random details

Small details I noticed while rereading The Raven Boys:

(Some of these may be obvious, I just never noticed them before)

• Gansey’s ghost in the churchyard on St. Mark’s Eve smelled like mint
• Noah czerny used to have a girlfriend (but Whelk was dating/messing around with her!?)
• gansey studies French?! And his mom speaks French!?
•Helen Gansey is a part time wedding planner
• Dogs love Adam Parrish: “Adam stood up. The dog pranced delightedly around his feet.” also “laying a hand on the mutt’s head- it drove her insane with happiness- Adam leaned out of the carport…”
•Ronan just sits on his bed in boxers with headphones blasting Celtic music while feeding Chainsaw… (I conclude: he doesn’t wear pajamas to sleep..? Maybe?)
• Ronan’s facial hair grows quickly, he usually has a five o'clock shadow going on
• Ronan called Adam “science guy”
•Gansey brought organic apple juice on the helicopter excursion
•Monmouth Manufacturing has floorboards, it is apparently not concrete.!?
• Barrington Whelk reallllllly loves guacamole
• I’m in love with Adam Parrish (but we already knew that)


19 weeks of Captain Swan

Week 5 ● Captain Swan + ‘Underrated’ Moments


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Imagine Woozi surprising you by getting the food that you’ve been craving a lot recently.

Random ‘Trollhunters’ Question

Does anyone know why it is that Barbara doesn’t seem to feel any pain or other adverse effects when Strickler goes to the dentist in episode 22, even though their souls were intertwined by that point?  Like, do the rules of the binding spell only apply when Strickler is being attacked by an enemy or something?  Or was it because Strickler may have been numbed up with novocaine that she didn’t receive any of the pain?  Or am I missing something?

Dating Yugyeom Would Include...

Oh boy.

  • Lots of cuddling!!!!
  • Hand holding!!!
  • “Babe, have I told you how cute you look in that dress?”
  • Casually opening doors for  you and just being a gentleman in general
  • Awkward kisses because you know Yugyeom gon try to be naughty 
  • Always having to defend him against Jinyoung and other evil hyungs
  • Having to reign in your own boyfriend because he’s just plain sassy and naughty
  • Lots of stolen kisses
  • When you fall asleep on him, he’d just smile and play with your hair
  • Romantic dinner dates
  • Extreme flirting!
  • Cheering him on in the JYP dance stuido and having everyone look at you like you’re insane, but you don’t care ‘cause that’s your man
  • “Call me oppa!”
  • “Yugyeom, you’re only two months older than me. I’m not calling you oppa.”
  • Pouting until he gets what he wants
  • Nuzzling/forehead touches
  • Yugyeom would spoil his girlfriend. Not only would he give you lots of emotional affection, but he’d spend lavishly on you and not care when you get embarrassed because he loves to see you dressed up for him. 
  • “Yugyeom, what do you want for your birthday?”
  • *Clears throat loudly* “JJ CROSS!”
  • “I missed you” even though you saw each other yesterday
  • When you walk in the room, his face lights up and he gets the dopiest little smile on his face
  • Always surprising you. Yugyeom is the type to show up at your work/school with a grand gesture of some sort. 
  • Roses! Roses! Roses!
  • Playful banter
  • He would 100% look at you like you created the heavens. He’d do it when you aren’t looking and everyone except he and you would know about it.
  • If you scraped your knee (even slightly) he’d piggyback you to the car. 
  • He would pretend not to notice you stealing his clothes because he secretly loves when you wear them
  • Cooking together!
  • “You’re not busy tomorrow, right? I already made plans for us. Wear that dress I bought you yesterday.”
  • Serious 1-on-1 talks with the Got7 hyungs about your feelings for Yugyeom because they’re overprotective mommies about their maknae. 
  • If he made you feel unwanted/ignored, he would immediately make up for it by kissing you all over your face and telling you how much you mean to him. 
  • 10/10 would likely spill his guts about how in love he is with you like 7 months into your relationship and it would just kill you. 
  • Romantic confessions 24/7 bc the maknae is obsessed with Kdramas. 
  • Getting frustrated when you’re around other guys, but being lowkey about it 
  • Would pretend like he doesn’t like your compliments, but would smirk when you tell him he looks good
  • Cute little comments like “I bet our kids would be cute” and getting flustered about it
  • Might trip over his own feet watching you walk in front of him
  • Acting naughty/sexual in front of fans, but if you’re forward with him he’ll blush so hard
  • Yugyeom is the type of boyfriend you have long talks with and go over your data plan to talk to because he just gets you and listens to every little detail
  • Would remember random details about you/your life and repeat them later to make sure you knew he cared
  • Would buy you a promise ring for your __ year anniversary and love to see you wear it
  • 10/10 Yugyeom would be in deep shit if he fell in love because he’d never recover. Hopeless romantic af. 

Here’s the first post with the first list of ideas
Now for the rest of the ideas

  • There’s a gimmick we thought about where at the last song of every show, they have a paint fight. And the front row is always warned about it because Captain and Davy will go down and imprint their hands on the first row’s shirts
  • And Victoria, of course she has front row, gets it above her heart and OF COURSE SHE HAS  A BAND BLOG THIS NERD, and posts it
  • (this is like way later tho, Chloe finds out that Vic is a huge fan) Chloe also has a blog for trolling ppl with random details about their band, and Sees vic’s post
  • “She touched my heart”
  • chloe is like “She toch dat titty”
  • And Max always calls Rachel Coupons
  • Maybe during a paint session in art class Max leaves a handprint on her shirt and Vic swears to fucking god it looks just like the print on the shirt she has framed at home but Nah it must be her imagination
  • Chloe took drum lessons because her mom wanted her to channel her excess energy and anger through something and it was a good idea for drums, Max was taking music lessons out of her own interest as a kid.
  • But also Max has always had a crush on Vic but Vic and her have never really interacted except for photography class until Vic hears her trash talking top lul. 
  • Vic isn’t a huge mega bitch, idk this is college time to grow up vic.
  • Vic starts her internship at the company that usually takes the photos and covers 21pirates Concerts. (”No Taylor you don’t understadn this company has great internship programs, look they have the best equipment too-NO THERE’S NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE TAYLOR.”)
  • Max and Chloe reveal their faces after graduating college through a dumb vine.
  • Chloe is super whippedTM
  • Rachel and Chloe meet because Chloe decides to tag along with Max one time to a photoshoot.(”You just want to see coupons.” “Nawww” “I don’t even know if she’s our model today.”)
  • Chloe and Rachel hit it off pretty well, after Chloe stops being a nervous mess hyper mess.
  • They exchange numbers and hang out more.
  • Unlike Victoria, Rachel is super perceptive and finds out Chloe is Davy after a while. Later on she finds out who Captain is too because Chloe’s a dumb-dumb and lets it slip.
  • Victoria goes through the 5 stages of grief when she finds out who 21pirates is
  • Max and Vic get closer to each other through photography and top stuff.
  • Victoria confronts Max after the face reveal vine which turns into Max calming Vic down and confessing, they get together later.

I’ll add more later

some phan things;

- having 0 personal space
- feeding each other
- when phil is terrible at describing smth but dan knows exactly what he’s trying to say instantly
- when phil is talking and dan makes himself rlly small and leans closer and closer and is looking up at him Like That
- when they talk at the same time and then laugh about it
- when dan gets whiny and phil gives him exactly what he wants bc he spoils him
- knowing little random details about each other and the other one getting surprised that he remembered even tho it literally goes both ways
- “philllll you’re so precious”
- “I’m obsessed with your curl dan”
- dan wearing phil’s hoodies
- phil rolling his eyes fondly at dan when he’s being ridiculous
- dan going out to buy him hair product in the rain and getting him chocolate when there’s a wasp honestly the text section of tabinof was a blessing
- dan lying across some airport chairs while phil puts drops in his eyes
- “and phil is in his own little world again… *giggling* don’t trip!”
- that time they played tag at night on that street u know what I’m talking about
- wrestling shirtless out in the water in Jamaica
- when they look at each other Like That for a minute and don’t even bother editing it out like can u even imagine what they DO edit out??
- dan being super defensive over phil and making sure he gets the credit he deserves
- singing together where phil gets rlly deep and dan goes rlly high and I cry
- phil filming dan without him knowing
- “I think I’d be quite sad if you died. and I’d just be awkward for the rest of time… might as well kill us both.”
- 2016 halloween baking video.
- phil miming dan’s hand movements in that one live show
- they went on tour together and sold out the dolby theatre like they literally #didthat
- when phil stuck a cat sticker on dan’s arm and it stayed there all day
- literally not being able to stop mentioning each other when no one asked
- phil being rlly flirty and sexual in 2009/10 and dan always being flustered
- for example: “do you know what gay chicken is? would you play it on camera with phil? for 12 billion pounds.” “my paypal is amazingphil@gmail.com” *winks* *dan blushes and laughs and bumps him and tells him to shut up like a 12 yr old with a crush*
- doing a radio show together and dan being rlly sad that time he had to do it alone and saying there was a “void in his heart” where phil should be
- the fact that this list could go on forever and ever bc they’re an iconic power couple that have been in love since 2009 but it’s 2am and I’m overwhelmed and should probably stop

Hogwarts headcanon time:

Everyone seems to think that all the hidden corridors and moving staircases are intentional, because the founders were a bit insane (which is true). But what if most of it wasn’t intentional? What if it’s the cumulative result of generations of young witches and wizards learning magic and all the stray magic floating about?

Like, what if that one stair poor Neville keeps getting stuck in was the result of someone trying to pull a prank on their friend in 1824 and no one could figure out a counter curse? Or the moving staircases were the result of too many jinxes and missed spells and no one really knows why they move or when they started (but Hermione did find the first recorded instance of a moving staircase in 1532 in Hogwarts, a History)

I feel like all those quirks in the castle are much more the result of the school just being so saturated with magic and mischief that it’ll never be a remotely normal building again.

Character design tips comp’ #1

1. When making a character, don’t start with their appearance! Work their personnality first, it’ll help you choose clothes that represent them better.

2. It’s not because a character is a color that their name comes from the same country. Perhaps your character is Asian with an American name, who knows?

3. Random little details make the characters feel more real, but don’t just chuck random stuff on your sheets! Think why they have that hobby, or how that thing that happened influenced their life.

4. Not all goth people are sad emos!! And they’re not all white, either.

5. You should have a reason for just about every self-made decision or trait your character has: If they’re strong, why? If they’re depressed, why? Why are they so pretty?

6. As of body shapes, it’s not just hips and shoulders: It’s every part of the body that’s different. Maybe your character has bulky forearms, or are thin but have a double chin.

7. Usually, a flaw your character has is also something they don’t like in other people. For example, a selfish character might not like selfish people.

8. DO. NOT. MAKE. MARY SUES!! Or edgy characters. Sure, you can make dark characters, but making them love the color black and super angry at all times is just bad. Same goes for Mary Sues: If you can’t find out why your average male has rock abs(Ex:. Only ever goes outside for school), then remove them!

9. Stupid hobbies are fun. Instead of only going for art, dancing, music and sports, what if your character had a passion for crochet, or feeding ducks every saturday?

10. Not only should you think of what your characters are like in certain situations, but you should also think about what other people should do for them in those times!

11. Stick to a color palette. It can get messy and/or wierd if you just go for rainbow and super bright colors with no harmony whatsoever

Another page from a train journey

somewhere on the internet somebody is keeping an excel spreadsheet detailing everything random dudes have explained to her at parties.  i feel like i should take a leaf out of her book and make a list of things i care about as little as i care about pro golf and then every time someone brings something up to me and i say “you know i think i might care about that less than i care about pro golf but honestly it’s neck-and-neck here” i have to update the list