random from my folder but oh well

State of the world: It’s literally gonna take me a couple days to catch up on replies when New XKit’s reply system works again.  >_>;  I feel stunted.  I can talk to others but feel nerfed when replying to them on my own blog.  :|

Oh well.  I also reduced the mods in my Mods folder from 162 to 142 by finally learning what the hell makes a script mod a script mod and merging shit accordingly.  I even merged my fur files, which I am well aware are not script mods, but I usually hold off on merging in case I want to fix them on a whim (and thereby have to re-merge something again).  They still seem to work with no ill effects, like having to re-fur every furred sim in this town.  xD

Also, someone should have made that wager with me.  –v

… why are you shirtless still?  Are you sick??

And stop looking at him like this.  :|