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icon change eyyyyy

still love ice skating dweebs but i’m giving an oc some love (spesh bc i’m in the process of commissioning some art of him and writing more random drabbles about his life) :’D

lemonade (j.g.)

▹Short Imagine 

A/N: legit almost cried writing this! i put so much work into this single imagine. i put emotions into this thing. tell me if u guys think she should have or shouldn’t have take him back lol no spoilers :) i hope u guys enjoy, love u -i 


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I hopped out of the taxi after I quickly paid the driver.  I smile at the sight of my husband’s job.  He’s been working her for at least 10 years and he’s already president.  

I open the large glass door leading to the receptionist’s desk.  

“Hi, Mrs. Gilinsky, Nice seeing you here, Mr.Gilinsky is in his office” She says politely 

“Thank you, Janet” I say walking to the elevator and pressing the up button 

My heart rate excels as I hit the button ‘22′ I haven’t seen Jack in a month since I went to paris for my job and I’m surprising him.  

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Someone just asked me...

“ who is this funny guy , u post often on tumblr, "Marlon Jackson”, i think i like him, what is strange is that im a big fan of Michael Jackson , see, and that guy, his last name is Jackson too lol are they related in any way ? haha somehow he looks like him ! “

Me :

okay but what if episode 30

lucy shows up at the open house with her new “boyfriend”, who’s actually just a friend who’s a boy. idk what his name is so let’s call him michael for now. michael keeps reminding lucy that he’s not her boyfriend as the day goes on and lucy just kinda giggles and agrees.

now, michael’s been getting pretty close to candy for this whole ordeal, talking to her and cracking jokes and just trying to schmooze her up. candy, being the oblivious idiot that she is, doesn’t realize that anything is wrong, and cracks jokes back, replies to his small talk, etc. candy’s boyfriend is LIVID that this RANDOM GUY is flirting with HIS candy, and makes a huge deal out of it, queue candy and candy’s boyfriend getting into a huge fight in front of EVERYBODY,

after the two finally calm down they angrily kiss and everyone is silent.
candy’s parents are staring, jaws dropped.
lucy looks confused as all hell.
michael shifts awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head.
“erm-” he starts quietly, sweatdropping.
“i’m gay.”