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So during band....
  • Me: *happily playing a kpop song on my flute*
  • Band teacher: *at other side of room fixing a clarinet* Hey Caite what song is that?
  • Me: *having crisis* uhhh just a random song
  • Band teacher: I like how it sounds, maybe we should play it for a concert!
  • Me: uhHHHH I DonT THINK THEre is MuSIc foR EveRYOnE

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My boyfriend and I just broke up. It was mutual but it was really heartbreaking because we love each other but just can't be together right now. Could you do a little something cute with my bb Jae from Day6, please? Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

im sorry!! here is a cute music majors!au with jae that i hope brightens ur day!!

  • you and jae are both music majors but he’s concentrating on guitar and you’re doing jazz studies
  • which is why you,,,,,,,,,never interact
  • and it’s just chance when you end up walking by the practice rooms, looking to put up posters for a performance of one of your friends when this tall, lanky, frantic looking boy runs up to you and is like
  • “hELP”
  • and youre so startled you drop the stack of flyers you were holding and you’re like holy shit is there a fire or something??? is someone hurt??? why did u yell help??
  • and the boy, glasses perched on the end of his nose, wide eyes looking at you like those of a lost child goes
  • “,,,,,,,,,,my friend ditched me so i have no one to record my audition.” 
  • for a moment you wait for him to continue,,,,,,say something else,,,,,but he doesn’t
  • and you narrow your eyes and go “that,,,,,,,that’s why you yelled help?”
  • he nods, shrugging his guitar case over his shoulder and fixing his glasses, “dowoon canceled on me last minute to go get free food with wonpil,,,,,can you believe that? they call themselves my friends, ugh”
  • for a second you want to laugh but then you just shrug and go “id ditch someone for free food too.”
  • crinkling his nose he goes “really? you just gonna say that to me after i went through this traumatic experience of being abandoned.”
  • “you made me drop my flyers”
  • “if i pick them up, will you help me?”
  • you don’t have anything else planned, plus this guy is pretty funny so why not
  • you nod and the two of you gather the scattered flyers and he leads you toward an empty practice room
  • handing you the handheld camera you look at him and go “why cant i do it on my ph-”
  • “old school is the best school, now get my angle!”
  • you roll your eyes and hold up the camera,,,the guys guitar case is covered in band stickers and scribbles of random things in sharpie
  • he’s wearing relatively plain clothes and his hair is a little messy,,,,,,you dont think it’s a good look for an audition
  • so putting the camera down you walk over and you’re like “hey, whats ur name-” 
  • he tells you it’s jae as he tunes his guitar and settles into the chair
  • you frown, looking him up and down and going “ok jae, let me be real.”
  • “be a real as you want”
  • “you look a mess, take the flannel off and comb your hair”
  • jae pulls his head back in shock, but does shrug off the old looking flannel. as for his hair he runs his hands through it and looks to you for approval
  • shaking your head you go over and tell him to sit still
  • for a minute or two you run your hands through his hair, trying to make it look presentable and less shaggy
  • stepping back you admire your work and give him a thumbs up,,,jae puts his hand up to fix his glasses, simultaneously hiding his oncoming blush from having a cute stranger play with his hair
  •  on the cue you start filming and jae introduce himself with his name, age, and the name of the song he’s going to play
  • you don’t know why but when he starts playing you’re shocked at how good he is,,,,,,,,i mean this is a music major school but still,,,,,,he sounds like a professional
  • doing your best to hold the camera still, you get lost in the sound and the image of jae playing
  • his long body, awkward to the glance at first, looks better with a guitar in his hands 
  • his fingers are long and pretty and then,,,,,,,he starts to sing
  • and it’s a voice like no other and you can’t help yourself - you’re hypnotized
  • you don’t even realize the song is over until jae gets out of his chair and comes over, taking the camera from your hand and pouting because “hey, why are you still recording?”
  • snapping back into reality you go “wow, you’re really good - whats this audition for?” 
  • jae shrugs and mumbles that it’s nothing too crazy,,,but he’s happy you like it
  • grinning he turns to you and goes “thanks for your hardwork, you can really hold a camera well!”
  • you find yourself rolling your eyes again but also whatever - he’s cute
  • you tell him no problem and you turn to gather your flyers and leave when jae goes “ill help you put those up”
  • “you don’t have too-”
  • “nah, you did me a solid so ill help. maybe after,,,,,,,wanna get chicken together?”
  • you smile,,,,,feeling your heart skip a beat 
  • “id like that.”
  • “,,,,,,,,but really a+ filming skill why are you in art school you could TOTALLY be a director”
  • long story short jae makes you laugh the whole time but also when you get food it kinda feels like a date,,,,,maybe????? definitely????

i think its funny when a random youtube channel that uploaded a popular song that they had nothing to do with is like “hey guys thanks for the views!” like motherfucker no ones here to see the great chicagosteve1976′s illustrious youtube channel we’re just here to listen to ocean fucking man by the american alternative rock band, ween. you are merely a messenger dont be so full of yourself and stay hydrated so you arent so thirsty for attention you punk fuck

  • “you work in the ER and it’s like 2 in the morning but i sleepwalk and i fell down the stairs and broke my leg, why r u laughing i’m literally crying in pain” au
  • “okay, i realize that it’s closing time, but it’s raining and i’m really into this book, can you just like wait a little bit before you close up pls?” au
  • “i work at a little market/store and u came up to the register with a candy bar but didn’t have enough money to pay for the entire thing. but don’t worry, i got you, fam” au
  • “i was eavesdropping on ur phone convo with ur friend who offered you tickets to my favorite band and you don’t even want them, do you wanna give me your friend’s number maybe?” au
  • “we’ve been pen pals for like hella months and we finally decided to meet up and damn your cute, also did you break up with your jerk bf/gf yet?” au
  • “i was super pissed so i went to the gym even tho it’s really late at night so i was the only one there and i was at the punching bag listening to music and you surprised me by tapping me on the shoulder, holy shit i didn’t mean to punch you, i’m so sorry, but srsly why the hell would you sURPRISE SOMEONE WHO IS ANGRY AND PUNCHING THINGS” au
  • “me and a couple friends were on the omegle video chat and wow ur like the first nice guy that didn’t try to jack off to us, thanks for that” au
  • “we’re internet friends and follow each other on all social media but have never met but hey, i’m going on vacation where you live, let’s meet (and also date)” au
  • “i’m sitting alone at a coffee shop and you are also sitting alone and u heard me talking on the phone to my best friend and i was joking with her about getting a sugar daddy bc i’m hella broke, but i swear that i’m like kinda normal, now stop laughing” au
  • “i was out in public and had an anxiety attack and you left your friends to give me some chocolate and talk me through it, so tysm” au
  • “we work together in a little diner and i swear to god, you are the fucking clumsiest person in the entire world, and i keep having to clean up after you whenever you drop a bunch of food and dishes or spill some drinks” au
  • “ur just a random stranger and i’ve been ranting to you for like 20 minutes about how much i hate this one band but now several groups of people came up to you asking for pics and autographs, and oh shit it turns out you’re in the band i’ve been going on about” au
  • “idk you but you were getting hit on in public and you look super uncomfortable so i walked over and pretended to be your bf/gf, but hey while we’re at it, do you wanna go get some food?” au
  • “i was visiting this school for the day bc i want to transfer out of my school and it was between this school and another one but then i saw u and ur hella cute so i choose this school” au
  • “hey thanks for literally saving my life by pushing me out of the way of that car, but now you’re yelling at me bc i was reading and walking and you said i’m too cute to die” au

So a couple of people have over the years asked me, “Hey, how did you make that neat Cry mask?” And to make things easier for me and everyone else, I made this tutorial. :D

So these are all the things ya need
-Things for papier maché (there are a lot of different ways, so just go with whatever works for you.)
-A knife
-Some random brushes
-A pen
-Some stretch band or just something that you can use so the mask stays on yer face

As stated before, there are different ways to make papier maché. You can buy it in powder form (like the bag in the picture), or you can make your own. I use wallpaper paste, but whatever works. :3

Rip (or cut) up the newspaper, blow up the balloon and then start applying layers. Make the base a little bigger than your face and don´t make it too thick or too thin. If it´s too thick, it´s gonna be hard to cut through later and you´ll be having trouble breathing in it. If it´s too thin, it´ll break. So try to hold a good balance.

The mask will take quite a while to dry (for me at least). But after that, put the mask on, mark where your eyes are and then cut out some circles with your knife. Take it easy so you don´t hurt yourself, I`ve done that way too many times. “>w>

Cut the edges and sandpaper the mask. This is a pretty important step, cause otherwise the mask will be wrinkly and that´ll look a little weird. (For reference, look at the top picture of this post. My old Cry mask and the MonoCry mask weren´t sandpapered.)

Time to paint. Put on some layers of white, then fix the eyes and the mouth. Then put some varnish on the mask. It´ll help a little against water and the paint will hold better. You can hotglue some fabric in the eye sockets, but that´s optional. Just make sure you´re able to see through them. I glued an antenna on as well, but again, optional. I do recommend putting something soft where the nose is, cause otherwise your nose will be squished. And that sucks. Last thing will be putting on your stretch band.

DONE! You now have your own Cry mask. This works for other kinds of masks as well, so go crazy. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, just ask. I´d be happy to help. 

And if you use this tutorial, please post the result and tag me. Cause I wanna seee~

Take it easy and have it good, peoples. ♪(┌・。・)┌ 

just cogitation

Hey, guys, I have some thoughts after new ch. 192.

Isn’t it Cheng’s “work” which leaded to brothers’ conflict?

We see that He Tian is very physically developed: instant response, coordinated movement, heavy blow. He stopped Mo’s band with only one sight and a couple of words.

ch. 126 -  He Tian’s “you shall not pass”

Mo in his fury couldn’t even hit him.

ch. 175 - Poor Mo (。′︵‵。) . This squirt deserves really hard kick but he is too strong badass.

The same for She Li and random fellow.

ch. 184 - Ok, He Tian, we forgive you.

Seems like he has been really hard training for probably the same “job” as his bro’s in the future, but He Tian chose another way.

What proves that?

Really emotional reaction to Mo’s speech about hanging out with punks (he doesn’t want that information to come out or maybe he doesn’t want to even in worlds be related to this gang’s deals).

ch. 170 - Seems like Mo found He’s sore spot.

When Jian Yi asked He Tian about the reason people live for, he answered: to do what they want to. And later when Jian Yi raised this issue again and asked are there some things He Tian wants to do, he smiled and hushed up the topic saying about different meanings of his words for them.

ch. 120 - Looking at Zhan Xixi - thinking of the essence of life

ch. 133 - ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

My version: Jian Yi took his words as living for purpose, He Tian meant living the way you want (and probably be free of his family’s expectations).

Well, I don’t know the reason for me to write these higgledy-piggledy thoughts. Just my notes. I hope i wrote it understandable. Sorry for my poor English.

Hi! Hey! Hello!

My names Liam, I just turned 16 a few days ago, and I am from California! 

My hobbies include binge watching Netflix, FaceTime/Skype, procrastinating really badly on homework, and photography. Tbh I fuck with all kinds of music, except country (sorry lmao), But Lana del Rey, Halsey, Ariana Grande, and Melanie Martinez are my favs, but I love so many bands/artists you could literaly pick a random one and the chance that I like some of their music is very high. My favorite TV shows, music, and youtube videos that I like to watch constantly change so I love hearing about what other people are watching or listening to.

I super sarcastic and ½ of my texts include kim kardashian or New York memes. Where ever I go, drama seems to follow so I have like 3-5 rants a day about how annoyed I am or what made me laugh on that day. I love hearing about what other people went through on that day. I love friendships where we plan trips and our lives out with each other, and it’s going to actually turn into something that’s more than “what’s up?” for a month. I hope that we can can whenever, have a million inside jokes, interact on all social medias, laugh together, cry together, and grow up together. I speak english and I’m learning Spanish (I know conversational basically)

  I love those 2 am texting friendships and honestly as long as you’re not a hateful person, we’ll get along great. I am 1000% fine with any Age/Gender/Sexuality  etc; and i want to meet all types of people.  At first I may be awkward af, but in a week ill probably be telling you all my secrets lmao, and I got some shit to spill😂😩🐸☕️. 

You can talk to me at:

Snapchat: liam_awesome100 (yes I know it sounds like a 7 year old made that username, i made it so long ago and I don’t have the energy to make a new account)

kik: crimsonword (also made when i was young af, you can see that recurring theme of aged usernames here lmao)

tumblr: lana-del-ayte

Email: liamc9207@gmail.com

Instagram: liam.canniffe

PS: Holy shit did you really get to the end of that long ass paragraph?!? Good for you boo!👏🏼👏🏼

Band Of Brothers ask meme (pt.2)
  • [5 months later there is a part 2, where Roe makes some even weirder questions for y'all]
  • Again, the only rule is: that you should send something to someone else if you reblog this!
  • 1. It's winter in Bastogne, and you are all supposed to get a foxhole buddy and dig a foxhole together. You are only allowed one buddy at this time, and it can't be your favourite character. Who would you pick and why?
  • 2. Sobel is yelling at Easy again, while giving them weird nicknames. What sort of nickname do you think he would give you?
  • 3. What position do you think you would have/want to have if you were a part of Easy Company (medic, rifleman, sniper, etc.)?
  • 4. If you had to wear one of the outfits Easy wears in the show for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why? (combat uniform, dress greens, PT gear, etc.)
  • 5. Luz comes to give you an early Christmas present, and offers you a choice of half a Hershey bar, half a packet of Lucky Strikes or a scarf to keep you warm. What would you choose, and why?
  • 6. What are your top 3 episodes of the show?
  • 7. What are your top 3 characters from the show?
  • 8. What is your favourite scene from the show, and why?
  • 9. If you had to pick, what would you rather do; Jump into combat from an airplane, or go on patrol in still-hostile Germany?
  • 10. You're in charge of new rations, and your friends are asking you for some Hershey bars. Would you give them what they ask for, or do you stick to the rules (and only sneak your returning friend one, because he was wounded, dammit)?
  • 11. If you had to be part of one of the episodes showing actual combat (aka not Currahee or Points or any episodes like those), which one would you pick and why?
  • 12. Returning to the zombie apocalypse team from the last part; You have your three members (if you haven't answered that question, just pick three that would be on your team!), and you get stuck in a building that is going to get overrun by zombies. You decide to split up into two teams to easier escape. Which out of the three original guys would you want to keep on your team and why?
  • 13. Have you read any of the BoB books? If so, which one(s), and do you have a favourite (if you've read more than one)?
  • 14. If you read BoB fanfics; What is your favourite fic that you've read, and why?
  • 15. If you're into BoB AUs; What is your favourite AU and/or what is an AU you'd want to see?
  • 16. You are arranging a dinner party where you are allowed to invite 5 of the BoB boys. Who would you invite and what would you want to talk to them about?
  • 17. Speirs is offering you a smoke; do you accept it? Why/why not?
  • 18. Doc Roe is out looking for more scissors (goddamn, what does that boy DO to his freaking scissors??!! A medic pack contains like 12), and he asks for yours, despite that you do have a use for them. Would you give them to him? Why/why not?
  • 19. Skip offers you German cheese in a tube, pretending it's the best thing he has ever tasted (it really isn't. It tastes like feet, but you don't know that). Do you trust his judgement? Why/why not?
  • 20. If you had to go on a date (either 40s set or modern, it's your choice!) with one of the BoB boys, who would you pick and why? Optional; What would you do, and would you go on a second date if he asked you out again?
Meant To Be

Anonymous asked:  HI! first of all I love ur writing. could I possibly get an jaemin scenario where he picks the reader as his ideal type for a radio interview or something then the reader’s group and nct dream end up on variety show together and the other members/MC keeps teasing and putting them together. Thank you! :)

Hey there! I quite liked this request and it’s my first time writing for when the reader’s an idol so I hope it’s okay for you all! I literally picked out some random ass names for the other band mates so I hope it’s okay!! Also the group is in sm with a similar concept to Dream, they are all around the same age to avoid confusion!

I love you all and stay safe for us both!


‘Y/N did you listen to the recent NCT Night Night! The one NCT Dream were on?’

Your fellow bandmate Ryung asked you, excitement leaking out of every word. Ryung was the maknae in your group, her name portraying her personality it was almost scary. It meant brightness, which is what Ryung tended to do, she was in charge of mood making and she brightened up everyone’s lives, it was so hard to dislike her.

‘No I can’t say I have, why?’

You reply, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

‘Well you know Jaemin right? He said you were his ideal type!’

Another member, Hae-Won, said to you with an equal amount of excitemnt to Ryung. You looked at them both in shock, confused as to why you seemed to be the last one to find out. 

‘Yup and guess what the manager told Jisu.’

Nari inputted, she was the eldest whereas Jisu was the leader of your five member group. You rolled your eyes wondering when the point of this was going to make its debut.

Well our manager said…That we will be appearing on Weekly Idol along with NCT Dream…Meaning your lover boy Jaemin will be there!’

Your mouth dropped as you tried to register what had just been said. Sure Jaemin was your ideal type too and knowing that you were his wouldn’t it make things…awkward? 

‘Oh and by the way, we go to film tomorrow.’

Jisu said, leaving the rest of the girl’s in a fit of giggles. All you could think about is you hoped that you had the good stylist tomorrow.

You stood behind NCT Dream with your group members, they were being called on first then your group will swiftly follow once they did the basic introductions. Thankfully your stylist was reasonable today, giving you a pair of light blue ripped jeans and a blouse, leaving your hair straight.

‘Today we have two SM groups…The first one, please welcome NCT Dream!’

They all ran on cheering and screaming, your eyes naturally followed Jaemin, he was screaming the loudest, well next to Chenle that was. A smile formed on your lips but it soon faded when hearing the MC’s question for Jaemin.

‘So which one of you is Jaemin?’

‘Erm that would be me!’

He said, awkwardly smiling whilst raising his hand.

‘Ahh so I believe that your ideal type is with us today?’

Dream erupted in laughter and various ‘ooo-ing’ sounds, your group mates shook you and giggled making it very obvious you knew about the whole situation. Jaemin brought a hand to the back of his neck and laughed nervously.

‘Well that brings us to our next group…Y/G/N!!’

You all ran on holding each other’s hand forming a long line whilst squealing, both the MC and Dream looked at you all in awe.

‘When they said you had a cute concept I didn’t realise you were all time cute! Now tell me which one of you is Y/N?’

You didn’t get a chance to tell them yourself as both members on each side of you threw your hands into the air. Squeezing your eyes shut and pouting you mentally planned a way to get back at the both of them, you slowly opened them again in hopes the questions would stop there.

Thankfully they did and the MC soon moved on to talking about your different comebacks and if you were planning one any time soon. When both groups had finished their introductions and questions it was the game segment.

‘Okay you might like this, Jaemin particularly will, it’s random play dance with a twist! Since there’s an even number of you all you’ll split into pairs, when the song comes on one person from each pair comes foward to dance, for the next song it must be the other person of that pair. Those who perform best will win! Now I’ll pick the pairs.’

You crossed your fingers and listed a long list of prayers in your head in hopes of not ending up with Jaemin.

‘Okay so Jaemin and Y/N are a pair, Mark and Jisu, Haechan and Ryung, Jeno and Nari, Chenle and Hae-Won, Renjun and Jisung and that’s all! May the best pair win~’

You groaned internally, you should love being with Jaemin but you knew it was going to be awkward. You walked slowly towards him, attempting to look happy by smiling. He smiled at you back and you thought you were going to melt, his smiles were like honey, they were so sweet yet you could never get sick of them.

‘Hey Y/N…I’m sorry about this I should’ve just kept my mouth shut or just made something up.’

He apologised but you shook it off.

‘Don’t worry about it Jaemin! Let’s just win this and be the pair that comes out on top, maybe that way they’ll shut up about us!’

You cheered, feeling a little more optimistic yourself. He smiled at you again then nodded, his face showing nothing but determination.

‘And the winner is….Jaemin and Y/N! See they’re a match made in heaven!’

You both unconsciously hugged each other upon hearing the news, jumping up and down and cheering. Then you were aware of your members erupting in a series of awes making you let go and hide your face out of embarrassment.

The rest of the show passed by like a breeze and soon you were back at the dorms. You were just about to go to sleep when you received a message from an unknown number.

Unknown; 23:09

Hey Y/N it’s Jaemin :) Jisu gave me your phone number and well I was wondering if you wanted to go out some time?

You read the message over and over again, pinching yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming. A smile toyed at your lips as you quickly typed back your reply.

You; 23:11

Hey Nana! I’d love to! :’)

Jaemin; 23:12

Great! Do you have a schedule tomorrow?

You; 23:12

Not that I know of, no~

Jaemin; 23:13

I’ll pick you up at 1 tomorrow, call it a date!

A date with Na Jaemin? That’s something you couldn’t have imagined happening, not in a million years.

Hey fellow Kpopstans. I would love to follow some new people because my dash needs more of those people as well esp since I follow a lot of fyeah blogs and I love them but I want some random silliness and fun too. So if you like or reblog I will check you out if you post about those groups:

Topp Dogg

Or even if you post about other bands you want me to check out I will, Im ALWAYS down for new groups.
Not to offend anyone if you post mainly bts I prob wont follow because I follow a ton of BTS blogs already (I love them but I want to see other idols too)

Lile ❤

ID #87844

Name: Ariana
Age: 14
Country: United States 

Hey! I’m Ariana. The best words to describe me would be Fangirl, awkward, bisexual, latino and anxious.

I’m a big nerd and i’m always geeking out over Space, NASA, videogames, musicals, bands, and books.

I like fangirling about Sherlock, Glee, Riverdale, Gotham and a bunch of other TV Shows and fandoms. I spend most of my time reading and writing, attempting to draw and watching random stuff on youtube.

I know english and spanish and i’m open to mailing actual letters but we would need to chat over email/tumblr first just to make sure you’re not a serial killer. (Even tough i like true crime)

Pronouns: She/her

Preferences: I’m pretty open minded, i don’t care about countries as long as you speak english or spanish. i don’t care about gender or sexuality.

Ages: 13-17.
I only ask that you’re not homophobic, biphobic or tranfobic, also don’t talk to me if you’re racist. Or a Trump supporter.

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this is kinda random but do you think that Scott and Mitch from pentatonix (or superfruit) may be dating? i didn't get that vibe from them before but now i really do. i think that they might have refused to date for a while because they were really good friends and thought 'hey we don't want to ruin what we have' but they might have seen that they can't be with anyone else but now they're in a successful band idk it sounds like a fic lmao but what are your thoughts?

nopeeee i’ve been watching their vids since they had like 50,000 subscribers lmao and i’ve never once thought they were in a relationship. they obviously care about each other immensely and it’s lovely to see their chemistry but i’ve never thought to think of them as secretly being in a relationship bc 1. they repeatedly stated that they weren’t even up till recently, 2. they repeatedly talk about having sex with other people or dating other people (i dont rly keep up with their social media at all but i do still watch their videos and i think most recently when mitch went to france without scott for a few weeks he talked about how much dick he got lol), and 3. they’re so comfortable and amused with the idea of being shipped together which strikes me as only happening when you’re not actually trying to hide a relationship w the person you’re shipped with. i understand it came to light in their book that they dated for a few weeks in 2009 and then tried hooking up in 2011 but i think this honesty about their attempts at a romantic/sexual relationship in their past just underscores that they’re probably not trying it again in the present bc their friendship is so valuable to them (but i do sometimes think that they’ll probs bite the bullet at some point and end up together. they clearly love each other a lot.) 


WARNING: Long Post. I apologise, those words are written from the deapths of my heart.

I wanted to mark this day. 14th of May.
This day had, basically, changed me.
Just a year ago, I was a whole different person.
Just a year ago, I was stuck - musically, emotionally, I just didn’t know what to do with myself.
I handled things completely differently.
I coped less - I ran away more.
I haven’t been sitting and working until it physically hurt - I gave up and stayed with bitter frustration burning within me.
Just a year ago, I was in a distance of a single spit from quitting music, from putting down my bass and signing forms to leave the class at school.
I felt so low. Nothing was right.
And on May 14th, in a single snap, in that flashing shine - it has all changed.

So, if you’ve made it this far on my ramble without getting too bored, you probably ask yourself - what happened on that day?

It was just another day; I sat in front of my laptop, feeling bored and empty as usual. Searching some music on my phone, I believe it was, led me to come across this band. On E’.
Had some of their music on my phone already, but I’ve been listening to other things back then; some playlist of random songs I just didn’t bother to switch.
So I started playing these songs, and in the meantime googled “Emerson Lake and Palmer”.

Hey, don’t get me wrong; I had a background. I’ve been admiring Pink Floyd almost fanatically since 9th grade; something like two and a half years. Getting into Pink Floyd, I’ve read a lot about Prog - I knew Genesis, I knew Yes, I knew King Crimson (who didn’t, actually?), I knew Emerson Lake and Palmer. I knew who they were, I just didn’t dig in deep enough into their works.
I knew King Crimson; my friend introduced me to them and I was ADDICTED to In the Court of the Crimson King - I was so stunned by the whole album, by Greg Lake’s voice and his insane bass playing - for me it was a top. I was like, fuck, this is how I want to play.
I didn’t know Atomic Rooster, but I knew ‘Fire’ by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. I knew Ozzy Osbourne’s cover. In fact, I realised it was originally Arthur Brown’s when I started watching the doco ‘Birth of a Band’, I heard it there for the first time and was like “OMG?@?!?! IS THIS FIRE?!?!?@#^^#@&”. Yeah, a big shock.
The Nice I knew only theoretically - I’ve read about them, I knew they worked for themselves and also with P. P. Arnold.

I don’t rmemeber it all to details, but I remember at first being confused by their names; they weren’t so familiar to me, as Roger or David, or… Mike, for example. I don’t know. I remembered thinking, “shit, it’ll take me years to remember those names”. {Psst; It didn’t.}
I’ve read about them, started listening to more than just ‘Jerusalem’ or ‘From the Beginning’. I started digging in more and more - another song, another album - “omg, another pic!!! aaa!!!!” and about my love for Greg Lake,,, I won’t even open it up here. It will take for you miles of scrolling to read about it, I’ll try to save your time.
I don’t know if any of you are familiar with this, but I’ll try a bit to explain what happened on that day, that was so significant for me.
When I was looking at pictures of them - recognising some from my 9th grade research - I just felt… Some kind of… heat? Warmth? some kind of a positive feeling. I knew I have found SOMETHING. Something unique. Something that isn’t just listening to a new band, but that it will lead me to something different. A powerful sense in the stomach? Some kind of… I don’t know exactly how to explain. Like you just KNOW it’s going to be so significant.
You know you fell for them.
I knew that I just fell for them.

I don’t know why I turned a fan only so shortly ago. I mean, I knew them. I knew them 2 years preior. What was different between 9th and 11th grade?
Maybe back then, it wasn’t the right momemt. Maybe I was less open-minded; maybe I’d try to listen to them more back then and wouldn’t like it. Maybe I would have gotten a bad impression, and would never listen to them again. I believe that they came just at the right moment for me.

So, yeah, rediscovering Emerson Lake and Palmer has been a turning point for me. It changed my perspective on many things.
True, I’m not perfect, it hasn’t cured my fucked up traits and defects, but being honest, ELP in a way saved me from a deteriorating pattern of self destruction and abandonment of all hope. They gave me something to strive for. They motivated me to start playing the keyboards I bought 3 years ago and barely touched. Listening to them pushed me to improve myself as a bassist, to set myself higher targets and standarts (Unfortunately as a perfectionist it’s sometimes very painful, but I can say the result was good) - But still, I can see a huge change in my playing, in my confident and in my sound.  
 I have gotten over one of the biggest fears I had - it was literally causing me panic attacks - to sing in front of other people. I actually do it now. Not 100% confidently, but think how big is the different - I’d start shaking and crying and just nvjfrnghfijfid all around, and just a month ago I stood onstage with my bass, singing fucking Lucky Man. I still cannot believe it. All of it would never happened without ELP. 
I will not regret a single thing I did related to them.
I’m not perfect, but thanks to tham - I will strive for better. For the best I can.

Must add, as I’ve forgotten to mark it - Emerson Lake and Palmer had taught me to listen to classical music and to acutally love it. I have improved my grade in Music History class at school from a poor 60 to a fucking 90, just because I actually connected the music to this band I love so much. Even my flute player friend, who is a classical nerd, is impressed by my knowledge in classical music now. It’s fucking terrific. I love classical music so much - just a year ago I got fucking bored of it. And today I have a 14 HOURS LONG PLAYLIST ON MY PHONE. (Same length as the ELP playlist tbh) +shitloads on my laptop

Because of ELP I returned to Tumblr - I discovered here amazing people. I’m so happy to have all of you - it isn’t obvious; it’s so important for me to have a place in which I can share my love for this amazing group. I wanted also to thank you all - you are amazing and so supportive, I love you all so much and I am grateful to have each and every one of you
It’s true that now for me things aren’t the easiest, but it’s okay. It’s okay because there is something to work for. There is still hope.

This is my message to you all - even if things seem icky and useless, if everything is a long loathing drag, if you feel like there’s nothing to do anymore - it’s not true. There’s always something better for you, and it waits for the right moment to be found.

hey! i sent a critique a little while ago and saw your post about resending if we’ve improved, so here’s a more accurate example of my abilities. thanks!

Oh, sweet jesus. I’m going to hold on my tongue on character design, since that’s not what we do, but… band-aids, dude. Bad juju.

Alright, let’s go through this. 

First think that comes to my attention are the random spots, which… are completely undecipherable to me. Are they cuts? A strange disease? Markers? Burns? It looks like an disease, judging from the band-aids. God, I hope he’s not prone to keloids. That’s gotta be a fucking nightmare. Is it Eczema? I’d say it’s Prurigo Nodularis, but that only appears on the arms and legs.

Point is, if you’re going for some kind of medical condition, please use a reference (or at least help me figure out which one it is, because I have no idea). 

Second pressing issue, your shading is going literally everywhere and it is following no pattern whatsoever; the hair is going by a completely different light source, for example. Point of caution: hair may receive light in a different way than skin, but it still receives light from the same direction as the skin. Define your light source (for example, if you’re not used to defining your light sources without looking, then draw a little sun or lamp and then try to visualize where the light would be hitting. It’s kind of hard to do this when you’re not working with a background, because of secondary lighting and whatnot, but it does the job.

If you’re going to add folds to your clothing, then do them completely or don’t do them at all. The one fold on that shirt is just strange, and looks more like a flesh bump. Shirts are lazy and like to stay in their t-pose, so they’ll primarily fold around your armpits, your chest, and waist. When you do this, remember to be careful! A badly-placed wrinkle separates your shirt from a clean shirt to one that hasn’t been ironed in 30 centuries.

With that left hand, you should know this: that bone, your radius, does not extend like that: if anything, it’s a lot less pronounced. With that right hand, you do not have a bone in that protruding area. In fact, that’s the ulna. You should get a mirror and keep it close to you if you can’t figure out where to put the bumps; you’re the best reference you have.

Also, and this is a style complaint, what is that ear? A jet turbine? Give your outer ear more time to shine. 

Overall, it’s pretty okay, honestly. I can see this style going somewhere good with more practice.

-Mod Hopper

Hey everyone, my name is Joseph Marciano Armstrong but I think Joey is easier to remember. I’m 22 years old and I’m the drummer from that one band that loves swimming and misspelling words.
I live in Oakland, California when I’m not on tour or annoying people in New York. I like binge watching shows, the random button on wikipedia and aliens.
I’m pretty social so hit me up on gh anytime at notjoeyfromfriends  ✌

Online (Request)

Can you do one where Y/N is a YouTuber. You can make it start or end however you choose, but can you please write it. It would really make my day. Thank you. - modern-bella

I’m excited for this one. Format is going to be a little different because I’m going to frame it as a Youtube video, so it’ll be like a dialogue. Hope you like!


Y/N: Hey everybody, it’s (Y/N)! So, I got sooooo many requests from people to do the Boyfriend Tag in one of my videos ever since I let it slip that I was dating someone. Now, I know that I’ve been very hush hush about who I’m dating and I promise there’s a good reason for that. BUT…today, I have decided to do the boyfriend tag, which means that my boyfriend is here with me and he’ll be in the video in a little bit. First though, I kind of wanted to give you guys an explanation about why I’ve been so coy about this whole thing. So, remember last year when I posted the video about getting a chance to interview One Direction?

[Shows clip of her interviewing the band]

Y/N: Well, after that I was able to hang out with the guys for the rest of the evening and actually kept in touch with them after the day was over. So, we would talk on Twitter and text and stuff like that. One of them, in particular, I ended up getting quite close to and he is the reason I’ve been keeping my relationship on the down low for so long. But, we talked about it and agreed that we were both ready for people to know because it’s been long enough. And what better way to do that then through Youtube?

[She looks off camera and smiles.]

Y/N: You ready?

[There is a pause. She turns back to the camera.]

Y/N: Alright guys! It’s time for the boyfriend tag!

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the instruments group chats be like
  • Flutes/Piccolo: "hey guys i hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Everyone stay happy and practice lots! x :) "
  • Clarinets: normal conversations, plus the one kid that spams that chat endlessly with random unrelated photos
  • Saxophones: just inside jokes left and right plus the occasional information about band
  • Bass Clarinets: everyone has each other muted on the chat
  • Double Reeds: *crashes everyone else's group chats*
  • Trumpets: all caps rages about which pepe frog face is best
  • Trombones: unholy offspring of memes
  • French Horns: bad music puns and pickup lines
  • Tubas: theres one kid thats spamming the chat with DCI and the others are discussing which places to eat at for after marching rehearsal...in the middle of concert season
  • Euphonium: changing the group name and picture every 5 minutes
  • Drumline and Pit: drumline cracking fart jokes and sending memes with each other and the pit kids just stare at them in confusion and being somewhat scared
  • Guard: trading gossip about the directors and how to spin a rifle without killing anyone
30 random things!!!

Ahhh seems like I’m quite popular today I was tagged by @philoquence\ @phanoween// @phils-corgi-shirt// (which is totally fine lol hey guys ily • name? dakota •nickname? I’m just rat or trash bag around my friends yeet. •gender? she/they •star sign : taurus •height: 5'4 •time: 9:30 pm •birthday: 4/24 •fav band : gorrillaz •face solo artist: ariana grande •song stuck in my head : riptide -Vance joy •last movie: pitch perfect 2 • last show: shameless •blog created? Uhh 7 or 8 months ago. •what do I post: I just scream??? phil and trashy aesthetics. •last thing I Googled : ao3 •blog name reason: ALRIGHT so frightphil was made because murderphil was taken darkphil was taken phil is actually really creepy and it is a top pun good sir. •instruments: trombone //baritone soon to be uke player. •fav color: lavender or a dark gray. • dream job : editor / writer ,, haha dream big kids. xxxx Lol I’m going to tag some random peeps as all of my mutuals are lovely but I’m scared shitless to @ you. @gamingmas@gxldenboyphil@moonbeamphil And anyone else who wants to do it my dudes!!!.

hey psa

i’m gonna be kinda changing this blog. it’s always been pretty panic centered, and i still love panic and whatnot, but i’m not as into it as i used to be. i’m keeping this url bc i love it and eventually when IDK does stuff ill blog abt dallon too.

i think it’ll end up being just a mess of random posts kinda like it already is, and some aesthetic stuff and some journaling/studyblr things. probs some other bands (pop punk, indie, etc.)

i did unfollow the majority of the panic blogs i used to follow and if we were mutuals and i unfollowed you, message me pls and ill follow you back. i couldn’t remember who all were mutuals and such, so if you wanna stay, just lemme know.