Siren couldn’t help but like funny little Nezu with her cute little hair puffs and her silly little jokes and her absolutely KILLER Galaxia impression.

(Siren tried to do it for Crow later. It would have ranked as the angriest, and most terrified, she’d ever seen Crow. When Crow demanded – PLEADED – she never do it again, Siren promised and never did. But it was still very funny.)

The night Gangster Mouse died, Crow was only surprised it had taken as long as it had. She said nothing, but took Siren out to the restaurant that she’d meticulously researched for its superior quality of food.

Siren, too, said nothing, but sampled at least one of everything on the menu.