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ok but imagine andrew and neil meeting at a bar and “hitting it off” but andrew won’t go home with him so neil is like ‘ok well take my phone number’ and tells it to him but andrew says ‘i don’t need it’ so neil leaves all dejectedly

the second neil’s gone andrew is whipping out a knife and nearly driving it into nicky’s hand and is like ‘if you don’t give me a pen so i can write down this phone number before i forget it i will write it in your blood’ 

breath of the wild is so refreshing not only for a zelda game but also for an open world game in general, and i think the best way to explain why is with an anecdote from another game

so one of the first things i noticed after getting just cause 3 was that the northwest corner of the map featured a massive island with exactly zero features marked. naturally, i had to see what was there. it was so enticing! surely it would be something good, right? just cause 2 also had a huge open world and lots of secrets

i spent maybe 15 minutes flying there and another 30 exploring every inch of the island. there was nothing there. there was a volcano, and some random people in boats, but nothing of note to interact with. just an empty environment. i later learned that this was the location of the final boss fight–but, because i went there out of sequence, there was nothing for me to do there

breath of the wild is the exact opposite. if you have the means to get there, you can go anywhere you want on the map, and you’ll be rewarded for your curiosity! that’s not just a marketing soundbyte, it’s really demonstrably true. you can go straight to the area where the final boss is or head to any corner of the game’s world, and even if you get your ass kicked, you’ll probably find some gear that’s immediately useful. you can tackle story quests out of order, too! you can stumble upon the location of a major story objective and go ahead and do it, even if the game didn’t explicitly tell you to do it. and if you run into some super tough enemies out there, there are always lots of options for every encounter. if you make clever use of the many tools available to you, you can get through just about anything

it’s a good video game

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I would like to engage in a real discussion about s4. I found the suspension of disbelief demands too high in TFP. Secret crazy psychopath sister locked away since early childhood, convenient piracy of randomness boat in time for secret sister's murder maze, the Murder Maze, magic teleportation to Musgrave with John chained in well, silly graves conveniently solve song puzzle... oh and I forgot about the prank at Mycrofts house. Actually that was sort of believable from Sherlock. But thoughts?

I’m not sure any of these things on their own require any more suspension of disbelief than other plot points in this series, to be honest with you. But I think I know what you mean. 

You’ve raised a lot of issues, but let’s talk about the problem of Eurus.

Secret crazy psychopath sister locked away since early childhood doesn’t really require that much more suspension of disbelief than we’ve already been primed for, and that may be the problem. We know there’s a third Holmes sibling who Sherlock never mentions and the Holmes parents don’t invite to Christmas. It isn’t actually that far out of the realm of possibility that she’s the smartest of them all. 

They give us an explanation for why she’s locked away: she kidnapped and killed a child, burned the house down, and was threatening to kill Sherlock. She was institutionalized as part of treatment and to protect others, something that happens when a child is uncontrollably violent. I don’t think that’s too far out of the realm of believability.

Her superskill of controlling the people around her i actually like, as it’s a call out to Arthur Conan Doyle’s belief in mesmerism. It could have been more subtle, but it was wrapped up in an action-adventure film, so I think it comes off more heavy-handed than it could have.

The existence of Eurus answers a lot of big questions about Sherlock himself. We’ve been asking all along why Sherlock is determined to see himself as a sociopath when it’s clear he isn’t one: well, now we know why! It also answers the question about why Sherlock turns to drugs, and why he’s so driven to solve puzzles, particularly crimes. He’s reliving that key moment where solving a puzzle would have saved the life of someone he loved, and if he’s not busily doing that, the inside of his head is a fresh hell.

I think the essential problem with Eurus isn’t so much Eurus herself, but the fact that “extra-smart people exist and are terrifying” is the go-to trope for this show. We’ve got Sherlock, who is dazzlingly smart, and we’ve got Mycroft, who is extra-dazzlingly-smart. Then we get Jefferson Hope. Moriarty. Irene Adler. Mrs Holmes. Magnussen. Mary Morstan. Culverton Smith. Even, possibly, Mrs Hudson. And finally, Eurus. There’s just too many of them. 

This problem is, I think, a sign of limited planning and probably insufficient brainstorming. When you don’t plan to generate enough ideas to choose between, you tend to reach for the same solution to a plot problem over and over again because it’s sounds so great every time. Moriarty is a threat to Sherlock because…he’s smart in the same way Sherlock is. (So creepy!) Irene Adler is a threat to Sherlock because…she’s smart in the same way Sherlock is. (Forcing him to re-evaluate himself!) Magnussen is smart enough to keep a mind palace full of undocumented facts, just like Sherlock does! Culverton Smith is so smart he can be a serial killer hiding in plain sight, acting one way but secretly being something else (just like Sherlock!). Mary is sweet and nice, and you think she’s going to be a normal person in the mix, but she’s actually super-smart and dangerous, just like Sherlock! Individually these are great story decisions, but taken all together, the repetition of the theme undercuts them all, and fundamentally undercuts the final antagonist.

Eurus is one of the few characters who actually needs to be super-smart in the same way Sherlock and Mycroft are, but uncontrollably more. She is the Ur-smart person, the one Sherlock is both emulating and fighting against his whole life. But her existence is diluted and made to seem redundant because of all the other super-smart villains running around who faintly resemble her. They wouldn’t have had to make her quite so extra if Sherlock-like villains hadn’t been a dime a dozen already.

Hello, my fellow Elvis fans!

I wanted to apologize for my really long absence; I’ve been working very hard lately as I’m getting close to graduate from college and I’m sure most of you know exactly what I mean… cRAZINESS OVERLOAD!!! xD Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m perfectly fine and alive (sorta, lol) and I will definitely do my best to keep this blog active and provide you your daily dose of Elvis! ;) *hugs*

Tl; dr: I love GA and I love your blogs please don't make me choose

I’m struggling so hard because there are some blogs I typically love but have become pretty upsetting and tbh annoying after these vacation pics.

I highly doubt Gillian was aware of the paps, I mean have you seen the type of lenses they use? They can be miles away on some random other boat looking like normal seagoers but are actually taking shot after shot after shot. Let’s not get ridiculous here that she actually called them. And why would she pay the paps for these pictures when she abhors the paparazzi? Same reason you don’t pay people for ransoms. They are vultures and will keep taking shots so you can keep buying them. My girl is no fool.

It just sucks that people feel they need (or can) define who Gillian is, what she should do, who she should do it with, and when. I think Gillian is doing exactly what a FEMINIST would do - whatever the fuck she wants because she is her own person, no one owns her, if she wants to flirt with DD and have some fun she definitely should (I encourage it). It’s what she preaches in her book - be true to yourself. If she wants to take a vacation with another guy, by all means, go ahead! She’s a big girl now. She can do what she likes. Fuck, if she wants to go on a beach vacation with 30 other men all power to you, GA!

SHE is not promoting Gillian Anderson the brand, YOU are. She is not Dana Scully who you can mold into what you want to see. Dana Scully is a product, Gillian Anderson is not. She is a real life person who is flirty and is loving life and why would anyone begrudge her that?

I get it. I’m bummed out so I avoid looking at pics of her with PM or reading articles about it. The idea even makes me grossed out and I’m glad there are no touching or kissing pics. Barf. Part of me is still in denial that maybe PM is like her platonic BFF and they went on a fun vacay. But at the end of the day I know that I don’t know the truth, I may never know the truth, and I’m gonna have to accept that because as much as I sometimes wish she was, GA is not my friend and I’m not privy to her personal life. But, I can keep shipping her with David (as long as I keep it to the privacy of my blog) because it’s all fantasy. I don’t know her and she owns me nothing. I don’t owe her anything except the same respect and privacy expected by everyone. I’m having my own fun while she has hers.

Like Gillian said, Gillovny is a great idea.

If you can’t keep loving her after these pics, are you really a Gillian Anderson fan or a David Duchovny fan? Or are you maybe just a Gillovny fan and really don’t give a shit about the two of them as people? And even if you are just a Gillovny fan, ignore this PM shit and keep fanning! I know I am!

Please, just don’t say stupid shit about her and make me unfollow you. That would really suck. I really, really have loved following you this far.

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I sort of dislike the way scully said "that's why I fell in love with you" in itwb I'm not sure why I just dislike the way gillian delivered it.

The fact that she still left him doesn’t really lend it a lot of credence.  They both just seem miserable for the entirety of IWTB, including the romantic stuff.  The only happy moment is that random mystery boat (what the hell, CC, give us the REAL STUFF, not these maybe-dream-moments that are 100% OOC).

  • Saitama: *thinking* I got a coupon, this is great, Genos will love having the day off from cleaning!
  • Doorbell rings
  • Genos: *answers the door* Sensei, who's this woman?
  • Saitama: Oh! I got a coupon for a cleaning woman for a day so you can take a break!
  • Genos: *sobs*
  • Saitama: *oh god I thought you'd be happy I didn't plan this far ahead oh god*
  • Saitama: Please don't leave me I don't know where anything is