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The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself. She found his massive shoulder with her hand. “He was no true knight,” she whispered to him. The Hound threw back his head and roared. Sansa stumbled back, away from him, but he caught her arm. “No,” he growled at her, “no, little bird, he was no true knight.”
—  Sansa Stark | A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin)
Nocturne | 01

Character: Jungkook x OC (feat. BTS)

Type/Genre/words: Angst, Alternate Universe (Hitman!au, Assassin!au), Smut/Mature Scenes | 8,606 words

Prompts: “What would you find when you keep chasing over the ghosts of your past?”

Summary: It took only one night, one event, for the fate of two children to change. And it took another night, and another event, for Jungkook to finally met her.

Warning: mentions of violence, mentions of usage of guns and weapons, smoking and alcohol mentions, language, includes a little bit of girl x girl scene, graphic smut, mentions of cum play

| Prologue | 01 |

| Music Playlist | Characters |

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The Institute is calm, lulled into stillness; its usually dark and somber walls are painted with blues, reds and pinks from the stained glass windows and the sun dipping low enough to peek through them. Out in the main OPS room, there is maybe a dozen of black-clad Shadowhunters, their fingers lazily swiping across futuristic screens and carding through mission files as they exchange random comments about their days.


But Alec is alone, sat behind the large desk in his office, far away from everyone else; as the Head of the Institute (while the novelty of it has worn off already, thinking about it still sends a spark of satisfaction through his spine), most of his time is taken up by paperwork, diplomatic business and occasional field missions, but significantly less than Alec would like. He misses daily patrols and bickering with his siblings while they kill demons with little to no effort. After a while, staring at the dark walls and the elegant furniture becomes boring and when it feels like the horsehead statue over on the mantelpiece is watching him, Alec puts his pen down and presses the heels of his palms against his eyes.


He sighs deeply, rustling the papers before him – new laws that need a bit of tweaking, because after a consultation with the Downworld Cabinet, the feedback has been decidedly positive, but some wording was advised to be changed and so here he is, mulling over this lawyerly gibberish, while his mind is drifting to places and people he’d rather be with. Alec leans back in the chair and pulls out his phone with the intention of calling Magnus just to hear his voice, but decides against it as he’s staring at the new message he received an hour ago and was not aware of.


An impromptu meeting with other High Warlocks, I’ll be home an hour late. I love you and miss you dearly.

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touch pt. 2 • zach dempsey

a/n: i’m feelin’ WILD rn, i can’t believe that i’ve hit 1k, that means the absolute world to me!! anyway, i love u guys sooo much. your kind words make my day 💗 

 warnings: do i even need to say it at this point? SIN 

everything was spinning around you. you felt delirious, but in the absolute best way. the encounter that you had shared with zach earlier that day made your heart pound at the mere thought. 

you went through the rest of the day on edge. you were like a little toy, and zachary dempsey had wound you up. 

this was a foreign feeling to you. you were oozing sensitivity, walking down the hallways hot and bothered. you exchanged longing glances with zach every time you passed each other. 

at lunch, you considered sitting with the boys, but after seeing the way that zach couldn’t take his eyes off of you, you walked right past the table to tease him. you looked over your shoulder to lock eyes with him, swaying your hips with a smirk as you made your way across the cafeteria. 

“i swear, zach, your girl is something else.” you hear one of the boys call out. you smile to yourself and sit down across from sheri, the blush slowly creeping into your cheeks.

“so, you and dempsey huh?” she says while wiggling her eyebrows at you. 

“uh, yeah, i guess.” you say trying to control your smile. you were still mildly starstruck that the boy had admitted his feelings for you. 

“finally,” sheri starts, “that boy has been pining after you for months!” she says with a laugh. you look down and cover your face as the heat took complete control of your cheeks. you meet sheri’s eyes and both of you laugh as you continue to eat your lunch and exchange random conversation. 

you peer across the cafeteria to meet zach’s burning gaze. he watches you intently as you lift the spoon to your mouth, putting it in, and then pulling it out slowly, his eyes never leaving your lips. you smirk and then sheri turns to look at zach before looking back at you. 

 "ugh you guys are gross, get a room!“ she says and you giggle with her uncontrollably. zach looks down at his tray, smiling widely and shaking his head. 

 8th period finally rolls around and you’re just about ready to explode. throughout the entire class period, zach had done everything to make contact with you. he brushed you, rubbed his arm against yours, touched your hand slightly with his while you both wrote. he was driving you crazy, and he knew it too. the bell rang and you bolted out of the classroom, making him chase after you. 

you arrived at your locker, and zach leaned against the one next to it with a sly smile. 

 "hey baby girl.” the nickname rolls effortlessly off of his tongue. you shiver, and zach takes in the effect that it has on you. he pushes up off the locker to stand behind you. you close your locker and turn around, your back pressed against it. you look up to zach and smile. 

 "i’ll be at your house after practice, okay y/n?“ he says as he comes closer to you, positioning himself between your legs. you gasp and your eyes flutter as he presses himself against you. he kisses your temple and then leans down to place a kiss on your lips. it’s sweet and gentle, but also full of the need that he’s holding back. he pulls away and winks at you while jogging towards the gym. 

 your heart pounds in your chest as you bite your lip and smile. you would never get used to zach being all over you. you watch him until he disappears down the hall, and you stand alone with the taste of him on your lips. 

 when you get home, you sigh contently into the empty house. not only were you excited for zach to come over, you were also filled with sexual frustration. you waste no time jogging up the stairs and to your bedroom to relieve some of your stress. 

 you rid yourself of your clothes, making your way over to the bed. you sigh as your warm skin meets the cool sheets and your hand begins to drift south towards your already aching core. you placed feathery touches on your inner thighs while kneading your sensitive breasts. all you could think about is what you would be doing if zach was there. 

your hands ghosted over every place that you wanted him to touch you. you began to massage your clit slowly, the sensation causing your hips to buck as you whimpered. you needed zach to be there touching you. you needed his fingers to be teasing your clit. moaning at the thought, you dip one finger into your wetness before adding a second. pumping in and out at a steady pace, you fantasize about the basketball player. the way he would grip you, the electricity that jolted through your body when he touched you.

too invested in yourself, you didn’t hear the door open. zach stood in your door frame, a shocked expression that was quickly replaced with a smug look. 

“you couldn’t wait for me, huh darlin’?” he says and you freeze in your place, suddenly feeling extremely vulnerable. he walks over to your place on the bed slowly, never breaking eye contact with you. 

 "need a hand with that?“ he says in a raspy voice. you nod your head, not trusting yourself to speak. you could hardly form words in your head in the first place. zach’s eyes rake up and down your naked body while he licks his lips. "god, you’re so beautiful. i’m so glad coach let us out of practice early, i couldn’t take it anymore. i needed you.” he says.

 you moan as he rubs his hand up and down your exposed thigh. zach brings his face to yours, barely brushing his lips with your own. “also, you should lock your door, sweetheart. that could have been anyone walking into your house like that.” he tells you and you nod again. his low voice was making you even more wet, if possible. 

zach lowered his hand to your heat, making you gasp out in pleasure. he softly touches your inner thighs, lightly running his nails up and down them, missing your core completely. 

 "please, just do something. i want to feel your touch.“ you cry out. he kisses you deeply and smiles against your lips. his long fingers glide over your folds, wetting them with your arousal before he pushes them into you. your head drops back with a moan and you arch into him so that he can go deeper. 

 "fuck zach, faster.” you pant. his thumb presses down onto your clit, circling it until you’re about to come undone. his expert hands continued to work until you start to see white. 

 "i- i’m close.“ you managed to squeak out. upon hearing those words, zach fingers left you, and he placed kisses down your stomach. 

 "get up against the headboard.” he practically growled. you did as he said, and his mouth connected to your throbbing core. his teeth grazed against your clit and you cried out, using every fiber of your being not to cum. 

he used the tip of his tongue to flick at your clit before inserting his fingers again. “you like that, baby?” he asks you, looking up. you gasp out and screw your eyes shut while you writhe under his touch. he starts pumping faster, and uses his other arm to grip you in place.

 "shit, zach, i’m about to cum.“ you say to him hoarsely while tugging on his hair. he moans from your actions and it vibrates through your core, pushing you over the edge. your body began to tremble uncontrollably as he continued to finger you through your orgasm, his name a gasping moan on your lips. 

 he hovers above you and kisses you before flopping down next to you while you try to catch your breath. you look to the tent in his pants and grab his bulge gingerly while he lets out a hiss. 

“now let me take care of you, baby boy.”

 a/n: ksjsjsjddb i’m SHAKING. hope u guys enjoy, currently working on 2 more requests that should be up soon so be on the lookout hehe.

head in the game

member: lai guanlin
genre: slice of life, high school
summary: your small moments with the captain of the basketball team goes unnoticed by him.
requested: yes! thank you for requesting my chick son.

  • honestly, you hated basketball, so how you ended up liking the captain of the basketball team swerved you left and right.
  • lai guanlin, the tall kid that can throw basketballs in hoops without a miss, was the center of attention when it came to school. he was the star pupil and everyone wanted to be him, be with him, or be associated with him.
  • you thought it was all stupid at first. how someone could receive so much attention for just throwing balls….
  • yet you somehow started to like him.

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Fall Back Down, Pt. 3 [Finn Balor]

Part One. Part Two.

Author note: To continue for another part or no? I kind of like the way this ended….

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“Do you want the opened bottle or the other?”

“Grab both,” you called back towards the kitchen. You listened as Finn took out the wine to accompany the Chinese food that was spread out on your coffee table.

It was December 3rd, and you found yourself on the floor of your living room, surrounded by boxes of Christmas decorations. Anything themed for the fall had already been packed and put away; it was time to winterize your apartment. A bare tree stood in the back corner, a box of ornaments beside it. You’d already strung up Christmas lights as a trim around your living room, and put up a couple wall decorations. Many things were left to do, however.

Finn came in to the room, carrying two glasses and two bottles. He set them down on the table before sitting down beside you on the floor between the couch and table.

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mika-the-pro-procrastinator-27  asked:

May I ask for a random fact about the flag of Lithuania this time? I don't have a random fact to exchange with you though...

The current official Lithuanian flag was created when Lithuania reclaimed Independence in 1918. Yellow symbolizes sun, green symbolizes forests and red symbolizes our blood.

Our historical flag called Vytis was supposed to become the official flag of Lithuania since it was used during the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. However, the interwar government decided to keep it as our coat of arms instead since they didn’t want to be associated with communism for the bright red color. Nowadays Vytis stands both as the coat of arms and our historical flag. Therefore, we can say that Lithuania has not one but two flags.

I’m Yours (Part One)

AN: Taehyung needs English lessons, so Y/N is hired to brush up his skills. His compulsory weekly visits start to become daily ones after he can’t wait to see a certain someone. One problem: Y/N has a boyfriend that she thinks is it for her. 

“So this is the past tense, it means everything you have said has already happened. “ Y/N explained to Taehyung, aka the most dedicated student she had ever had. His eyes were so focused when he concentrated, which left her to admire him. Y/N shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like that really, since she had a pretty amazing boyfriend. That’s part of the reason why she was hired, a single pretty girl unsupervised with one of the most sought after idols probably would cause eyebrows to rise. 

“I have going to, no I have gone to the shtore”. Taehyung pronounced, in his signature deep voice. 

“That’s it! We can work on your pronunciation with the letter S later, but that’s what the past tense is.” Y/N said, happy he had caught on. She had been teaching Taehyung for about few weeks now, but his lessons had now become a daily thing as long as Y/N had her schedule clear.

That meant sometimes their lessons were really late at night, like today. 

“Is it too late for you?” Taehyung asked, not looking up from his workbook. Clearly he’d noticed her looking at her phone to check if her boyfriend had called to tell her he’d pick her up. 

“No, I was just checking to see if my boyfriend called.” Y/N admitted feeling bad. She knew she shouldn’t feel bad, it’s not like Taehyung didn’t know she was with someone. He found out a couple of lessons when she smiled at her phone and started laughing, but Y/N always felt weird telling Taehyung about him. It was like her boyfriend intruded their space. 

Weird. Y/N thought.  

“It’s late. He didn’t pick you up the last two times as well, I’ll drop you home”. Taehyung said decisively. 

“He’ll come. It’s okay.” Y/N said, feeling slightly embarrassed at how Taehyung had noticed how her boyfriend hadn’t come to pick her up late nights too. 

Taehyung sighed, closed his work book and rested his head on his hand whilst he looked at her. 

“Can I say something?” He asked hesitantly. 

“Is it about the past tense?” Y/N replied, opening his work book and checking through what he’d done today.

“Aren’t boyfriend’s suppose to take care of their girlfriends if they’re out this late?” Taehyung went straight in. 

Y/N rolled her eyes at first, trying to call his bluff.

“Are you saying girls can’t walk themselves home at night?” She retorted.

“It’s not nice for girls or guys to have to walk miles when it’s pitch dark outside and freezing cold. “ Taehyung said instantly. 

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Did they promise her a number of pap walks when she returned, and are now getting quickly through them?? Because this is ridiculous. She changed her trousers and shirt and he changed his sneakers... is that supposed to imply 2 different days?! Because if so, big lmaoooooo They literally did 2 different shoots on the same day, and changed clothes in between... how can some people think this is normal?!

The fact that every single papping within the last 2 years was ridiculous tho. It’s either Starbucks, a random parking lot (to exchange a kid), a busy street (to make sure fans find them), a club (that fans were informed about beforehand) or the from door of his house (that he apparently doesn’t care about paps standing in front of). Whatever it is, include at least one stunt item and grumpy looking faces to make it look like they are mad about not being able to escape the paps (PRIVACY!1!!!) although louis can also disappear for weeks but I guess all the paps just happen to be on vacation at the same time when that happens. It’s truly ridiculous and I’ll never understand how anyone still believes this is not planned

Dating Pan Would Include:

• Lots of PDA (honestly SO MUCH TBH LIKE IT’S hard to comprehend)

• Exchanging random nose kisses throughout the day

• Having to pull him down to kiss him because he’s REALLY tol

• goodness just imagine the makeout sessions HOLY CRAP

• Tugging on his ear to get his attention because you know it annoys him


• Him being super protective of you because Neverland is extremely dangerous

•Being like a rebellious sister to the Lost Boys

• “Don’t be like that, love, you know you want me!”

• “Shut up, love”

• Being his partner in crime and loving every single second of it

• Giving him butterfly kisses because he blushes profusely at the adorable gesture

• Him playing with your hair to calm himself down (it’s probably saved the Lost Boys from a bunch of lectures)

• Always switching positions at night; somtimes you’re the big spoon, but most of the time you lay on his stomach with his arms wrapped tightly around you and his legs intertwined with yours


 • Just play fighting in general

Dirty Fanfic Santa Update

Okay, so everyone has their prompts. Hopefully you guys have been thinking about your stories. Here’s some reminders. 

  • Due Date is December 23rd: Yeah, that’s technically Malik’s birthday and not Christmas, but it seemed like a good day to post Thiefshipping. Don’t worry if you can’t post on that day because of holidays. Anywhere between Dec 23 and Jan 1 is fine! 

  • Stories should be 5-10k: Again, this is a guide more than anything. Don’t try to cut anything if your story ends up being 12k, for example, I just wanted to make the story length something people could actually finish without getting too stressed. 

  • Feel free to send me a link to the Google doc if you want me to beta: I’ll also try to find a secondary beta for it as well. Everyone’s welcome to use their traditional beta’s as well if you have a favorite friend that usually looks over your stuff. 
    • NOTE: November is NaNoWritMo, and my word goal for that month is going to be 60k, so I probably won’t be able to beta anything in November- I won’t have time- but I’ll make sure I look at it as soon as NaNoWritMo is over. 

  • Don’t forget that my messages are open anytime for questions: Regardless if it’s a specific question, or if you just want to story board, feel free to message me at any time if you need to. 


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ID #76322

Name: Lucy
Age: 19
Country: New Zealand

Hey! I’m Lucy and I’m a second year computer science student. I’m a bit awkward and not great at introducing myself haha but I’m keen to make some new friends, email would be cool but I’d love snail mail - someone to exchange random doodles/magazine clippings/friendship bracelets and other cute stuff as well as letters would be awesome! I love reading, TV shows, movies, sleeping and trying to make pretty things in my Wreck This Journal, so if you’re keen to chat about any of that, or just random stuff like the meaning of life or what you had for breakfast this morning, hit me up :)

Preferences: Preferably someone around my age, any gender or country!