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Hey! I’m Seth! I’m 15. I am genderfluid and I go by they/them/their or he/him/his pronouns. Distance and age isn’t a problem at all! I am very into music and planing on starting a band in the next year or so. I really like snakes and cats (as seen above lmao). I also really like picnics and traveling. Hmu!!! I laugh at stupid/random things too :^0 I am panromantic grey-asexual/demisexual.

Kik/Snapchat/Tumblr: IFearTheNormal

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  1. i love buying actual cds because a) i like seeing the artwork and b) the experience of listening to the album as the artist/band intended you to is really important imo
  2. i recently discovered just how unfortunately short my attention span is lmao
  3. my room walls are super decorated with movie posters and framed pictures of classic/street/concept art and my mom always says it looks too crowded but i love it
  4. i have a very high work ethic once i actually get into something (i’ve also been told that at my last employee evaluation which i was v proud of uwu)
  5. im very bad at picking up on hints and stuff like if someone tried flirting with me and not being straightforward about it i wouldn’t get it

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STAR SIGN(S): Taurus

GENDER: female

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: I like to think I’m straight but every now and then I’m like “damn that girl is hot as fuck.”

FAVORITE COLOR: Mango-ish orange



AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Ranges from 2-12




FAVORITE BOOKS: I like so many so I can’t just chose one

FAVORITE ARTISTS/BANDS: Way to many its out of hand.. but I’m more into alternative than heavy metal but some heavy metal is good.

DREAM JOB: Either a anesthesiologist or a criminal profiler (total opposite things but hey)

WHAT I’M WEARING: Huge Nine Inch Nails shirt and no pants:)

RANDOM FACT: Kind of like @mycolumbineobsession I play the flute

DO I HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: yeah but it’s like a “indie” type blog…

WHEN DID MY BLOG REACH ITS PEAK: It hasn’t happened…

WHO IS MY MOST ACTIVE: Currently @erics-kitten

WHAT MADE ME DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: Being 100% honest… I thought the sub bottom was attractive but also extremely disrespectful during his trial so I started getting into his case and then it grew to Dylan and Eric’s and eventually Bowl cut trash but I’ve always been interested in crime related things since I was like 7 but I was reminded of how interesting it was. I now think T.J is pathetic for only having 3 confirmed kills so I think I’m in to deep because now I get turned on by hands.

DO I GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: Not even close.. But feel free to talk to me no matter what it’s about:)

WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: I was thinking of urls that weren’t taken then I was like lets think of all the depressive accounts I used to follow on my instagram and i remembered lots of them had like the world silent so I eventually decided on this crappy url

I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this ! Mainly because I’m to lazy to think of urls to put.

List of things that made me happy/laugh so far this week(in random order):
•Ab saying “I’m okay with trans people. Like you wanna be you? OK! DO IT!”
•R letting me wear his hoodie for a little bit (IT WAS REALLY COLD OUT DONT JUDGE)
•DID I MENTION @xsoberdreamingx ?
•During band me, R, and Ab were talking about sexuality and I asked “Does it make me gay if I like some guys?” And Ab just flat out says “We don’t even know what gender you are” and R LOOKING UP GAY IN THE DICTIONARY AND GIVING UP AFTER A GOOD TEN MINUTES OF LOOKING FOR YHE RIGHT DEFINITION
•To add on, I looked up the word fag, and turns out, there’s a definition that says, “A Boy who acts as a servant for older schoolboys” or something like that and R says “Why is that so accurate”
•My (sort of) friend Jean standing up for me and saying it wasn’t cool to HIS OWN FRIENDS to make fun of me
•Ab telling R to go to the corner (and eventually throwing him there) after he said “ew” after he saw the word transgender on my paper
•and then Ab made R apologize, and turns out was trying to be ‘cool’ thinking we were against it like hello
•Me realizing I know the girl who told me I had a pretty smile
•Me coming out at school and no one getting what I’m saying
•me remembering this
•My mom p much saying its OK if I’m bisexual after my sister yelled that I was
•My mom promising to let me remake my clothes the way I want (SPACEEEE)
•Lou’s hugs (they’re really warm and comforting okay)
• Blaze and Jay trying to be funny
• Davy holding me and Ab to keep us warm
•Dre slapping Dev’s ass and said “Hey dude” IN FRONT OF CLASS (tbh I think every one thinks they’re boyfriends now)
•Ab calling me a bunch of different anime guy names (Natsu, Haru, That One Gay Guy In My Manga)

Wow I really like this week. What a shame it would be to come out. Eh.


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Have you ever…

Snuck out: nope

Broken a bone: nope

cried myself to sleep: yup

Been arrested: nope

Felt lonely: yeah

Been depressed: as in the medical condition, no. i’ve never had depression fortunately, but i’ve felt depressed.


Single or taken: single

What’s your birthday: 4th december

Biggest fear: lying on my death bed and thinking ‘i could have done so much more’

Dream job: writer

Dream car: a functional one?? idc

Dream house: one with cats in it

Like someone: nope

Love someone: unless we’re talking bands here then nope

Have piercings: just my ears

Have tattoos: nope

Favourite artist/band: 5sos, twenty one pilots, halsey, ed sheeran, taylor swift, hey violet, one direction, vance joy etc. but the first two the most tbh

Favourite movie: dead poets society

Favourite book: how i live now by meg rosoff

Favourite colour: to wear, black

Favourite anaimals: cats

Twitter or Facebook: twitter by far


Coke or Pepsi: coke

Tea or Coffee: tea

Tacos or Pizza: pizza

Winter of Summer: winter

Breakfast or Dinner: breakfast duh

Would you ever…

Get married?: yup

Have kids?: yup

Swim with sharks: what the hell no way

Eat rotten food: ???wtf

i don’t really like tagging people bc i always feel like i’m annoying them, so do this if u want to and say i tagged u okay cool

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hey cass, totally random, really random but why do i got the feeling you´d enjoy the careful ones? its a total indie band xD no one really knows them currently iam listening to ´our language´ by them and i got the vibe you´d like it too i dont know why but i do go listen and tell me if iam right or if iam being totally out of place

DANG that’s a pretty guitar part lol I MUST LEARN TO PLAY IT SOMEDAY also the harmonies are really soft and in the background but also sorta haunting. I like it! You’re psychic lol!

Must check this band out further! :DD

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Name: Kevin
Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Height: 6′5″ I AM A GIANT
Favorite color: purp
Time Right Now: 3:41 am ah ha ha ha haaaa
Current Location: My bedroom in Illinois
Average Hours of Sleep: 4-8
Lucky Number: Don’t really have one? I have a few favorite numbers, though. like 7 and 12.
Last Thing I Googled: “Kerbal space program cheats” cus I knew there was a way to give yourself science and funds
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1-2
Favorite fictional character: Ghhh too many to choose from
Favorite Artists/Bands: They Might Be Giants
Dream job: Hell if I know. I want to just be surrounded by birds and have them carry me away
What I’m Wearing: Black t-shirt and boxers. Hey, it’s almost 4 am, leave me alone
Random Fact: I am a beacon of anxiety
When Did You Create Your Blog?: Oh gosh, I have no idea
Do You Have Other Blogs?: Yup. Secret ones tho >>
What Made You Get A Tumblr?: I just kinda wanted to I guess?
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis?: I’m not that popular lol
Why Did You Choose Your URL?: Because Horse_ebooks was funny while it lasted and before it sold out. And I like birbs. Tah dah :D

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Send “#” for a RANDOM text.

Eli: You know that band that’s playing at Above the Dot next week? Think you could get me some sort of backstage pass or something? I know it’s a pretty small venue and they’re still breaking out, but I just know there’s gonna be a huge crowd and I’d really like the opportunity to meet them.

Send “%” for a CURIOUS text.

Eli: Hey, what exactly do you know about Vince Bell’s background? I could’ve sworn I’ve seen you two around each other before, and I figured I’d ask…just trying to get some intel.

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hey Gabe this is super random but do you like 5SOS???

hiiiii i loved their first album and i ilegally downloaded the second one but never got to listen to it so yeah i think i like them at least a lil’???

(i wrote some stuff about them for a friend aka @great-gustin)

Anonymous said:gabe what are your favorite bands and solo artists?


  • the beatles
  • the strokes
  • all time low
  • mcfly
  • one direction
  • fall out boy
  • arctic monkeys

fuck i was only supposed to write five dammit


  • queen b
  • drake
  • ed sheeran
  • eliza doolittle



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Hey I'm curious. What are the mods' favorite artist/bands? I know that might sound weird because it's sort of random

I like Jedward and Kesha. Mod $ likes Muse, Mod G likes Florence and the Machine. I will ask the other mods asap and get back to you. - Mod A

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Hey I hope this doesn't seem random but I used to read your blogspot every single day when I was 16- even if there weren't updates I would look at your awesome pics of bands and groupies all the time & feel inspired! I'm 21 now & I just stumbled upon it again for the first time in YEARS & I love it more than ever! I'm so glad you're on tumblr too. I saw all the 1D/Harry posts and was like ARE U ME??? Haha literally my whole life is 60s/70s band + 1D haha <3 Can we be friends??! xox

Wow!! Thank you so much! I’m so glad that after all these years you still love what I post and are inspired by it, that’s the reason I even made a blogspot in the first place. And yeah 1d/ Harry have taken over my life haha. I’ve actually been following your tumblr since like forever so of course we could definitely be friends!! :D

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Hey :) I'm a junior in high school and was hoping to go to Santa Barbara for college and I was wondering what you liked about it and the community. Thanks :)

I love that the professors that teach here are all doing research. I’m a chemistry major so it’s really cool to see my academics applied to real things. Everyone on campus is super friendly. I’ve gone up to several random people because they were wearing band tees of bands i listen to and we had lengthy conversations. I also feel extremely safe here. We have an escort service so if anyone feels uncomfortable walking at night , or maybe theyre too drunk to go home, you can call a number and a group of people from campus will come and walk you to your destination. The location is also nice, it’s right next to the beach. I don’t have time to go because I’m usually studying but I always run along side it. I could go on on and but I absolutely love it here.