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Katy Perry Breaks Silence On Catfish Victim Who Believed He Was Dating Her

Katy Perry has spoken out on the delusional fan who genuinely believed that he had been in a relationship with the singer for a whopping six years.

Spencer Morrill appeared on the latest episode of MTV’s Catfish, where hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph proved that he had actually been speaking to a random British girl called Harriet, thinking that it was Katy, for almost a decade.

However, Spencer refused to accept that he had been Catfished and Harriet later revealed that he’d even continued to message her Katy Perry account after the episode had been filmed.

Despite the fact Katy had been married to comedian Russell Brand for most of the six years and is currently in a relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, Spencer believed that she’d been hiding secret messages to him in her songs even though they had never even met face to face.

Now Katy has admitted that her heart goes out to Spencer, telling The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM that she had heard the bizarre story, saying: “Yes, someone sent me a link, and I didn’t actually read through it because I just think it’s really unfortunate and very sad.

"My heart goes out to him actually because anybody that’s been fooled like that or just, you know, people have dreams, and people live in different parts of the world where not everything is always so accessible.

"I felt bad for him, and so I didn’t really like to indulge in that.”

Nev and Max have both said that Spencer’s Catfishing story was one of the craziest that they had ever dealt with in their years of filming the show, it is thought that Spencer has now accepted that he had not been speaking to Katy.

wtf-jily  asked:


You realise I was a work and squealed at my phone?! Text Daisy and we had to have a lengthy discussion about this… Literally every group sleepover ends in a HSM marathon or a session on sing star singing and dancing Bet On It. You get us??

So first things first- who’s who?

Troy and Gabriella are obviously Jily

  • Then we have Sirius as Chad, omg I love that

  • But then who’s Remus? It has to be Ryan, in his fabulous hats, his passion for things and doesn’t let anyone shut him down but is kind hearted with a totally sexual tension thing going on with Chad/Sirius

  • Peter? We thought about that for a second but REMEMBER ZEKE? Those of you who don’t it’s Crème brûlée guy!

  • Kelsey = Alice

  • So… I’m not sure if we’re talking HSM 1, 2 or 3 here so let’s just do the classic moments


  • Bro she was hot af I’m in love I’m never going to see her again wutt

  • So one week later we have them meeting at East High and omg such love.

  • Sirius meanwhile is like James bro captain of the basketball team look at you pulling in the holidays whilst I secretly have a crush on that drama geek I always take the mick out of shhhhhhh


  • When they do that thing when James says Lily’s not important and he’s focusing on basketball and she sees it through the webcam and all hell breaks loose FUCK YOU JAMES POTTER I DON’T NEED YOU but I’m so in love with you

  • Peter totally supporting James because he’s been trying to fit in with James and Sirius’ ‘cool kid’ thing for years but totally loves baking and has never told them that

  • Time skippppp, the final show when their parents see them and everyone’s up and dancing and Sirius is like bro this is amazing don’t you dare stick to the status quo

  • [as an unnecessary addition, McGonagall is Mrs Darbus, that stern drama teacher who despises cell phones but has such love for her homies]


  • That scene when Troy says Sharpay will spend her summer buying mirrors and they’re all like OH SNAP BRO WHT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT ARCH BISHOP OF BANTERBURY. SUCH CHEEKY BANTER, FML I’M DEAD is one hundred percent James and Sirius fight me

  • James being an ass because he gets the opportunity to be in with the basketball big shots

  • [remember basketball = quidditch, obviously]

  • Sirius not taking that shit so [sorry but you can’t expect Jily headcanons from us without sneaking wolfstar in there] piss off James I’m going to play baseball with this fine piece with his adorable hats and amazing dance moves who I pretend to hate and I don’t dance but I totally don’t hate him and let’s be honest I have a few moves

  • James is worried about Remus and Lily but really should have been keeping an eye out for Remus and Sirius, who are totally swapping clothes and snogging in the health club locker rooms by now

  • Lily doesn’t take no shit from James, especially when Remus is bought into it and not allowed to do the talent show with them so tells both Sharpay [I’m so sorry, I don’t know who that would be?! O/C Remus’ twin. someone totally send us a marauders equivalent?] to go fuck themselves

  • James realises what he’s done oh no!

  • The angsty ‘bet on it’ though, seriously when he looks at his totally real and un-photoshopped reflection in the water and starts totally getting over dramatic, it’s so James, fml

  • Then though all the marauders get together and are like look he’s sorting out his act

  • James and Sirius hug it out

  • Peter makes creme brulee to celebrate


  • Sirius cries.

  • No one notices

  • Apart from Remus who hands him a pretentious handkerchief with his initials sewn in but Sirius finds it adorable

  • When the squad all sing their song

  • Remus gets his Star Dazzle Award, shares it with Sirius, who cries again

  • Jily F I N A L L Y kiss - the most anticipated movie moment since Finding Dory


  • They’re all so sad about the future aww

  • James is considered for Juilliard and is all like wtaf


  • Everyone asking everyone to prom. *gonna pretend that the directors weren’t scared of homosexuals and wolfstar/chad&ryan blossomed instead of him being shoved with kelsey*


  • James being angsty in the theatre about his college options w/ Juilliard

  • McGonagall like lol dat me whoops

  • JiLy AnGsT lIlY oFf To CoLlEgE bYe

  • James runs after her to fucking Stanford because lily&gabriella are both sassy and clever

  • JiLy AnGsT lIlY oFf To EaSt HiGh bYe

  • idefk how the random british girl fits into this


  • Remus slays his song bc he’s bae

  • Jily duet much feels

  • Peter and Remus get the scholarship whoop whoop

  • James goes to college near Lily and everyone’s happy and together and aLiVe and it totally fits marauders canon 10/10



  • Damn fucking right we’re all in this together

  • and SCENE *bows and shit*

Last summer I impulsively took a trip to Tokyo & Seoul. I’m really proud of this series and I think that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. No crew, no budget. (Unless you count all my credit card debt.)

In this episode:
-I arrive in Tokyo
-couldn’t figure out the bidet
-sushi, purikura, clubbing without dancing
-met these random British girls, went drinking and singing in the park, one of them performed “Gee” and I basically didn’t sleep for 24+ hours.

New episodes every Friday. If you like it, please let me know and share it with your friends! Thank you!

You are a good Dalek.

God I love this line.

I’m going to go ahead and set this lineup as indicative of everything the twelfth doctor does right in characterization and personality compared to the 9th and 10th, and even 11th sometimes, wangsty brooding, because the Doctor is somewhat beyond angst.

Angst is a young man’s thing, and the doctor is very, very old. He’s older then human comprehension really, at this point he’s been alive longer then we’ve been believing in Christ, and in that time he’s experienced and learned so much that he really is kind of this unknowable spectacle to human minds.

The Doctor is a unique, incredibly experience, and I personally hate it whenever they try to humanize him, or even worse make him want to *be* a human. I know one of the points of the show is that humanity is special, but in the show humanity normally really, really isn’t, so it just seems wrong to me that the 10th doctor was so fixated with *being* so human-like, or that the 9th doctor spent so much time hitting on this just random British girl he picked up.

I felt it got better with the 11th, who actually seems alien in his motivations and interests sometimes, this best gotten across in his interactions with Craig in “The Lodger” and “Closing Time.” Sure it’s played for comedy here, but the Doctor isn’t interacting with humans in a normal way because he’s not a human.

Now with 12 they kicked up the nomhuman aspect immensely, thus leading to the line “You are a good Dalek.” This line is clearly a reference to the 9th doctor episode “Dalek” wherein the Dalek from the title tells the Doctor “You would make a good Dalek” after the Doctor proclaims that all Daleks are evil and the whole race should be extinct.

In the 9th Doctor story, the Doctor was completely correct in saying that all Daleks are evil. The Dalek played on Roses’ sympathy to regenerate itself and then went on a rampage killing dozens. It knowingly tricked a person t break free and kill more people, with the goal of killing everybody on Earth, and was only stopped because Daleks have this thing about being pure and it had to destroy itself because it hated itself.

In the 12th Doctor story “Into the Dalek” the Dalek pleads for medical attention as it is going to die, and it has realized the error of its ways and wants to destroy all Daleks, and though its reasons are hate-filled, it’s still protecting life, and has the potential to realize things like beauty in the future. As it turns out, the damage to the Dalek was causing radiation to leak into its brain, which is what was altering its perception, so when the radiation was fixed, the Dalek was “fixed” and went on a rampage. The Doctor eventually reunfixes the Dalek and makes it stop, leaving us with the series first morally-ambiguous Dalek, who then delivers the line to the Doctor.

In the first context, the line “You would make a good Dalek” makes no sense because the Doctor is s morally righteous in the episode. He acts as a lawfully good character who hates the lawful, even sometimes chaotic evil of the Daleks, which is a perfectly acceptable thing to do since the Daleks had proven themselves to be enemies to all life and even an kind of structure in the universe that isn’t them.

In the second, the Doctor spends a significant portion of the episode doing morally-grey things, and one of the episode’s big questions is what even is a good person? The Doctor lets a man die far, far easier then he normally would, and casually takes advantage of that death while mocking the dead person, understandably pissing the dead guy’s teammates off. Then, when the Dalek is fixed on goes on a rampage, the Doctor’s response is to be smug that he was right and that all Daleks are evil, and it takes Clara smacking him to make him begin to realize he’s being a bit of a dick.

This is why the second line works so much better. “You would make a *good dalek*” means that the Doctor would make an efficient, hateful killing machine, which we all know is pretty absurd. “You *are* a *good* dalek” means that the Doctor is basically what a Dalek would be like with feelings and a moral code. Ruthless, bit of a dick, definitely not human or carrying human ideas of morality and acceptability, but not evil. The line is so much calmer in its accusation and comes at the end of a much better episode, it makes so much more sense.