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Silly hats with David Tennant

Hnnnnnnnnnng I think that seller DOES only sell female shrimp. Granted theres a bit of a language barrier, but im pretty sure after asking  that he said the shrimp he carries are mostly females. (he actually said ‘they are almost females’ but im guessing he meant mostly since almost and mostly…kinda mean the same thing.)

So that batch of shrimp I got, im pretty sure was all females, and im at least positive that all the survivors are. They are all saddled up and molting and getting big.

So if you are looking to buy from Joes Aquarium, just know that at least the orange ‘sunkist’ shrimp are gonna be mostly girls, so if you want to breed you might get screwed and have a harem with no boys. However, they are lovely and very vibrant. The seller refunded my DOAs and was quick to respond. Its not really his fault, cause as far as i understand he just an importer, so he gets what hes sent.

Hey you have a striped shirt so you must be a kid too!

So glad this crossover just happened Thank you random blues clues cosplayer for making our cosdreams come true

Hazelwytch as Chara
Me as Frisk
Khyeili as Asriel

and if someone knows this steve let me know and I will add it in!!

I like this minor contradiction in Megaman-related MMDs...

The Megaman X model of Zero should come with real-looking hair,

instead his hair look more like a big, semi-solid chunk on 3 or 4 different layers to have the wanted volume

The Rockman.exe model of Blues has been created with real-looking hair,

while his “hair” are described as “one big clump” instead.

from jack kerouac to rachel dolezal: baldwin said it best

From James Baldwin’s essay ‘The Black Boy Looks at the White Boy’ in Nobody Knows My Name (1954)

“Here is Kerouac, ruminating on what I take to be the loss of the garden of Eden:

At lilac evening I walked with every muscle aching among the lights of 27th and Welton in the Denver colored section, wishing I were a Negro, feeling that the best the white world had offered was not enough ecstasy for me, not enough life, joy, kicks, darkness, music, not enough night. I wished I were a Denver Mexican, or even a poor overworked Jap, anything but what I so drearily was, a “white man” disillusioned. All my life I’d had white ambitions… .I passed the dark porches of Mexican and Negro homes; soft voices were there, occasionally the dusky knee of some mysterious sensuous gal; and dark faces of the men behind rose arbors. Little children sat like sages in ancient rocking chairs.

Now, this is absolute nonsense, of course, objectively considered, and offensive nonsense at that: I would hate to be in Kerouac’s [or for that matter, Dolezal’s] shoes if he should ever be mad enough to read this aloud from the stage of Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

And yet there is real pain in it, and real loss, however thin; And it is thin, like soup too long diluted; thin because it does not refer to reality, but to a dream. Compare it, at random with any old blues:

Backwater blues done caused me/To pack my things and go./’Cause my house fell down/And I can’t live there no mo’.

“Man,” said a Negro musician to me once, talking about Norman [Mailer], “the only trouble with that cat is that he’s white.” This does not mean exactly what it says–or, rather, it does mean exactly what it says, and not what it might be taken to mean–and it is a very shrewd observation. What my friend meant was that to become a Negro man, let alone a Negro artist, one had to make oneself up as one went along. This had to be done in the not-at-all-metaphorical teeth of the world’s determination to destroy you. The world had prepared no place for you, and if the world had its way, no place would ever exist. Now, this is true for everyone, but, in the case of a Negro, this truth is absolutely naked: if he deludes himself about it, he will die. This is not the way this truth presents itself to white men, who believe the world is theirs and who, albeit unconsciously, expect the world to help them in the achievement of their identity…

”I want to know how power works,” Norman once said to me, “how it really works, in detail.” Well, I know how power works, it has worked on me, and if I didn’t know how power worked, I would be dead. And it goes without saying, perhaps, that I have simply never been able to afford myself any illusions concerning the manipulation of that power…”

have some stanchez sketches. I wanted to draw them but i wasn’t sure what to do.

Rick giving stan some affections after he got out of scrape. 
Rick in stans jacket, and with the thaught of it being big on him cause hes so damn skinny. (aww rick looks cute, but hes totaly going to kick stan in the ass for calling him that.)
COFFEE COFFEE!! (i want and need coffee, i see them chanting it because)
rick being rather upset and stan trying to talk to him about it,(feels)