random acts of kindness

Today’s prompt had me questioning if I am as kind a person as I want to be, I don’t think I’m there just yet. Day 2 of the August Challenge by @journaling-junkie

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30 easy random acts of kindness

1. Send a friend or family member a quick sweet message like “I hope you have a great day” or “Thinking of you”

2. See a great post on your dashboard? Send the person who posted it a quick “Hey, i loved your post” 

3. Buy a homeless person something to drink or to eat  

4. Give a homeless person money, so they can buy what they need when they need it 

5. Have a person in your life who is a (new) parent? Offer to babysit for a hour 

6. Another kind idea for new parents: Offer to cook a meal or do a load of laundry on a stressful day 

7. Donate a piece of clothing you don’t need anymore 

8. Donate a book you don’t need anymore 

9. Donate a toy you don’t need anymore 

10. When you notice someone gets interrupted while talking, tell them that you want to hear what they had to say 

11. Leave someone a generous tip 

12. Smile at a stranger 

13. Let someone go to checkout  (in a supermarket etc.) before you 

14. Help a parent with their baby stroller on the stairs 

15. Put a sticky note with a positive message somewhere for your partner or friend to find (or even for a stranger!) 

16. Ask your local animal shelter if they need someone to take a walk with a dog, play with the cats etc. If yes, do it! 

17. Buy flowers for someone (or send them anonymously to them) 

18. Ask your local nursery home if you can read to someone who doesn’t have many visitors. If yes, do it! 

19. Leave some extra quarters in the laundry room

20. Say thankyou to a janitor 

21. Send a good morning or good night text to someone 

22. Give up your seat on the subway to someone 

23. Offer to dogsit the dog of a friend or neighbor for free 

24. See a kid with a lemonade stand? Buy lemonade. 

25. Do the dishes when it’s your roomate’s/partner’s/sibling’s turn to do them 

26. Call your mom or your granddad or your aunt or whoever you know who would love to get a call 

27. You see a shopping cart someone didn’t return? Return it to save the people working at the store some work 

28. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and ask if you can help with anything

29. Buy coffee for someone 

30. Give yourself a compliment - you deserve kindness, too! 

I really fell in love with this man. It’s not the kind of love you feel for your boyfriend or husband.

I fell in love with his strength to be so kind and nice to people. I fell in love with that he is so comfortable about the fact that he isn’t normal but weird. And I fell in love with that he showed me that I could be like this too.

I fell in love with myself thanks to this guy.

anonymous asked:

Describe Misha. (I'm trying to describe Misha to my bro… but I'm bad with words. He makes fun of me for liking him so much, so can you help me out?)

It is hard to describe Misha, because Misha is a surprise. Every moment of every day, he’s up to something new; but he enjoys that. He enjoys the shock, the newness—the adventure, and he enjoys bringing that out in other people. He’s that one crazy friend who always gets you to break the rules, and even though it scares the shit out of you, you always feel more alive when everything is said and done. Misha isn’t inherently “good” even with all the charity work that he does. He likes to tease people; he makes mistakes and will cuss up a storm. He’s lewd and has no problem with making everyone around him blush with the dirty, dirty things he’ll say … but you find that you’re grateful for all these “imperfections” because they all make him human. They make him approachable. They make him relatable; and that I think is what makes us love Misha the most.

He is like us … he’s goofy and nerdy and messes things up over and over again. He’s a giant child in an adult body. He opens his mouth and lets his brains fall out onto the floor, and sometimes it looks like modern art, and other times it looks like a homicide—but he keeps moving forward no matter the mess he left behind him, because he knows the ultimate goal is just to keep living. Misha keeps dreaming.

He’s relatable, yes … and that then makes us focus on him; and when we do, we see all the effort he puts into each and every day. He is always fighting, always trying to better the world, always wanting to make people smile, whether it’s with a kind act or a dirty joke. He does have his moments of complete, mature, adult responsibility and those inspire us too. He is a beacon to all of us who are struggling just to get by—shining through the fog and saying “Hey, people like us … we can be happy.” Yes, the man brings smiles to faces, but he also teaches people how to keep them there. He shows people how to find happiness within themselves; and that’s a talent that not enough people posses.

I think if you tell your brother that, then he just might begin to see why you love Misha so much.

The guy in front of me in the drive thru at True Brew paid for my coffee this morning. That small random act of kindness has made my entire week. Then I continued the random act of kindness by paying for the car behind me.

People, that’s all it takes. Those little kind moments actually aren’t little at all.

Kindness doesn’t cost much. Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

Ideas how to help homeless people: 

- Say hi. Smile at them. Introduce yourself, ask how they are, listen to them, ask them what they need most. They’re people, treat them like human beings. 

- Buy them food. (Make sure to choose items that do not require plates or an oven!) Some ideas are: Granola bars, beef jerky, a banana.. Basically anything you can open and eat. If you give something that requires a spoon, remember to hand them a plastic spoon as well etc. 

- Buy them something to drink. Water bottles are a great idea, not only because water fights dehydration the best but also because they are refillable. 

- Buy them toiletries (Choose small sizes or else they’re too heavy for them to carry around). Some ideas are: soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, tissues  

- Buy them new underwear and socks. Those are very vulnerable when you’re living on the streets! 

- If you want to give them blankets or clothes, ask first if they need them. Keep in mind: Gently used is okay but never give them dirty or torn items, they likely won’t use them and it’s respectless. 

- If you have multiple items (for example 5 pair of jeans, 3 shirts, a pile of old toys), donate them to a homeless shelter rather than dumping them all on one person. You mean well but you would just put a burden on the person as they can’t carry or store so many things without a home. 

- Give them money. Unlike you were probably told, not “every homeless person will spend it all on drugs anyway”. Giving them money (or gift cards to easily accesible supermarkets) gives them freedom to buy exactly what they need when they need it - and in most cases that’ll be a water bottle, a bus ticket to a shelter, tampons or another essential item that people usually don’t donate. 


It’s two days before valentine’s day. There’s a club at my school called the random acts of kindness club. it’s kind of a secret; no one knows who’s in it and when it meets. This club made over 1100 hearts for every kid in my school and put them in each locker. Every single one. Each said “you are loved”. So many people were smiling when they saw what was in their locker. It amazes me what little acts can make such a big difference in someone’s day. I guess going to school sometime really doesn’t suck. :)