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The highlight of the new episode “Muckfoot”. I laughed at every single awkward and random encounter this episode brought, with Eggman dressed as a clown, lol!

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The creepy clown thing happened to our school too, but we're a private school. Some kids at our rival public school hacked our website and some random freshman's Instagram with clown pictures and threats

Cross (2/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader x Justice Leauge

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Words: 1144
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: fighting
Requested: #still moving and no internet so queue
Authors Note: I hope you guys are liking this LOL XD. Other parts will be linked once I get a chance to use Internet. (Thank you guys so much for the awesome response for this! I was so worried to post it, and I am so glad you guys like it!!)

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“So, is this like a very into it protester?” You asked Tony.

He shook his head. “I don’t think so. Friday says that he has a gun, and the girl is really sketchy. They’re both dressed up. Is there some type of con going on? Considering the people at the facility and the people down here, something must be going on.” Tony sighed.

“I don’t think there’s anything going on. And the Superman guy- if he’s cosplaying, well, I’ve never heard of him.” You shrugged.

“Oh my go-” Tony cut himself off.

“Someone! You!” The man in clown makeup ah green hair pointed to a lady just walking in front of him. She didn’t listen, and kept walking.

“I will kill all of you if someone doesn’t answer me!”

“(Y/N), look away.” Tony told you as he looked down. But you couldn’t, you were trying to figure out where you had seen this man.

“You! You’re looking at me!” The man walked closer to you.

You quickly turned your head to look at Tony. “They’re coming over here.”

“Don’t say anything.” Tony told you.

“Tell me where I am!” The man yelled at you. He was taller than you, and he smelled horrible.

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The idea of Harley and Joker having a baby is both adorable and horrifying at the same time...
  • Batman: "Babies can't live on a diet of chocolate milk and marshmallows!"
  • Joker: "Not with that attitude..."
  • Harley *in the background*: "What are you doing, sweetie? DON'T TOUCH THE GRENADES!"
  • Batman: *heavy sigh*


In light of recent events, I decided that this was appropriate.
I may or may not have spent an hour or two making this…

Clown baby shenanigans:
  • *walks in the bedroom after doing laundry*
  • *sees J on the floor with the baby in his lap putting lipstick on him*
  • Harley: "Puddin'... What the hell are ya doin'?"
  • *turns around and points to a lipstick smudged baby*
  • Joker: "For being my son, he's honestly terrible at this."
  • Harley: "Gimme the baby! Now I gotta go give him another bath."
  • *leans over and grabs her leg as she tries to take the baby back to bathroom*
  • Harley: "Fine then. Ya both gettin' a bath!"
  • *continues dragging him all the way to the bathtub*