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I know I always say my favourite character is Alix, but the truth is my actual ACTUAL SECRET FAVOURITE CHARACTER has no name, about 0.1 seconds screentime, and is probably long dead

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"Hiiyeo!! I'm xXKaw11-B4k4Xx here!! I just wanted to introduce miself on here!!! Things u shuld kno~~~ I am Totes ~~RaNdOm~~~ x3 I like to say japanesey stuff :3 stuff like 'nya' 'baka' and my personal favorite 'Kawaii' (I say these cause they're rAnDoM like me :33) RWAR!! Sorry that's just me being RaNDoM~~~ Rwar means I luv u in dinosaur!! I have other cool stuff too! I hope you enjoy my RAndOM page x3 nya Baka!"

everyone in hell probably talks like this

Okay. How does one character just keep getting cuter & cuter each rewatch? I swear, Flug’s too adorable with his obsession of airplanes. <3

Also, this made me think of a scene: one of the few things Demencia can successfully distract Flug & get him just as enthusiastic about, is having some sort of paper airplane challenge.

She changes it up every time, alternating them, how far can they fly, do tricks, etc, & its never dull because she’s all about the fun in it, he’s all about the mechanics & making the best… for / of whatever the challenge calls for. They get so into it, so fueled by just doing it, that only 5.0.5. notices & reacts ahead of time to Black Hat showing up.

I just love this little idea & it wouldn’t leave me alone until I posted about it. This is what I’m really looking forward to with these guys. Just a bunch of zany randomness alongside all the cool evil stuff that we haven’t seen since Grim Adventures / Invader Zim.

I had a moment to spare so I drew this! I wanted to play around with this idea because I may or may not be doing something quite exciting art-wise in the near future (depends on whether it all get agreed or not) which I might use this sort of concept for. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

BTS reaction to them talking to you but keep speaking some English accidentally

Anon said:  Bts reaction to having a conversation with their s/o but they keep speaking English accidentally? Does that even make sense?😂😭 <3

- I hopeee this is what you meant oml! ENJOY MY DEAR ANOOON <3 

Jungkook: “I mean I forget, but It’s like still practicee” *smiles*

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Jimin: *says somethin in English again* *gif*

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Taehyung: “I mean I know you love my English tho” 

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J-Hope: “My heart is… My heart is oh my God” *gif*

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Rap Monster: *starts doing random stuff just so he stops*

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Suga: “I am so cool man. Infires man”

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Jin: *gif*

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Tumblr is so weird.

Like my dash is like 50% fandom stuff, 30% cool art, 20% random crap. Fandom stuff can run the gamut from silly to heartbreaking of course, but I generally know when something fandom related is going to be heartbreaking. Cool art is cool art. 

The remainder of what shows up on my dash is usually either something news-related or some dumb silly joke or whatever, but then every now and then out of NOWHERE a little story about aliens trying to understand human death or a fairy tale re-written without the magic but with so much heart and tragic realism will show up and I’ll read it by accident and end up sobbing my fucking eyes out in my kitchen.

Taking A Tour Of You

Ethaniplier (I’ve forgotten all the ship names) au, where Mark lives in the city and Ethan is lost as heck.


Mark had lived in this city damn near his whole life. The only time he didn’t technically live here was when he was growing up. His family lived in the suburbs right outside of the city. Needless to say, he knew his way around. Mark knew all the best coffee shops and restaurants and vinyl stores and sushi bars. Wasn’t much he didn’t know.

Out on his coffee run one morning, he number into some guy on the busy sidewalk. Instead of grumbles and continuing on, like most locals would, this boy stopped and tried to make sure Mark was okay. His blue hair stood out like a sore thumb on top of his head. He just…couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of him. Mark shook his head and barely said an, “Thanks, I’m fine,” before continuing on his way. Not even waiting to hear a response from the stranger.

When he had almost made it back to his flat Mark still had the stranger boy in his head. He didn’t even catch a good glimpse at what the guy looked like. <i>Probably a tourist though…</i> Mark thought to himself, <i>Probably won’t ever see him again anyways</i>. Right as he had that thought, he ran smack into the blue haired beauty. This time Mark made sure to get a good look at him. Without trying to be too obvious, Mark looked him up and down. The boy was wearing skinny jeans with holes in the knees, a Starbomb t-shirt, and a backwards hat that said hentai on it. On the surface, he wasn’t really Mark’s type, but yet… There was something about him.

“Ahh, you again,” The boy exclaimed, not alarmed just surprised, “Sorry I keep running into you. Wait a minute…You’re not following me are you?” He had a huge smirk on his face, making it obvious he was just kidding around with Mark. Mark decided to play along.

“What? More like you’re the one following me. I live right there,” Mark gestured up to the large complex. The stranger looked at a loss for words. He opened his mouth to say something, then shut it again.

With a chuckle he admitted defeat, “Alright, touché…” the boy trailed off, not seeming to want to leave, which was more than fine with Mark. In that moment Mark made a decision, for better or for worse, he was going to woo this boy. He put on his most dazzling smile and introduced himself.

“I’m Mark, it’s nice to meet you.” He tipped an imaginary hat, causing the boy to start laughing.

Once the laughter subsided he responded, “I’m Ethan, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

“Oh no, the pleasure’s all mine.” Mark said in a sultry tone, punctuated with a wink. If he looked close enough, he thought he could see a faint blush creeping up on Ethan’s cheeks. It was the cutest fucking thing. “Why don’t you let me show you around, you look a little lost.”

Ethan grinned sheepishly, “Yeah I’ve been looking for this one place for, like, an hour now,” He even sounded a tad embarrassed. He dug a piece of crumpled paper from his pocket. It was obvious the paper had been opened and closed quite a few times. “It’s called, um, ‘Fountain Bookstore’?”

Mark nodded in understanding, “Yeah I know the place,” he said, “BUT, I know a much better place a few blocks away, c'mon I’ll show you.” Without hesitation Ethan began following, much to Mark’s satisfaction.

Authors note: realized the ship name is crankiplier after I finished :p


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…