random celeb like whaaaaaaa


Such a freaking adorable man. He was just standing around by himself. I walked up and said, “Matt?” He turned around and I asked for a picture. He pulled me up to him all nice and snug and then kept his arm around me while we checked to see if it was a good one. It wasn’t. It was super blurry. So we took another one and I thanked him and all that jazz. Probably mumbled something awkward.

Inside, he got a big thing of popcorn and was sticking his face in the bag to eat it ‘cause he apparently couldn’t wait till he sat down to go at it. He sat and offered it to the woman sitting near him. Cute. (BTW, we were sitting in the same row. I wasn’t just creeping on him.) When the Q&A started, his hand shot up like the excessively eager kid in your fourth grade math class. He ended up asking two questions, flailing his arms about demonstratively as he spoke. So. Freakin’. Adorable. I would conclude that if you ever see him somewhere, you should feel free to approach him.