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(i mean, since people made human versions of a fucking basket of butters then i can make human versions of phones)

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the last days have been involving me around men who let me play my music and let me smoke their shit and drink their shit and caring abt me wow what the hell

-remembering the time when a blizzard dude came to the island to talk about the Overwatch Dragon short and he said “We don’t actually have Hanzo’s and Genji’s story. but their story is being written from what was shown in the short.”

 This dude was the one in charge of light and material and he made genji have scars on his face just cause in the script it was said that hanzo “killed” genji in the past so he put scars on Genji’s face…

incredible. Now they making the full story base on that short not because they written their stories prior.I can’t believe

also Hanzo’s dragons were suppose to be coming out of his arrow but he and another blizzard employee suggested that it would be better if the dragons came out of his tattoo and out the arrow -

things michael flatley decided lord of the dance needed:

  • cyborgs
  • spray tans
  • pop ballads sung barely on key
  • arabian pants
  • female dancers snagged from middle american mall beauty pageants
  • new music that often doesn’t work with the choreography
  • dresses fit for jr prom
  • guitar riffs

things he inexplicably decided to keep:

  • lame hand twirling
  • random push-ups
  • the theft of the magic belt buckle

things i can’t remember being in the original that might’ve been but he should have cut:

  • men slapping their own nipples
  • aggressive finger-pointing
  • finger guns
  • power derived from partial nudity

things he decided to cut:

  • almost everything that made the storyline seem ‘mystical’ and ‘ancient’
  • anything remotely like natural beauty
  • good lighting, costuming, and styling
  • the grace and sensuality of the morrigan’s dance
I'm happy

I’m happy to know some people on my list actually took the time out of their busy day and schedule to keep up with me i truly do appreciate it and all the thoughts i got brought my spirits up its gonna be a slow road to recovery but thats how it is. I’ve met some good people on here in my short time of being on tumblr. Unfortunately some people i considered close haven’t even given me the time of day lately i won’t hold that on you but to know some people have me in their thoughts is all that counts for me those of you are very appreciated for it. I am slowly gettibt better i can turn to my side that i was shot in wsy easier now with less struggle or pain i still have issues at times but its getting better for me thank you again its great to know even some random dude on here can still be looked out for ive made some good friends a long my path lol hoping this will get better faster i don’t like having to sit around it’s not who i am im used to working going out this is the hardest part of it i think having to stay home not work etc

Solangelo after many years still....
  • Random dude : so...you haven't still haven't had sex ?
  • Will : I told you, Nico isn't ok with this much touching and intimacy.
  • R. Dude : But you're together for what ? 5 years ?
  • Will : Look. You try loving a person as much as I love him, for one day, and you'll feel better than any orgasm you'll ever have.
  • Random dude : ~0~
  • Nico : *hugs Will from behind surprising him* I love you.

Am I the only one who gets upset when guys say they like girls with a “natural look”? Because what is it they’re really saying? We all know. They don’t want “natural” girls who have fuzzy legs, blotchy skin, fat bits, breasts that aren’t perfectly perky, pimples, frizzy hair. That’s not the kind of ‘natural’ beauty they’re here for. They want you to look like a model - perfect skin, perfect figure, silky flowing hair, glowy cheeks and long eyelashes - but naturally. They want you to look amazing, but they don’t want you to have had to work at it. They don’t want it to be fake, because then they feel lied to. 

They want you to just wake up looking the way a model or actress looks after HOURS of makeup, hair-styling, tape to hold things in place, and photoshop. They want you to naturally look like that, even though almost literally no one does. The message is pretty clear, isn’t it? “Hey, be completely perfect in your absolute natural state, but if you aren’t, definitely don’t cover yourself in makeup or wear spanx or anything else to trick us into thinking you are naturally perfect.” 

Be complete physical perfection, all on your own with no external help, or you aren’t good enough. And then we wonder why 9 out of 10 girls hate themselves.