random dead dude

Part 3…THEN AFTER 100 days of pretending to be some random dead dude in an alley I realise that I’ve Daniel Day Lewis’d myself too hard and had fallen to far into the role, and that I’m actually my own non dead self and just go home, the alleyway I was laying in revealed to be nothing but a huge cardboard cutout

I saw Swiss Army Man last night.......

I have never done a review on this blog, but I feel that I need to express my feelings about this film to my followers or whoever will be reading this.  

Since the day the trailer dropped for Swiss Army Man, I had been following it very closely.  Something about it had me completely intrigued.  I showed my friends, coworkers and family the completely hilarious, ambiguous trailer.  It was safe to say that I got the closest people around me as intrigued for Swiss Army Man as I was at the time.  As months passed by, I kept the wide release date on my mind, hoping it would make it to South Carolina (not many limited released films make it out here).  

Then, two weeks ago, the OST was released for the film.  I can clearly remember the night.  Lying in bed.  Lost in the euphoric A Capella sounds of Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe.  It was so atmospheric.  It only heightened my expectations for the film.  

Last week, plans were made, and I was set to see Swiss Army Man on the night of July 5th.  As days went on, the hype and excitement became too much, to the point of me listening to the entire OST at work, on repeat, for the whole nine-hour work day.  The 5th came, I took at seat in a comfortable theater chair, and watched the magic of Swiss Army Man unfold before me and my fellow viewers.  

The Talent: Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe both deliver some of the best or the best performances of their careers.  They are a perfect pair as Hank and Manny.  It is almost like they are long lost brothers who discover each other as they perform side by side (even though one is dead, but very much alive at the same time).

The Comedy: This is a VERY comedic film.  It is mostly simple comedy (mostly being body humor), but in a way, it becomes very deep.  Many of the things that are joked about morph into one of the deep issues that are either personal issues, or societal issues that can be very controversial to our society today.

The Farts: Farts.

Being Ballsy: This film’s got some balls.  The issues that it addresses and tackles hit very close to home with the issues that are taking place in our everyday or political lives.  Swiss Army Man doesn’t care for your opinion, it says opinions are stupid, and they are unnecessary in a world where we all produce feces and it all eventually ends up being mixed together, whether we like it or not.  Everybody Poops.  This film states that being weird is normal, and being normal is weird.  This film wants you to let your weird out, and do what makes you happy, even if you are some stranded outsider hanging around with a random dead dude.  

The Score: As I stated before, I had instantly fallen in love with the OST the night it was released.  I was pretty surprised to see how well the score went along with the film.  It was very nice to see where these songs fit, causing very many “ah-hah” moments last night.  

Final Thoughts: As I walked out into the warm summer night from seeing Swiss Army Man, I felt completely refreshed.  This film made me forget about the world I lived in, and made me not care about what anybody thinks or feels about me.  Swiss Army Man increased my self confidence to great amounts.  I feel like I am new, and that society needs to be prepared to take me on, not the other way around.  Swiss Army Man teaches us that we are all human, and we are all extremely afraid to talk to that very attractive individual on the bus that is sitting all alone just a few seats down from where you sit.  It says that we all need to get over our stupid issues, and just live out the strange thing that is life.  So, if you’re interested, go see it.  Not because i’m telling you to, because you deserve to.

              If you don’t know Jurassic Park, you don’t know shit. 


A promise to the dead

Teen Wolf 4x11

Let me just tell you now that this will be me saying what I’m thinking, theorizing and using humour to cover up the fact that I’m severely angry.
So basically I use humour.

Random dude with a body bag filled with a not dead body.

Random dude has fangs and glowing white eyes…I’m guessing wendigo.

Deaton Going Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on his ass.

Eichen House is a prison for the supernatural

The dude that drilled into his own head……and he has an extra eye in there?

Deaton moving closer and…bam he’s in Mexico.

Mama McCall finding the bad of MONEY! CASH! GREEN!

Makes him give the money back!

(Fucking Finally!)
Liam not wanting to be alone

Him being terrified of the Berserker

Derek not sleeping

Lydia screaming her banshee scream

Malia annoying the fuck out of Stiles

Lets look away from Stalia for moment to appreciate how Adorable Stiles is when he sleeps.


Derek and Scott talking about the money and Derek not being angry at all, in fact understanding.

Scott thinking there is one more vault

Derek being a business man

The Money being Peters!


He is much healthier now….

MUCH HEALTHYER!! SEE!! He even wants to kill Kate for real now! I call that development!

Malia floundering her grades in Lydia’s face

Coach preaching

Lydia being done with Malia’s shit

Malia failing (Like she fucking should. She should NOT be in the senior class next year.)

Liam training

Liam failing to lift the weight, almost crushing his chest

Scott Saving the day

Mason. Just Mason.

Chris in the sewers after Kate, but finding Peter like;

Chris being stabled to the wall like a fucking poster


Scott and Kira’s date


Kate happened……

Eichen house forgiving the Stilinskis and Stiles being happy about him almost getting murdered


The Sheriff inviting them out for dinner and Stiles is like:


It’s not cute okay? Its disgusting and only shows that she’s more of an animal than human. And worst of All Stiles have to put up with it.


Mason is an amazing friend!

Kira is a badass

“We’re all going to church”


Coach not understanding that Scott and Kira will be late

Stiles on the field like this;


He’s been after Peter

Liam being afraid and failing on the field

“Trust me on this, He’ll hear me”


Peter wanting Malia to kill kate

Kira in a nest full of bones

Brett (?) telling Liam he’s luck to have Scott as alpha

Parris being the second person ALL FUCKING SEASON to bring up Allison’s death

Chris getting Angry like

Parrish’s eyes…..What are you?! (Phoenix)

0.2 seconds Stydia moment

Jeff is like;

Kate talking

Kate Making Scott a Berserker

And here is another gif for Malia because I’m extra disappointed today;

Okay I’m done…..