random but idk he looks adorable

This is probably gonna be my last ym piece for a lil while T^T I’m gonna miss drawing these guys ;__;

But I just had this random thought of Jimin helping Yoongi with his lyrics. Whenever yg gets a verse finished, jm will sing it back to him to help him realise if he’s made any mistakes or could improve something. But even when yg realises he could improve, he still loves how jm sings them and just sits there with that adoring look on his face

or they’re writing a duet together or something but the key part is they’re songwriting, Jimin is singing and Yoongi just can’t get over how amazing Jimin is

that’s phrased really bad but idk hopefully you get the gist of it.

or maybe someone who’s literate can help me out here idk words aren’t my thing

Random adorable thought of the night, chao colony on Angel Island? Just Knuckles, on the island, constantly looking after the Master Emerald, but whenever he’s feeling lonely he walks a little ways to where the colony is and the chao all start “chaochao!”-ing in delight as Papa Knuckles comes in to play with them