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Lugia's Song [variations]
Lugia's Song [variations]

i completely forgot i did this but i just found it on my hardrive looking for something else omg. this is me improvising around the main motif from lugia’s song on my flute. 

(all with a heck load of reverb and delay for Extra Mysterious Atmosphere)

Friends listen, let’s all take a chill  pill with the hate and angst, alright? We’re all here to escape the crap we deal with IRL. (which god only knows is enough, am I right. can I get a hell yeah) Tumblr should be a safe place to chill, and hang with people that share the same interests as you!

There’s no room for name calling, manipulating, guilt tripping, pestering,  harassing, rumor spreading, and just all together; inappropriate behavior; (yes that includes under aged members talking to +18 members about NSWF stuff). 

I’m talking about it all. I’m not addressing a specific situation, but I just finally snapped I guess? Ever since day 1 on my blog I’ve seen hate. I’m addressing it now.


I feel like at this point a lot of people in the FFXV fandom have experienced a lot of hate and just had several bad experiences with vastly different users on the site, and I just find it appalling and sad.

If you are spreading hate, please stop. It’s not only toxic to the people you send it to, but to yourself. It’s not a good habit to get into, okay? So at least stop for your own sake.  PLEAAASE. I CARE ABOUT YOU.

Hate will not give you attention, or fame, or whatever positive feedback you think it will give you? 

If you still wish to continue spreading hate, go ahead and unfollow and block me from tumblr. Hate isn’t welcome here for the wellbeing of myself, my followers, and you. THIS BLOG IS FOR SMILES AND FUN TIMES WITH THE OCCASIONAL APPEARANCE OF ANGSTY ANGST (but all in good fun lol).

I know I never speak out on matter such as this. But it’s just gotten to the point where it’s outrageous. I understand being apart of a community means there will be toxic people…. but c’mon, friends. We’re all just people trying to have a nice outlet.

If you don’t enjoy something on someone’s blog or whatever your situation is (as I know there are plenty)… unfollow the blog. You are not being forced to follow.

You are not required to follow content that makes you uncomfortable. 
You are not required to follow content that makes you feel unsafe. 
You are not required to follow content that upsets you.

You have your reasons and I respect that greatly. DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU AND THOSE AROUND YOU. 

I wish you all wellness and greatness regardless and love you all so much

I want you guys to stay safe, happy, and healthy. NO MATTER WHAT, OKAY?

I love all of you. Whether you hate me or like me, I wish you the best and hope you are kind to one another.

I know I always say my favourite character is Alix, but the truth is my actual ACTUAL SECRET FAVOURITE CHARACTER has no name, about 0.1 seconds screentime, and is probably long dead

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"Hiiyeo!! I'm xXKaw11-B4k4Xx here!! I just wanted to introduce miself on here!!! Things u shuld kno~~~ I am Totes ~~RaNdOm~~~ x3 I like to say japanesey stuff :3 stuff like 'nya' 'baka' and my personal favorite 'Kawaii' (I say these cause they're rAnDoM like me :33) RWAR!! Sorry that's just me being RaNDoM~~~ Rwar means I luv u in dinosaur!! I have other cool stuff too! I hope you enjoy my RAndOM page x3 nya Baka!"

everyone in hell probably talks like this

Tumblr is so weird.

Like my dash is like 50% fandom stuff, 30% cool art, 20% random crap. Fandom stuff can run the gamut from silly to heartbreaking of course, but I generally know when something fandom related is going to be heartbreaking. Cool art is cool art. 

The remainder of what shows up on my dash is usually either something news-related or some dumb silly joke or whatever, but then every now and then out of NOWHERE a little story about aliens trying to understand human death or a fairy tale re-written without the magic but with so much heart and tragic realism will show up and I’ll read it by accident and end up sobbing my fucking eyes out in my kitchen.


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

BTS reaction to them talking to you but keep speaking some English accidentally

Anon said:  Bts reaction to having a conversation with their s/o but they keep speaking English accidentally? Does that even make sense?😂😭 <3

- I hopeee this is what you meant oml! ENJOY MY DEAR ANOOON <3 

Jungkook: “I mean I forget, but It’s like still practicee” *smiles*

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Jimin: *says somethin in English again* *gif*

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Taehyung: “I mean I know you love my English tho” 

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J-Hope: “My heart is… My heart is oh my God” *gif*

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Rap Monster: *starts doing random stuff just so he stops*

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Suga: “I am so cool man. Infires man”

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Jin: *gif*

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Why isn’t Doncamatic everybody’s fave? :(


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I could totally see Bertha (elite 4 ground type member from gen 4) having a Zygarde pup. I just thought the idea of a cute old lady with a legendary neon green dog was cute.

What Being Dean’s daughter would include

-First off, he didn’t get you when you were a baby

-Your mother dropped you off with him when you were maybe 8 or 9

-He was NOT happy about it 

-He couldn’t say no and leave you on the streets though

-You were honestly really excited yet terrified at the whole hunting thing

-You were upset about your mom and hoped that this would be your new home, not just another house 

-of course, no hunting for you

-Don’t even try to go on a hunt behind their back

-they practically have EVERYONE on the look out so good luck being rebellious and all that 

-But you still know how to defend yourself

-Cas stays to “Babysit” you

-Dean says it’s just to make sure nothing bad happens 

-You know it’s to make sure no boys come over though 

-You and Cas would probably play board games and watch movies

-Dean’s actually a really cool dad though???

-Buys you random stuff all the time

-you have a drawer full of the little things he’s bought for you and always treasure them 

-Takes you on car rides at night when you can’t sleep

-he never runs out of dad jokes

-just when you think he’s run out, he thinks of another one

-Honestly they annoy Sam too

-but they’re so bad they’re funny 

-Sam is always there for you to vent to when your dad is being a bit unreasonable and he always has your side

-Lets be honest you have flannels too

-A few of them are technically your dad’s

-You eventually getting the devil trap tattoo as well

-Probably on your hip or shoulder blade

-having your own gun that rests on your night stand 

-You helping either one of the boys when they’re cooking, not that they need it 

-Always having the ingredients for making pie 

-helping them research or being there for a reference to call when they’re on a hunt and need help 

-legend has it that you had a boyfriend once 

-he didn’t make it past the first date 

-No one has even heard of that kid since your first date

-Winchesters are protective anyway but MY GOD IF SOMEONE TOUCHES YOU 

-they’re dead

-Just like that

-Sam having to excuse himself every time you do something that is just so much like Dean it hurts  

-Dean doesn’t see it 

-”Dean, she just practically took your facial expression and plastered it on her face” 

-”I do not do that face”

-He says while literally doing that face 

-You convinced your dad to take a selfie one time

-It’s your lock screen and you have printed out 

-You carry it everywhere 

-It’s become your comfort object

-Dean Winchester gave you a home 

-and for that your love for your father was there with an unbreakable bond 

  • Me: mom i wanna cosplay
  • Mom: its too last minute
  • Me: but,,, lab,,,
  • Mom: what anime are they from??
  • Me:

Can we talk about how Jerry brought a scooter with him when he went to go warn Clover, Sam and Alex about the evil mind control music?

(Also how did he carry that around before he used it? I mean it’s not THAT portable. Or at least that’s what I think when I look at it.)

Why most fiction stories say vampires don’t have a reflexion

Mirrors, back in the day, used to have a silver backing (these days it tends to be aluminium unless it’s very expensive and/or antique). Silver is a pretty common folkloric anti-monster metal so it follows that it wouldn’t reflect a vampire’s image. 

There’s also another theory that it’s because vampires don’t have a soul and therefore cannot have a reflection (this one isn’t as powerful bc objects don’t have souls but have a reflex).

Conclusion: Modern days vampires or vampires in a modern world would be able to see themselves in a mirror. Whatever you do, don’t picture a very old vampire seeing themselves in a mirror for the first time since their death and scaring the crap out of them bc HOLY COW I LOOK SO FCKING WEIRD WTF IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR????