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100 Days of London Flat Memories → (61/100)

Dan and Phil react to Teens React to Dan and Phil


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Introducing the lady who keeps me safe, ANBU Owl! 

I have one main babysitter bodyguard in my everyday life as it’d be a waste to keep four around 24/7.

Genma and the others still show up in case of an emergency or battle since they’re also my emergency teleport!

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Hello! Mind if you do reactions of suitors to MC having hiccups? Btw love your blog!!! :-)

Hey thanks! These are so random… I hope you enjoy them.

Louis- he laughs because it’s just so cute! Although he’s no help with a solution.

Nico - “I think if you hang upside down like a bat that cures them!”

Sid - “I heard sucking **** cures hiccups.”

Alyn - tries to scare them out of you by jumping from around the corner.

Leo - finds a health book for hiccup cures for you, so you try eating ginger or drinking herbal tea while holding your breath…

Byron - thinks it’s kind of amusing, tries to keep a straight face but can’t (imagine getting them during a meeting, lol)

Giles - acts like it’s a big annoying deal, but he can’t help but chuckle every time he hears you hiccup.

Rayvis - tells you random hiccup myths, like someone is jumping on your grave or something …

Robert - hiccups aren’t contagious, but he also gets them after watching you.

Albert - anyone else and it would annoy him, but because it’s you it’s cute.

Seventeen Reaction to You Having a Diverse Laugh

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I relate to this one on a personal level, because everyone tells me I have a weird laugh, like one minute I’ll be laughing and the next I’ll be cackling like a madwoman then quacking like a duck and then hyperventilating… But it’s all worth it because I love laughing.

~Admin AR

S.Coups/Seungcheol: He was surprised at first, but then he thought it was super cute and adorable, and would lovingly tease you for it. From then on he would brag to his members about how his girlfriend had the cutest laugh.

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Jeonghan: He would be slightly weirded out, and give you a weird look, but he would realize that this is another little thing that makes you so special, so wonderful. He would just smile at you for the rest of the day, and if you asked why, he would simply answer: “Your laugh,”

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Joshua/Jisoo: He would love your laugh and then think of weird ways to make you laugh some more, like the nose-bottle trick. No matter what, he would make you laugh and when he did, he loved it.

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Jun/Junhui: He would be so weirded out at first, like what happened to the calm girlfriend he knew, but then he would subtly start doing things to make you laugh so he could hear it again. Even if that meant tripping DK a few times.

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Hoshi/Soonyoung: Omg he would not stop making you laugh after that. Nonstop jokes, pranks, anything. He would even get DK in on it, all to hear that melodiously weird laugh, because he thought it was the best thing ever.

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Wonwoo: Wonwoo would jump in surprise but he was laughing too at the time, so it made him laugh harder, until you were both melting puddles of laughter. After that, he would do small things to hear your laughter. Like subtle tickling, or his classic poker face through one of S.Coup’s briefings.

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Woozi/Jihoon: When he first heard your diverse laughter it was when he played his latest demo, but his speakers were at full volume, so you both were shocked and when you heard Woozi’s scream you couldn’t help but laugh, and that’s when he heard it. It was like another wave of surprise, but he couldn’t help but laugh as well.

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DK/Seokmin: He would be a lot like Hoshi and do anything to make you laugh because he thought it was so cute and random, just like you. He would tell you it was his favorite part about you.

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Mingyu: He was the cause of your laughter the first time he heard it, so he was proud of himself to make you laugh that much and that genuinely, so he would always think of a way to make that genuine diverse laugh to come back, because the happiness radiating off of you was worth it.

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The8/Minghao: Minghao doesn’t like messing up his Korean, especially in front of his girlfriend. But when he mistook ‘shampoo’ for ‘lipstick’, you just couldn’t hold yourself back from laughing. He was slightly embarrassed, but then you apologized and he knew you meant no harm. Plus, he got to hear your beautiful laugh.

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Seungkwan: He would think it was so weird and yet it was so you, and it was perfect. He would be like Seungcheol and brag nonstop about your amazing laugh and make you laugh in front of them so he could show it off and say, “See! See! I told you it’s adorable!”

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Vernon/Hansol: He would start laughing because he was so surprised your laugh changed so quickly and so drastically, but he would secretly find it the cutest thing ever.

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Dino/Chan: He would be showing you a new dance he was practicing when he tripped and had the most epic wipeout ever. He was going to be really embarrassed when he heard your laughter. He looked up and grinned and told himself that he would maybe probably mess up a few more times to hear your laughter.

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jiyong and youngbae feeling the music with their tambourines~

This is probably the cutest backstage video of monsta x :) their smiles are so precious <3

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Ok but Roadie and Junkers with a super short s/o (like 5'0") i'm super tall but i can dream (have a wonderful day by the by ♡)

You rock them long legs, bae. I’ll be short enough for both of us.


  • The size difference is staggering, all are in awe when they’re together
  • Their hand can barely wrap around his pinky and it’s the cutest thing
  • He can lift them up in one meaty hand (please, send help)
  • Whenever his s/o is tired he’ll sit down and let them lay on his chest/belly while he gently strokes their back
  • He’s always a little worried he might hurt them with his size while they’re sleeping so he insists they sleep on top of him. Getting to hold them close is an added bonus for him
  • Whenever they’re in battle he can easily step in front of them and block any incoming damage, firing back in return all the while
  • If he had his way he’d always have them on his person–sitting on his shoulder, carried in his hand/arm(s), cradled against his chest, in any way possible
  • Is a calm presence for them but the most imposing, looming figure for those that mean them harm


  • Is fascinated, thrilled even, by their size
  • He stoops down lower than usual to get eye level and smoosh their face, given them a kiss, etc
  • Will stand up straight to show them just how much bigger he is, and will proceed to muss up their hair in jest
  • Sees them as this delicate little thing in a world filled with bigger people who could do them harm, so he’s rightfully protective (bordering on feral) in battle
  • He typically sleeps as erratically as he lives, but even in slumber he’s careful not to shove them off the bed or steal all the covers (just barely)
  • Loves to come up behind them and slouch enough to rest his head on top of theirs, especially if it means he can glare at anyone who’s too close to them without his s/o noticing
  • Makes all sorts of contraptions to help his s/o reach those high up places, even if they look like they could kill someone if used properly
  • Cackles like mad at seemingly random times because they’re just so small, so cute, and he can hardly stand it

*screaming in the distance* HOW DO KIDS WORK

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How would the rfa (+saeran < up to you!) Treat their mc if she was super sensitive, like if she saw something cute, like a butterfly, and started crying about it.

I love this and I”ll definitely include Saeran! 


  • They’re both so adorable and anxious
  • Honestly, he’s probably just as sensitive as MC. 
  • He’s such a kind, sweet boy, he’d absolutely love watching MC get so excited about random cute things because he does the same thing and so few people understand that.
  • He has a folder saved on his computer of “Cute things to show MC” 
  • He also constantly shows them pictures of cute things he found when they were around


  • She thinks it’s adorable how excited MC gets
  • She’s not the best at expressing how cute she finds it but she really loves it. She loves showing cute things to MC in the most subtle way possible. Maybe showing sending them an email with links to cute things when they’re feeling down or something
  • She is also definitely the type of person to write cute little notes to MC
  • Coffee Art
  • Jaehee definitely puts cute little designs in MC’s drinks and on their sweets when she gives them to her


  • He will not admit that it’s cute when MC starts going on about how cute something is
    • Even so he kinda smiles when he knows that MC isn’t looking at him 
  • He would love it so much if they got so excited about Elizabeth 3rd because Elizabeth 3rd is really one of the only things that he gets finds absolutely adorable 
  • Even with how hard he tries not to show that he finds MC adorable when they get so worked up about other cute things, he ends up being really obvious
  • He gets super sensitive and worked up about how cute MC is. Like, honestly these two are a mess. 
  • Of course all of this is only when they’re alone 
  • If anyone else is around he’s the same as he’s always been, he really only allows that awkward, sweet person to show around MC. 


  • He loves it so much and constantly comments on how cute MC is
  • That is, unless they’re freaking out about cats, because as everyone knows, Zen strongly dislikes them, still he can’t stay upset with MC for long 
  • He sends so many cute selfies to MC 
  • He tends to do this when he’s around (or he’ll show them to him on his phone in a kind of “i took these today” type way) just so he can watch MC gush over them


  • He loves showing them cute things 
  • He works so hard to act cute around MC so that they’ll gush over how cute he is
    • He is not the least bit afraid of appearing desperate to them. 
  • Shameless flirting 
  • He constantly shows them cute pictures cute pictures of couples like “This will be us someday” and pictures of space and stuff and constantly makes comments about wanting to go to marry at the space station 
  • So many cute cat pictures and animal memes
  • He is all in with gushing over cute things with MC
    • especially if there is work that he’s supposed to be doing. 


  • He doesn’t get it one bit. He really doesn’t get how they can get so worked up over cute things and how they can display their feelings so easily and so out in the open for nothing 
  • He doesn’t see how MC can give their feelings to anything and everything so carelessly and not be terrified of getting hurt. 
  • He finds their behaviour terribly cute, though he’s awful at expressing that and more often tends to express it more from a place of annoyance than of fondness
  • Still as their relationship grows he becomes more teasing with them 
  • He also loves cute pictures of animals and just really loves nature, so he loves looking at those kind of things with MC and he becomes softer while talking about those types of things with them 
  • he does not say a lot but he enjoys those types of things with MC

Imagine Woozi lightly chuckling at you when he caught you playing with one of his stuffed dolls/toys/figurine.