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shows i started watching in 2017 meme
1. the good place - “you’re a giant chunk of spinach in the teeth of the universe.”


“Underground water’s trying to escape through these vents. I need you guys to help it along.”

remember that one time jet flirted with aang’s love of his life right in front of his face and instead of getting jealous or annoyed about it aang was SO offended because wtf jet??? what about me?? pay attention to me too??!!! and you can’t see it that clearly on here but he literally beamed when jet complimented him then too and what i’m saying is aang totally obviously 100% had a bit of a crush on jet as well


Question: How you were able to learn and improve your freestyle rap skills

Lin: …When I was in high school, I was too shy to do it. I had friends in high school who were really good at it and I was the beatboxing kid.