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“it’s like we’re a real family. in my next life, i still want to stay with my members. even if i’m born again, i want us to be together as btob members. until we become successful singers, let’s go hand in hand with our arms around each other. let’s leave everlasting memories for our fans as btob. until the end, let’s not let go of each other’s hands. whenever you’re tired or you feel like letting go of your hand, i will hold it even tighter.“ 

— seo eunkwang


random tv and film au [4/ ]                       sherlock bbc
  kim seokjin as irene adler /cr. 1/
  kim taethyung as molly hooper /cr. 1-2/                                                                     jeon jeongguk as mary morstan /cr. 1-2/


”Rewatching random anime series” : Danmachi

My most favourite scene in Danmachi (●♡∀♡)


slow dancing to no music

Poe: “you really look beautiful tonight nerd girl”

Pip blushing: “you clean up nicely yourself nerd boy”

Poe: “i need to ask you something”

Pip’s heart stops for a second and she manages to softly say: “yes?”

Poe feeling her tension: “Relax babe, my parents would like to meet you”

Pip relieved: “I would love to meet your parents”

Poe: “So you will go with me to visit them this weekend?”

Pip: “Yes…”

Poe: “Ready to order dessert?”

Pip a little shyly: “I was thinking we could get dessert at your place….”

Poe a little too softly: “waiter check please!”