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Pre-crazy Berkut and Rinea headcanons

Alright sorry for the wait!! I actually had to work today but I had something else scheduled yesterday ha ha. Anyways here’s some trash

-a majority of their affection is initiated by Berkut
-Berkut likes to brag about how great Rinea is. Tbh he’d probably get in a fist fight with Clive over who had a better gf
-Rinea is so flustered by any pda, even just hand holding. Like, dancing is one thing, but holding someone’s hand because you want to??? Scandalous.
-Berkut spends an ungodly amount of money buying her stuff like flowers and jewelry and whatnot and can and will fight anyone who points that out
-Rinea brought up how she gets a lot of flack for being of a minor house and ‘going after’ Berkut and she had to remind him that punching out other nobles was frowned upon
-dancing is the only form of intimacy Rinea is really comfortable with and Berkut is totally fine with that
—Berkut: Me and Rinea were going at it all night
Soldier: Sir, please, no one wants to hear about this
Berkut: We were dancing??? How dare you
-Rinea def. feeds his horse sugar cubes and apples all the time and it likes her more than Berkut
-Berkut showers her with compliments in-private bc he knows she’s got low self-esteem
-when Berkut gets in one of his rages Renea can normally calm him down by holding his hands and talking about their future plans
—they wanted to have a lot of kids

Zeke and Tatiana hcs

These guys need more love so have some headcanons

-they cuddle a LOT. Like, Tatiana is especially guilty but they just sit and snuggle whenever possible and it makes everyone feel awkward. Not Clive and Mathilda awkward tho ha ha
-Zeke is SUPER gentle and doting with her. Sure, Tatiana is the healer, but if she hurts herself, even if it’s something like banging her elbow on a doorway, he hovers around her for a while and makes sure she’s fine
–if someone/thing hurts her in battle you’d better believe Zeke is gonna hurt them about ten times as bad
-Tatiana adopts random animals she finds all the time, and she means well, but she forgets about them a lot and Zeke ends up taking care of them instead
-Zeke learned how to braid hair while Tatiana was taking care of him, so sometimes they’ll sit and he’ll braid her hair and she’ll make him a flower crown. One time he forgot he was wearing a crown and some battle started and he fought the whole thing with it on
-when Tatiana gets tired Zeke lets her ride on his horse with him. She almost always falls asleep within ten minutes
-it takes them a really long time to start doing anything super intimate w/ each other. Like, holding hands, kisses on the cheek, cuddling?? That’s their comfort zone. Mainly Tatiana’s. She’s a shy child.
-I feel like at some point Zeke comes clean about remembering his past instead of keeping it to himself like he does in canon. Tatiana has some hardcore anxiety about that and he’d have to be an idiot not to notice, and that kinda crap really puts a damper on a relationship

Andy: I can do this

Andy: *douses himself in water*

Felix, Sam, Jake: Andy…


Felix, Sam, Jake: Andy no

Andy: *douses himself in water in public*


Felix, Sam, Jake: ANDY NO

Andy: *accidentally turns himself into water demon*

Felix, Sam, Jake: *facepalm*

Alm and Celica stuff

I was trying to post these daily but I was so freaking tired last night you’re all getting this today

-these two are the couple everyone appreciates bc they have a low amount of pda, especially in comparison to Clive and Mathilda
-once the initial ‘oh my gosh you’re actually here’ mentality wears off Celica falls back into her normal reservedness and the most they do in public is hold hands or little kisses on the cheek
-they have like 20 cats (actually three but shh)
-Alm is lowkey overprotective of Celica bc she, y'know, died
-he is also incredibly distrusting of himself bc he killed basically his entire family and also Celica and she has to help build his self-esteem back up
-when Alm’s bored he wanders around the castle and messes with stuff and showcases his findings to Celica
-they introduced each other to their respective armies and it was the equivalent of introducing your s/o to your family. Tho that was actually the case with Conrad ha ha
-sometimes they go stargazing and/or watch the sunset.
-existential discussions at three in the morning are extremely common
-they tell each other Wacky Adventure Stories™ when they’re bored

in episode 8 of andi mack, andi tells bowie that nobody comes to the frisbee games…does that include AMBER? jonah’s HIGH SCHOOL GIRLFRIEND? the girl has the time to come to the middle school on schooldays but she can’t find the time to come to her own boyfriend’s sports events? 

(i think i’m over thinking this)

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Clive and Mathilda headcanons

I held off on these guys but it’s time now ;)

-this is pretty much canon but these two make out after every battle, it’s basically required
-Clive never stops talking about how great Mathilda is
-they probably share a tent bc Clive’s paranoid Mathilda’s gonna disappear in the middle of the night
-Mathilda can definitely carry Clive and he thinks that’s pretty hot
-screw Mathilda’s ending, these two are married knights who make the rest of the Brotherhood feel uncomfortable bc they’re so lovey dovey
–they never turn off their affection ever, it is a constant stream
-they hardly ever argue, but the one time they had a really major fight Clive had actually crippling depression for an entire day and there was a lot of concern
-Clive follows Mathilda around like a puppy, even when he was the leader of the Deliverance
–tbh in a more modern setting Mathilda would have been leader, let’s be real
-Mathilda can drink way more than Clive, and he’s really proud of her for that
-they kiss just about as much as they compliment each other. Delthea has called them gross on many different occasions

This is just gonna be me randomly venting about my childlike heart so yeah, just warning you lol.

So I’m 21 years old and everybody knows I’m a child at heart. I’m completely aware of it, and people tell me I am all the time. I embrace that about me because it’s who I am! I have no shame whats so ever! If anybody tries to judge me for it I ignore them obviously because I don’t give a crap what people think of me lmao.

So yeah, I still watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon regularly. Yup, a 21 year old in her third year of college still watches them. I still love them! Like right now on Disney I love Stuck In The Middle and so far I’m really enjoying that new show Andi Mack! And on Nickelodeon I was surprised to find that I love The Loud House. But the show I’m really getting into is Henry Danger. I know I’m late to the party but that show is so freaking funny I love it so much!

What I wanna know is, are any of my fellow young adults/adults who watch shows like Henry Danger out there? I’m kinda wondering because I’m sorta feeling alone in my child at heart palace (idk what to call it so let’s just call it that lol)

a silly little theory i just thought of:

andi threw a party in the fourth episode for no reason other than celia and ham were out of town. in the ninth episode, it’s amber’s birthday. jonah asks andi for help buying a present for his girlfriend. but jonah doesn’t mention anything about a party. now, not everyone has to throw a party for their birthday, especially a typical house party like andi’s. but i find it interesting that maybe amber couldn’t throw a party like andi’s cuz she has no real friends. nobody likes her except jonah cuz she’s not a good person. and everyone knows that except jonah. 

if i’m right, which i doubt we’ll ever know, then a story on amber’s background would be pretty helpful. why is she treating jonah, her boyfriend, like this? why is she mean to andi? her parents neglects her? a traumatic experience from her childhood? was she dumped by a jerk boyfriend for no good reason? what is up with amber?