random as ever

u ever think about how garnet isn’t just gay, but she’s literally gay.

like, aside from her being a homosexual character, she is also the physical embodiment of the concept of “gay”.


photons are made of light.

humans are made of molecules.

the stars are made of gas.

garnet is made of gay.

Okay this is random … .but like… I love the way jaebums Stubble/5 o'clock shadow grows…like it doesn’t come in all the way across his upper lip it only grows on the sides and then stops before his cupids bow and like iss just cute

why everyone should read 'rivers of london'/'the peter grant series' by ben aaronovitch

• it has been described as “harry potter for adults” but only if harry potter had actual, decent diversity
• if you like the works of terry pratchett or neil gaiman, you’ll love it
• the main character is peter grant, a biracial london police officer who one day accidentally interrogates a ghost and things just kinda go a bit wild from here
• the goddesses of the rivers of london are p much all badass black women (these characters also inspired one of my favourite songs)
• sahra “muslim ninja” guleed, the woman who joined the police on a dare, is the best thing to ever happen to me
• lgbtq+ characters are never used for shock value or tokenised and are treated the same as the cis, straight characters
• there’s a muslim trans woman of colour who can fly!!!
• it’s told from peter’s pov and he constantly calls white people out on their shit i love him
• deals with themes of ethics and immortality
• it’s genuinely entertaining and the suspense is great and i love it
• harry potter would have been much better if, on his first day at hogwarts, harry said “fuck me, i can do magic”