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We defeated my mother, and her witches, because we stood united. That is how we will face all our enemies. As a family.

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Favorite Deyna scenes!? And episodes? Wanna rewatch having deyna withdrawal and worried about Connie so

Man, that’s a hard one! I hardly ever rewatch episodes unless I wanna rewatch the whole show. I’ve got many favs tho… Definitely 1x19. I love the song writing scene in 2x12, their long conversation about Maddie in 2x19, Deacon’s proposal in 2x22. 3x15 and 3x16 are a total feels fest and of course their wedding. Also love watching them getting fake!married in the hospital right before he goes into surgery and I cannot stop watching the breakdown she has in 3x21 even tho it kills me every damn time. Gotta watch their duets, for sure, and every little scene in season 5 is a true blessing. 5x07 is one of my favorite episodes ever.