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One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.
When you wanna join a fictional team

But the game developers don’t let you, even though Team Skull specifically asks at Po Town if you’re there to join them.

GIVE ME THE OPTION TO SAY YES! Why did you have them ask it if you weren’t going to give the option??? I really liked those losers by then.

I wanted to do something about the plot at that point. I was so tired of bailing Lillie out and her whole ‘GET IN THE BAG, NEBBY!’

I wanted the chance to cause mayhem and minor destruction with my children. I wanted to have Guzma send me on missions with Plumeria, because he knows that your 11 year old protagonist ass is far more competent than any of the other grunts in his team put together. So why can’t I go and choose to be a bad guy and decide to not go through with the rest of the trials, just to see what the end result would be?

I wouldn’t care about who the champion would be, because I’d be too busy hanging out with the other Team Skull grunts, arguing over stupid things and playing late night wii tournaments.

The whole Lusamine thing would still have to be addressed somehow but still-

Take my money for this kind of thing, Nintendo/game freak!

Let me play as a bad guy for once! Better yet, make it an option that you can battle real players on wifi who choose not to go the bad guy route! Let me take their in game money when they lose and 'steal’ a Pokémon until they are able to defeat me to get the Pokémon back (don’t worry; it’d be hanging out in Po Town- Team skull aren’t monsters-they’ll even groom and feed that Pokémon in the meantime)

*yells into the void* Let me live the bad guy dream as a Team Skull grunt!

[noire] okay but oni!genji and devil!mercy in like a dishonored crossover setting where angela is the equivalent of the outsider who thinks bestowing her powers into a vengeful genji to watch him take down his family would be quite fascinating *jazz hands*

i have loud thoughts. 

something that always struck me as odd about the prequels is how palpatine was able to forge a relationship with anakin in the first place.

this is definitely my biggest problem with the jedi, in relation to anakin: they let palpatine, a middle aged man, get anakin, a child, alone. the fact that palpatine’s even insistent on it at all should be ringing alarm bells. there should be Stranger Danger warnings going off, people! you’re dropping the ball, men!

and i understand that, according to the comics, palpatine threw his political weight around, saying that the senate has total control over the jedi. that you can’t deny the chancellor. but that’s incorrect - the republic is corrupt, but it’s not a dictatorship yet. as anakin’s legal guardians, the council has the full right to refuse palpatine access to anakin - it doesn’t matter who’s knocking at your door, you’re supposed to protect your charge. 

but the jedi handed him over. the second palpatine pressed, they folded; and no one tried to curb anakin’s interaction with palpatine, even though it should be clear that an old man wanting to talk with a minor day after day after day is suspicious. especially since the jedi were suspicious of palpatine anyway

Moondance - Cap Reverse Big Bang

Stucky, M, 30k words, A03. Canon compliant through CACW; canon divergent.

Artist:  @araniaart and on A03
Author: @flowerfan2 and on A03

Summary:  Steve and Bucky are faced with a new challenge after Bucky is poisoned during a mission; it changes his behavior and his body in increasingly perplexing ways.  Bucky struggles with telling Steve what’s going on, but when Steve finds out his secret, it seems like things will be okay anyway… until they’re not.

 Or the one where Bucky’s a werecat.  Steve thinks it’s hot, at least until he realizes he could lose Bucky for good.

Many thanks to Arania for working with me and creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this great challenge.


See Chapter 1 (NSFW) under the cut or read it all on A03.

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Remember when SvsTFOE was just a “princess go to school” cartoon with a full cast of teenage characters and beat some random bad guys?

Before becoming a heavy focused story with a lot of lore and developed characters, building the foundations to a giant battle between monsters and a magical humanoid race from another dimension? AND the biggest battlefield of Ship Wars for two consecutive years?

Leaving those aforementioned teenage characters as simpleton nobodies used just as filler background characters in not lore-focused episodes, even Star FUCKING OMG…FUNKING SAID THIS:

This is an statement, of how a cartoon that wasn’t suppose to be a big deal, relinquish everything that makes it a formula and advances BEYOND expectations, sacrificing the roots of what made it in the first place…which in this case is a good thing.

the original autor of these beautiful gifs is dazthedazzler check out his stuff is amazing

The Freshman: Problematic Love Interests

So, ya’ll know how rough the last chapter of The Freshman was yesterday. Nearly everyone in the chapter was at their max level of craziness…particularly the love interests. In fact, I was so frustrated with some of their behaviors that I decided I had to get some things off my chest. Hence, this post came to be.

Forgive my snarkiness and general agitated tone here…I’m much less aggravated than I was last night. Let’s just be thankful I gave myself a day to relax before sharing these thoughts!

Okay, let’s get started. 

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lucasfilm: the only “background” characters we care about are jango & boba fett, greedo, jabba the hutt, literally anyone who was at jabba’s party, kylo ren, anyone in the first order, literally any random bad guy, honestly 

me, an intellectual: i love padme amidala, her handmaidens, her ex-boyfriend pablo, queen jamillia, bail organa, mon mothma, cassian andor, bodhi rook, lando calrissian, the entirety of the rebellion, literally anyone with some semblance of good in them and has a character arc more than “i shoot people”

Moondance - Cap Reverse Big Bang

Stucky, M, 30k words, A03.  Canon compliant through CACW; canon divergent.

Artist:  @araniaart
Author: @flowerfan2

Many, many thanks to Arania for working with me and creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this great challenge.


Chapter 1

“Holy shit, Steve, that feels good.”

Bucky is sitting on the edge of the bed, his head thrown back and his hands clutching the mattress, while Steve kneels on the itchy hotel carpet in front of him.  He slides off Bucky with a satisfying pop and grins when Bucky quickly looks down at him, eyes blown wide with lust and one eyebrow raised.

“You gonna finish what you started?”  Bucky asks, voice low.

“I could,” Steve says, giving Bucky’s cock a teasing lick, “but I really want something else right now.  Unless you object.”

Bucky responds by grabbing Steve with both hands and tugging him up on to the bed, meeting his mouth in a fierce kiss.  “No objection here,” Bucky mumbles against Steve’s neck, starting to kiss down his bare chest. 

 Steve lays back and lets Bucky play, squirming as Bucky takes his time worshiping Steve’s pecs and sucking on his nipples.   He lets the fingers of one hand tangle in Bucky’s hair, and smiles as Bucky pauses to look approvingly up at him through his long eyelashes, then continues his ministrations.

Sure, not everything has been smooth between them since Bucky came out of cryo in Wakanda, finally de-triggered and slowly gaining confidence in himself.  But recently this – the sex – has been awesome. 

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Cheers Loves...I mean uh...Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know I’m not dead. I just took a longer break then I said I would because I realized how badly I needed the break and tbh I don’t know if I’m ready to at least comeback to the simblr side. While I’m may not be posting or engaging in other simblr blogs, my inbox and messager is always open for those who want to talk to me. In the meantime I’ll be on my personal which is @thingsfrancolikes for those interested….where you may discover my unhealthy obsession with Lena “Tracer” Oxton…*nervous laugh* Laterz!

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Do you think the boys aim is to keep the other laughing for the rest of the day. Like - Ford wakes up and Fidd’s is already teasing him for grumbling so much. Ford makes a comment along the lines of “Why is it you wake up bright as a daisy while I feel like death” and thinks he’s gone to far so he apologises by kissing Fidd’s cheek, Fiddleford gasps like “oh the kiss of death” and it’s the worst just so bad and it starts as a snorted kind of “woah really” laugh but later at breakfast Ford’s still trying to shake the stupid joke that follows him while he’s trying to work. It’s even got his family asking him why he’s laughing. Of course he can never explain it but they get the jist that those dorks are on another goofy giggling spree because apparently Ford looking “rather grim” is somehow hilarious? What’s wrong with these nerds

anonymous asked:

One reason why I like your theory is I can't square what (our) Red is so terrified of Liz knowing that he'd go to such lengths to bury the secret (3x16). He clearly feels it is something that will push Liz away forever, the final straw. I mean she's already 'forgiven' him for putting Tom in her life, killing Sam, showing up at her door, alleged affair with her mom, disappearing Constantine Rostov, keeping all these secrets from her, wiping her memory, etc., etc., all these years (pt 1)

You’re absolutely right!

Whether you believe the theory post that I did stating OUR Red is an imposter who took over Lizzie’s dead father (who could possibly be the ORIGINAL Raymond Reddington)…


The other theory I wrote up for @lynnblacklist
stating that OUR Red IS the original and Lizzie’s father stole his identity and butchered it before dying, thus framing Red as a traitor/criminal…

I still can’t see either of those as being so monumental that he can’t tell Liz.

My only idea is that IF OUR Red IS the imposter, maybe he became Raymond Reddington in an effort to keep Liz safe as a way to pay a debt for some horrible deed… Like possibly that he started the fire that night in the house.

In 4.16 we met the burned woman who was the only survivor of a house fire that claimed her parents’ lives. Her (and Glen) say that the fire was an arson that was started when men came into the house to steal the money from her parents’ safe. The woman could symbolize Lizzie, and if Red DID start the fire, he would definitely feel guilty. (And the camera was on Red a lot during this scene).

If OUR Red IS the original Raymond Reddington, the only reason I can see that he doesn’t want to tell Lizzie everything is perhaps because it would make HER feel guilty. If she finds out her parents stole OUR Red’s identity, got his family killed, tried to kill him, and ruined his reputation and life, that would be a LOT to put on her.

Red called himself Lizzie’s “sin eater,” and he didn’t want her to know she shot and killed her own dad, which then apparently led to the suicide of her mom. Maybe Red feels like this would be too much to put on her on top of everything else.

A last idea is that if Red tells Lizzie to truth that her dad stole OUR Red’s identity, and he has been trying to figure out all these years everyone who was behind it (in order to get vengeance) maybe he believes that will ruin his chances of remaining undercover to figure out the truth. He told Lizzie in 1.22 that he needs her to get answers about his own past as well. And the burned woman in 4.16 states that she’s killing everyone in her parents’ logbook in order to get vengeance. Maybe that is kind of what Red is doing through the blacklist… Taking out those responsible for his family’s death, and perhaps taking out other random bad guys along the way as well.

Those are the only two things that I personally could think of which Red would want to keep secret.

Supernatural season 12 opens with Sam being held prisoner and horribly tortured.  There’s the added bonus that he doesn’t know if his brother is alive while this happens.

Not only is this never addressed it’s never redressed.
Sam’s ordeal is pushed aside and diminished until it’s forgotten.

All of Sam’s abusers are allowed to continue being villains until the second last episode.  Then they’re all done in by other people for different reasons.

I get that Sam isn’t a ‘vengeance’ kind of guy (unless it’s vengeance for Dean) but this is ridiculous.

The writers putter along for an entire season struggling with their extremely limited imaginations, trying to fill up episode time, meanwhile they ignore all the obvious loose threads.

At season end do they take time to deal with any of Sam’s issues?

Better, they introduce two more loose threads, the guys who murdered Sam and Dean in their beds during season 5, only so they can killed by other random bad guys.
Does anyone even say anything to them about what happened?
I think there’s one entire line dedicated to the double murder, wherein Dean says “No hard feelings.”

Am I supposed to be impressed that someone slapped the writers on the back of the skull and reminded them of some ancient canon (just so they could shit on it)?  

As much as I dislike certain aspects of SPN now, the biggest problem with the show is the utter SHIT writing.
I do NOT exaggerate when I say I have seen Saturday morning cartoons with better continuity and storytelling.

I honestly hope the writers are forced out of their ‘profession’ after SPN ends. I hope no one ever hires them again and they end up sweeping up after the animal acts at a circus.  Since they’re so used to shoveling shit already.

Hi guys! I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago every time a new chapter came out I made a “reaction” with gifs and wrote what I was thinking.

Only that … after I stopped (Because It took me a long time to make screencaps throughout the chapter and choose the gif fit for my “real reaction” in that moment.) but..I was thinking…And if I re-did?You’d like it?
Let me know ^-^. Thanks! ;9

Pss…Anyway we are already 1,106!!!OMG!! Guys, really, thank you so much! :’D.