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A bit of a random question but do you like music and if so what type?

Hey Nonnie!

I love music! I mostly listen to rock - bands like Iced Earth, Within Temptation, Disturbed, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, The Pretty Reckless, Nightwish. But I really enjoy instrumental epic music as well - Two Steps from Hell, Gothic Storm, trailer music mostly. And I’ll mostly listen to anything if it sounds good to me (pop, dance, etc)

Have a lovely day! <3

Hey guys, I just made this new blog because my mom made me delete my old one. (I used to be pizzawxntz which is now my saved url, claim to fame “reblog if you love han solo more than han solo loves han solo”.) 

I need more blogs to follow so like/reblog/reply this if you post any of the following (or know good blogs that do!!)

  • star wars
  • bands
    • “emo quad” (fall out boy, panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots, my chemical romance)
    • bmth
    • sws
    • pvris
    • any related bands, especially pop-punk/alt-rock/screamo/metal
  • hamilton
  • sherlock
  • marvel
  • music/movie/tv recs
  • masterposts/resource lists
    • self-love/self care tips
    • art/photoshop tutorials
    • life hacks
    • body positivity
  • shitposts (don’t ask)

(p.s. hmu for star wars, masterposts, a couple of serious things, star wars, hamilton, shitposting, movies and music, bad selfies, did i also mention star wars)

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wdyt that aaood3 was commissioned to serve a certain official narrative? i was so intrigued by your statement. i apologize if you've explained previously. :o

Hello, aaood anon. Saw your suoer long, extreme effort post after and I got it. Sorry for troubling you! Ignore my previous ask! Also, dude. How long do you take to make master posts like this, BC damn.

The stuff in the Larry post is some of it, but there’s more too.  I think the two links below explain it pretty well.

Also, it wasn’t just the Larry-related stuff.  There was stuff in AAOOD3 about Harry being separated from the band, Liam and fans on Twitter, Zayn being with the band, the antics of OT and the presence of NT, Perrie made a not-so-flattering cameo that poked fun at one of her promo deals, there were references to each of the boys’ images, and I swear there was a subtle hint about babygate as well.

I might go back and watch them at some point and add all the references I can find to the ones we already have.  If you’re curious, my aaood tag has the ones that I or other people already commented on.

The answer is too long.  It takes me too long to do masterposts.  The Larry one took me around 3-4 days working around 20 hours probably.  I tend to get sidetracked too adn it takes longer than it should ^.^;;

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Hey random non makeup related question...who are ur favourite bands/ singers and who are your top 3 celebrity crushes (if you have any)? Love ur blog btw u give great advice and seem really knowledgeable!😊

I like section boyz, pitball, tyga, stormzy & my celebrity crush probably Tom cruise 👅👅

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Could you do one where the fan becomes best friends with the band? No romance just ultimate best friendship!

Me: “I know it sucks!! I’m so sorry, I hope you like it though. Let me know and thanks for requesting!!”


Imagine: The Bands Best Friend 

It was just another boring day you were sitting on the couch watching some random show you put on, then your phone buzzed letting you know that you had a text, It was from Jake one out of five of your best friends. 

Jake : “Hey me and the guy’s have a meet an greet type thing to do, wanna come?”   

You: “Anything that can get me out of this boring house, i’m all for it..what time?” 

Jake: “Pick you up in an hour.”  You: “K.”  

It’s been weeks since you’ve talk to the guys because they were so busy so of course you would accepted the invited plus the boredom was driving you nuts. You jumped up from the couch and ran upstairs you pick out your outfit which was a BVB T-top the boy’s had gave you black ripped skinny jeans And combat boots, you quickly got in the shower, straightened your hair and put a little bit of make-up on. 

As you finished getting ready the doorbell rang you jogged down the steps an to the door, when you opened it Ashley was standing there  you gave him a hug “Ready?” he asked as you pulled out of the hug “Yeah just let me grab my key’s.” you said running back in to the living room and grabbing the key’s off of the coffee table you went back to the door closing an locking it behind you.

You an Ashley got in to a van were the rest of the guy’s were waiting “You guys are life savers, I could have died of boredom.” you said as the Van pulled away from your house “Tell us about it we had to listen to a hole two hours of some stupited whacked out dream CC had last night, talk about dying of boredom.”Jinxx said.

“It wasn’t that whacked.”CC said “Dude you were dreaming about drunk clowns killing cow’s an then going skinny dipping, that’s whacked.” Andy said “Their right.” you said “Sure side them.” CC said crossing his arm you chuckled and rolled your eyes.

You an the boy’s talked though the hole ride not once running out of words to say, you laughed an joked around it felt great to be back with your best friends. 

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Hey this is really random but do You listen to the Neighbourhood? Are they good?

lol yeah i do! thanks to @updatepls btw!

They are absolutely fantastic and you should listen to their first album I Love You and all the singles they released too
Their second/most recent album Wiped Out! is also great but a little bit less in my opinion because it sounds like a whole different band and sometimes the music somehow seems a little messy to me. but LISTEN TO THEM BC THEYRE GREAT

edit: apparently Wiped Out! is their third album, i just found out they also have a mixtape called #000000 & #FFFFFF which came out after I Love You and Before Wiped Out! but i never listened to that bc i didnt know it existed lol

So I just remembered that not too long ago my friend called me and he’s like “hey so I got bored and started googling people and guess what came up for you?” I started laughing bc I already knew since I had done it before. “Jessica got pregnant on PURPOSE” and then a website to this Jessica’s YouTube channel. Because apparently there’s a young woman out there with 6 kids who shares the same name as I do. Crazy part? We share the same birthday with just a 5 year age difference. My high school band friends got a kick out of that

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hey! 3,36,55,97,98

Hey there! 

3:what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

I usually just tear a piece of paper, or like any small paper I can find 

36:which band’s sound would fit your mood right now?

Probably The Smiths 

55:what’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to prove a point?

One time at work I had to laminate like 50 sheets for this lady who was the biggest bitch right. But they needed to but cut before they were laminated into like 6 squares or something. The lady didn’t get that you had to cut them BEFORE you laminated them bc if you cut through them afterwards they’re just going to peel apart. Anyway, she told me I was doing it wrong so that pissed me off and it took me like 40 minutes to laminate and then cut all of them but I did just so they could fall apart in front of her face

97:myer briggs type, zodiac sign, and hogwarts house?

isfp, aries, and slytherin 

98:when’s the last time you went hiking? did you enjoy it?

I went hiking last summer, yeah it was a good time 

there was a break between bands last night so I was checking fb on my phone. this random dude with no shirt, braids in his beard, and an English accent comes up to me and says like hey now you’re at a Viking metal show, no technology! he was friendly enough otherwise but like

you can’t tell me that if the Vikings had fb there wouldn’t be dudes on there posting pics of their ships and like, raid selfies, and some guy who everyone refers to as “knut the liker” for obvious reasons.

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Hey I have a really random question😹 So I'm doig a project in school and we have to put someone who has like taught us stuff I guess idk how to explain ANYWAY I put Tyler and I was wondering what things you would say Tyler has taught you?? I absolutely love your blog and it would be interesting hearing someone else's opinions

Tyler continues to teach me everyday that I need to love myself more & not worry as much. He’s taught me that there are others out there dealing with the same things I’m dealing with & I’m not alone. Him & Josh have given me the opportunity to connect with so many others & so we’re able to help each other through this crazy world.