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Bon Voyage S2 Ep 5

Episode 5 summary (coz it’s not a highlights post if I’m pointing literally everything out):

- Papa Yoongi waking the kids up
- Kim Seokjin, Bird Whisperer
- Soft V and his love for sleeping

- “What’s this?” ft. Translator Jay Hope
- Going to the lodging ft. the teams:
* SugaMonV aka “this is like Stockholm all over again but with a puppy tag-along” (or, “ ‘Hansung’ means transfer”)
* 2seok aka the self-proclaimed (?) “wimpy party”
* JiKook aka “the team Suga just expects to fail”
- “Do you know BTS?” JinKook ver. (that JinKook handshake tho 😂)

First off, SugaMonV:
- English lessons w/ Teacher RM, who gives a loooot of compliments
- Lesson #1: Ordering iced coffee, aka “No Tae, grande is not small”
- Lesson #2: How to read random signs on the street
- Lesson #3: Riding a bus, aka “I give you (says $7.5 in Korean)”
- Lesson #4: Push the button to cross the street
- Lesson #5: Order pizza for Vincent Van Gogh
- Suga is lowkey done with Namjoon losing stuff
- Meeting a lucky BTS fan!!!!!
- Cue “Sorry, important business”
- Also, “International Sunshine Pop-K BTS”
- The hyungs lowkey don’t trust Jimin to make it alone

So let’s check out JiKook:
- Kookie: Let’s just ask other people to make sure
- Also Kookie, looking at Jimin asking for directions: Ah, I’m frustrated. Why would he ask him that?
- Also, looking out for the fashion police
- Smug Kookie pt. 1 & 2
- Ft. Jimin, the tolerant hyung
- Also, frat boy Kook putting a random “Hey bro” out there
- Apparently Jimin sings cutely for food when he’s hungry
- “Korean BBQ means Korean dishes (in general)”
- Fooooood (aka “I’m just so happy to see Jimin eating so much”)
- Lastly, them almost entering some random dude’s house

Last but not the least, sunny happy extra beautiful 2seok:
- Aka the pair we never knew we needed so badly💕💕💕
- Sadly, they inherit Kookie’s bad luck this time
- They almost get on the wrong bus, but find a random Korean person to ask for help
- No luck with food pt. 1
- My elf eyes see Namjin sharing that iced coffee (sorry bae)
- Sadly, they can’t mix teams
- No luck with food pt. 2
- Instead, let’s just make finger hearts and poems with the word “red”
* Revolution
* Evolution
* Drop in the ocean
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
- Actually riding on the wrong bus this time, and finding another Korean-speaking person to ask for help
- “You’re a genius, you’re an angel”

- They finally find the lodging!!
- Taetae walking into the glass door is a concept that his nose can’t be happy with
- Make everything better with some swimming pool bromance! ft. the 95 line soulmates
- “If there’s music, it’s our house”
- Jimin getting lost in the SHark side of the internet
- The members casually saying “I love you” to one another is good for everybody’s health

- Grouping time!!! Old roommates, SugaMon and JinKook
- Cue JinKook handshake pt. 2
- They decide to change up the grouping to make it more interesting
- Savage Suga pointing out that the staff agreed too fast
- Final grouping:
* TaeGi aka “If we fight over something, we need to hold hands”
* 94 line ft. lowkey salty Namjoon
* JinJiKook aka drinking buddies
- Hobi calling Namjoon “Rap Monster-gun” ft. HIGHKEY salty Namjoon
- Also, “Why do you hit me?”
- Tae: I’ve never talked about serious issues with Suga hyung
- Jin: Who have you even had serious talks with?
- But Suga is a reliable elder bro, so they should be “fine” 😂

- Finally, table tennis! ft. Namjoon hard-carrying like a boss
- Also, random things in Hawaii love hitting Kookie’s face
- TaeGi disagreeing with one another and holding hands already before the friendship trip even starts
- “Let’s just break tree branches and exchange those as gifts” aka “here guys, have my socks”
- Extra Jimin twirl for an extra ending

Something in Common

I wasn’t going to do a coda for episode 6x25 for h50, and then @ksaysthings gave me this idea and I couldn’t let it go.

In which Steve got more from Danny than a liver.

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