30 easy random acts of kindness

1. Send a friend or family member a quick sweet message like “I hope you have a great day” or “Thinking of you”

2. See a great post on your dashboard? Send the person who posted it a quick “Hey, i loved your post” 

3. Buy a homeless person something to drink or to eat  

4. Give a homeless person money, so they can buy what they need when they need it 

5. Have a person in your life who is a (new) parent? Offer to babysit for a hour 

6. Another kind idea for new parents: Offer to cook a meal or do a load of laundry on a stressful day 

7. Donate a piece of clothing you don’t need anymore 

8. Donate a book you don’t need anymore 

9. Donate a toy you don’t need anymore 

10. When you notice someone gets interrupted while talking, tell them that you want to hear what they had to say 

11. Leave someone a generous tip 

12. Smile at a stranger 

13. Let someone go to checkout  (in a supermarket etc.) before you 

14. Help a parent with their baby stroller on the stairs 

15. Put a sticky note with a positive message somewhere for your partner or friend to find (or even for a stranger!) 

16. Ask your local animal shelter if they need someone to take a walk with a dog, play with the cats etc. If yes, do it! 

17. Buy flowers for someone (or send them anonymously to them) 

18. Ask your local nursery home if you can read to someone who doesn’t have many visitors. If yes, do it! 

19. Leave some extra quarters in the laundry room

20. Say thankyou to a janitor 

21. Send a good morning or good night text to someone 

22. Give up your seat on the subway to someone 

23. Offer to dogsit the dog of a friend or neighbor for free 

24. See a kid with a lemonade stand? Buy lemonade. 

25. Do the dishes when it’s your roomate’s/partner’s/sibling’s turn to do them 

26. Call your mom or your granddad or your aunt or whoever you know who would love to get a call 

27. You see a shopping cart someone didn’t return? Return it to save the people working at the store some work 

28. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and ask if you can help with anything

29. Buy coffee for someone 

30. Give yourself a compliment - you deserve kindness, too! 

Random Acts of Kindness Day may have passed but we want to keep up the theme with a little game

Here is the Artists List:

The rules are simple:

•Pick an artist on the list and send them a message of support for their artbook piece, or just their work in general

Obviously you don’t have to stop at one, send as many as you like because the artists in this project have been amazing and they deserve ALL the love that will be sent their way.

Artists and non-artists can all take part in this so don’t feel like you have to be someone taking part in the project to participate, the more love the better :)

What we would love to see is artists with blogs full of messages of kindness, support, and love.

Let’s make it happen! :)


Hey all, I’m starting an experiment here!

Having worked in service positions for many years, I tend to feel for retail workers even more than usual around the holidays. To make their lives a little better, I buy a couple of cheap boxes of candy canes and carry some with me wherever I go, and offer them to cashiers who look like they need a boost. I know from experience how nice it is when someone makes even the smallest effort to make you smile!

But I also know that some stores don’t allow tips, and even punish employees for accepting them. So here’s what I’m asking:

  1. Consider your poor cashier this holiday season! Even just a genuine smile and a “happy holidays” goes a long way.
  2. If you work in retail, reblog this with the name of your store and whether or not you’re allowed to accept tips or presents.
  3. If you don’t work retail, please consider reblogging anyway!

Let’s make this year extra special :)

Taco Bell Story

Okay so tonight I was supposed to work 8 hours but I ended up working 10 and a half because we got slammed and a bunch of people called off, and everyone was tired, and we all just wanted to go home, and I’m working the fucking drive thru by myself (order taking and register operating) so I’m losing my goddamn mind, and then this older woman, probably in her 60′s, pulls up to the window and says:

“Hi, I have a sort of odd request: can I pay for the next three people in line behind me?”

So of course I’m like, “Uhhhh, I guess if you want to. Do you want to know how much their orders are, or…?”

And she’s just like, “Nope, whatever it costs, I can pay.”

And I’m standing there, slack-jawed like “holy shit okay rad” and I ask her why? Why does she want to do this? And she answers:

“About 8 months ago, I got laid off and I was struggling really bad and a lot of people supported me with these little random acts of kindness, and I’ve got a new job and come into some money so I want to return that; good karma and everything.”

So I ring her up, and she thanks me and pulls away, and at this point I’m just like all sparkly anime eyes, and then the 1st person whose order she paid for pulls up, and it’s a young woman, maybe 19 years old, and she goes, “I’m so sorry, I thought I had a $10 bill but I only have a $5, can I take something off? I’m so sorry.” 

And I get to look at this girl and say, “Ma’am, there’s no need to worry about it, the woman in the car in front of you paid for your meal.”

And the look on this girl’s face…good god, she actually CRIED a little bit, shook my hand, and told me that the next time she had money, she was going to do the same for someone else.

The 2nd person that the woman paid for pulls up, hands me a $20 bill, which I hand back to her saying, “Your meal was paid for by another customer.” This lady gives me a blank stare, slowly withdraws her hand with the money, and whispers out a choked up, “Wow…wow, thank you; thank you.”

And the 3rd person whose meal was paid for (here’s the kicker) gave me a $50 bill to cover his $48-and-some-change order, and basically yells, “WHAT?!” when I tell him that it’s been paid for. He then declares, “Well, then I’ll pay for the next two orders; are they under $50?” (yes, they were) “Alright, fantastic.”

And after that, for the rest of my shift (another 35 minutes!), every person that came through paid for one or two cars behind them; some were simple 4 or 5 dollar orders, some were $45+, but everyone, regardless of how much their original meal was and how much the person’s behind them was, paid it forward. 

As far as I know, it’s still going on. I’ll have to ask my manager how it ended tomorrow. 

My faith in humanity has been restored; I’ve cried happy tears for the first time in a very long while; and today was a really good day.

These Card Senders

A French man with Down syndrome has received more than 40,000 birthday cards from strangers all over the globe after his dad posted a simple message on Facebook asking if anyone might be willing to make his son’s special day a little bit brighter.

Last month, Lucien Parisseaux sent his 25 Facebook friends a plea. His son Manuel, who has Down syndrome, was going to celebrate his 30th birthday at the end of November, he wrote. He asked if they would consider sending him a birthday card. The post started a chain reaction, and it was shared more than 100,000 times. 

Thousands upon thousands of them were sent to Manuel’s home in Calais, France.

On the Friday morning before Manuel’s birthday, the letter carrier reportedly had to use a truck to deliver the 5,000 letters and cards that had arrived for the young man. “In the 20 years I’ve worked for the postal service, I’ve never seen this before,” the postal worker told France 3.

(Photo/Story via HuffPo)