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The Fink Legacy: Gen 1, Tig Fink 🍰

About a month ago, Mrs. Waverly, the lady who owned the bookstore, hired a new shopkeeper who had bright blue eyes and a smile that could honestly, probably end wars. I don’t think I’d ever seen anyone look so straight out of a movie. And when I caught sight of him during his lunch break that fateful June afternoon, I don’t think I’d ever been more smitten.



Noticed that some reposts of my old mermaid GIFs are making their rounds again and I finally decided to give in and make a master post of my own (originally they could be found separately or in this video).

PS: And I want to give a big THANK YOU to everybody who are tagging me under all the re-posts. You guys are the best! <3<3<3

CHARACTERS © DISNEY: Pocahontas, Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Mulan, Megara, Nita, Kida, Esmeralda, Giselle, Snow White, Nani, Lilo, Jane, Chicha, Mei, Su, Ting Ting

Program used: Adobe After Effects
Originally made: 2015

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