random foolishness

People want to talk about how Naomi is supposedly bad in the ring. But people want Lana to be SDL Women’s Champion with no buildup. Even after talking about how bad she is in the ring after seeing her in house shows prior to her SDL debut.

Also why is it such a big deal about Naomi getting a custom title? Stone Cold, Edge and Cena (he got a custom title twice), but Naomi gets lights put on it and it’s all of a sudden it’s cheap? Let that had been Becky Steampunking that belt or Alexa tinting it with an ombre affect and no body would of said a damn thing!

Suspect I tell y'all.

Everything on the point of dissolution,
foolish friendship
some random collocation
of what is unattainable.
The canopy of the sky seemed
to fill up the young woman
the other reposing in her lap,
grace, simplicity, and desolation.

- zia cole // blackout poem from Orlando by Virginia Woolf

These are obviously rather preliminary thoughts - who knows what’s going to happen next.  I think the fact that the birth rumours came from both Briana’s family and UAs is a pretty good sign that it’s a deliberate attempt to create a credible belief within the fandom that she did give birth (either individually are more than capable of making shit up by themselves, but together they suggest they’re communicating what they’ve been told to communicate). The rumours have made it to some Australian gossip mags (as the timezone where the staff was at work when the rumours broke).

It’s really noticeable that the rumours are definitely aimed at the fandom - but not timed for the fandom.  I’m a NZ Larrie - I’m fully aware of how dead my dash is at this time and just .  They basically chose the time when most fans were asleep to leak rumours.

A lot depends on what happens next - are these rumours repeated by a more reliable source and how the story spreads (an important teller for this will be Nick Grimshaw’s entertainment news - in about an hour and ten minutes). But  I’m wondering if this suggests a two-tiered strategy - with the birth for fandom - and the mainstream press will just get the paternity denial in a few days.

PS - I’ll be really impressed if they manage to get all this shit done while Louis and Harry are on holiday somewhere celebrating Harry’s birthday (which is my secret hope for where they are now).

Have you never wondered?

Why dont you fanfic writers write fanfic about food?? Make it about food, anout pizza and burders or french cuisine…. and make it “cheesy”…..pun intended. Like.the protagonist goes to a cafe… Describe the perfect cup of coffee..“” or how the cheese melts on pizza dough..“ or the crunch of chips…. Hit us with food love 😂😂😂😂😂

I am hungry lol hahahaha even though I dont eat much