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Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends


Manips from my latest video:

 “Somebody To Die For” - An Avatar themed MEP

Pitch: Jim is believed to be the next avatar, but he shows no bending abilities what’s so ever (make sure to go watch the whole video in order to see the 7 other parts and read the description box for the full story). ;D


There is an entire episode of Avatar the Last Airbender where a terrifying old witch literally controls the blood running through people’s bodies, holds them prisoner, and makes them do her bidding. In one scene, she graphically kills a rat by taking the blood from inside it and squeezing the life out of it.

But you know, Zuko and Katara sharing a kiss and being a couple would’ve been too “dark and upsetting” for young children


Collection of APH Avatar AU Art and Doodles 

featuring: @ask-firebender-arthur, @askfirebendergilbert, @ask-earthbender-arthur, @ask-assassin-tino, @ask-waterbender-aliceric, and the brutal murder of image quality

I was just thinking about some stuff and then it hit me.
Imagine if there was an ‘Avatar the last airbender’ game, in VR!
I would sell my soul (or if I had to the soul of every human being, to be honest) to be able to bend! And this would bring me one step closer to actually do it!
All the possibilities! Just imagine it!


I’m sorry, but why do ‘Christians’ think it’s okay to condemn a group of people in the name of their faith? And why, exactly, did my own brother think his comment was necessary or needed or going to help the group of people he is condemning? 

I don’t know what my followers believe, but I personally hate the use of faith as a way to justify your small mind and hate of a particular group. You think the LGBT+ community is sinful? You think Muslims are bad? You think this? You think that? All in the name of Jesus? 

Wake up, fool. You’re wrong. Jesus didn’t do what he did and teach what he taught (whether you believe in his divinity or just his existence as a prophet) so you could be a self-righteous asshole that judges the purity of someone’s soul when your soul is just as black. 

Sorry. I’m just pissed. It’s pride month and my first pride month where I’ve actually been honest with myself about who I am and I can’t stand this kinda shit. If any of you are dealing with your place in the LGBT+ community and trying to juggle your family/faith/whatever, just know my blog is a safe place. 

FYI: He’s the first snap, I’m the one with the body in the background lol 

Alright, so @amateurmagic​ tagged me in a chain post going around: Who are your favorite characters from your ten favorite fandoms?

1. Attack on Titan

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2. Naruto

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3. Pokémon

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4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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(it’s a tie)

5. Legend of Korra

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6. Avatar: The Last Airbender

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7. Fire Emblem

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8. Psycho-Pass

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9. Harry Potter

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10. Star Wars

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(Wedge Antilles. Yeah, obscure, I know. But I love all of Rogue Squadron.)

Ha this was actually pretty fun, so now I’m supposed to tag ten more people… How about @lenok993 @mab-hatter @eldiahope @the-emmacharlotte07 @cgpigeon @commissionerfiction @yuri-snk-texts @razzilicious …aaand that’s eight, so close enough!