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just out of curiosity but like i’m not the only one that hates the random mics in spring awakening obc, right?

Touka and Amon’s Conversation Says More About How They Haven’t Grown

I’ve noticed that I had a vastly different interpretation of the conversation between Touka and Amon then most of the fandom. To be fair the conversation itself seemed okay, until I got to a certain panel. 

Amon’s rhetoric has always been a simplification of a much more complicated situation, but this is an especially glaring example. What exactly about the Daughter arc gave Kureo no choice but to murder Hinami’s mom in the middle of the street in front of her daughter, then use her kakuhou and severed arm to lure that same thirteen year old child into a death trap?

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Fan: What videos do you want to erase completely?

Hyuk: I want to erase the video where I danced to Hush on Sonbadak TV. A dance is a dance but that outfit… Ah… It’s really terrible!

(alsdjhfksjhdf  looK at thaT BOY MOVE HIS WITTLE HIPS UNFFFF)

Ravi: When we put on black lipstick…. I want to erase that.

(……yeahhh maybeeee but at least u guys still look hot and sexy)

N: For me… I want to erase the cut of “I Need Angels.”


The Cursed Tea

Hi friends! This is the first chapter of my ‘A Lemon A Day’ series. It will contain multiple smutty one-shots of Gruvia; some will stick to canon material, while others will be AU. Hope you guys will enjoy, and happy reading! ^^

Summary: Gray and Juvia accidentally drink tea that’s been infused by a dark, mysterious magic. It is said that whomever ingests it will lose every ounce of control and succumb to their sexual desires. 

Rating: M (Contains sexual content, please read at your own discretion)

Pairing: Gruvia and some Nalu

Can also be read at https://www.fanfiction.net/~scarfsan

“You two look like shit.”

The dragon slayer and celestial mage remained slumped in their seats, looking dead and soulless despite Gray’s blunt remark.

“What in the world happened?” Wendy leaned across the table in concern.

“Aghhh… don’t even mention it,” Happy groaned, clearly exhausted. “I couldn’t get any sleep last night and was even kicked out of my own house by these two… these two ANIMALS!”

The exceed erupted into tears while the others looked on in confusion.

“What do you mean?” Erza demanded. “Natsu, Lucy, explain yourselves.”

The pink-haired mage opened his mouth, but whatever words that came out was slurred and incomprehensible. Lucy made no attempt to talk; her face turning a bright shade of red was her only reply.

“I can explain.”

Everyone turned their heads to see Porlyusica walk into the guild hall.

She took out a small green can that had a picture of tea leaves on the front, and in the corner, there were tiny black letters that said ‘Warning: potent lust spell’.

“These idiots didn’t check the label and drank a special tea that’s infused with a dark, powerful spell. It turns the unfortunate souls who drink it into horny, savage beasts. Disgusting… only humans could come up with such a thing”.

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Great characters don’t always make sense. I mean, yeah, they tend to follow the same patterns but they don’t always do the same thing. Part of being human is our ability to choose, so, give your characters some choices and they’ll be more human as a result! You should never think in formulas when you’re in your characters head. Always exceptions, of course, but unless your character is supposed to have a very formulated thought process, you shouldn’t be going, “because she’s X, she’ll do X” or “because he hates X, he’d never agree to X.” There should always be reasons for your character to consider the things you think they’d never agree to.

Take, for example, my character Alice. She’s stubborn and selfish as all heck. Selfish to the point of cruel, at times. She will (and has) made other characters cry with her inclination to assume the worst in people and always look out for herself. And once she feels justified in her selfishness, she’ll get so deep into that rut that she absolutely refuses to consider other viewpoints. She’s often the only voice of truth in her world, in all her biased glory. But this same character spent over an hour in the pouring rain, looking for a girl she’d only just met. Alice had to be forcibly removed from the storm by two more reasonable-minded characters, and even then she couldn’t get the other girl off her mind. It was killing her that she couldn’t do more to help a stranger that was in such obvious emotional pain, alone and in the rain while Alice was warm and dry at home.

So does this single incident of kindness poof away her selfishness? Not at all. She can be selfish and selfless at the same time. Don’t we all act the same? Sometimes we’ll share a Hershey’s bar with friends, while other times we want it for ourselves. Yes, people can be predictable. But there are so many thoughts and considerations that go into a character’s decision making, so it should never be a solid black or white answer. And it’s not just the choice; it’s also the thought process that goes into that choice. Have recent events affected their thinking? Maybe they got a random act of kindness and felt inclined/expected to pass it on? Maybe they’re just having a better or worse day than normal. In any case, they should struggle over their choices. Some decisions will come easier than others, and sometimes they land on a choice that you wouldn’t expect from them. Why? Who really knows? People are paradoxes. They contradict themselves. I think a lot of this relates back to core values and how your character chooses to balance what they believe in.

This is probably a topic I’ll bring up a lot. Clinging to a tight mindset on who your character is will often only make your character seem flat and contrived as a result. It’s suffocating to your characters to think they can be easily defined, or to label them based on a few traits.

Seriously, Alice still surprises me and I’ve been writing 1st person from her head for the last year. I recently found out that another of my characters knows her better than I do. Embarrassing.


One Jump Ahead

Description: When the hardships of hunting begin to take their toll, you make the decision to live your life as a thief. Doing whatever it took to survive. When you literally run into a mystery man, he suddenly becomes your ticket to escape. Running away from cops isn’t always as fun, but you gotta stay one jump ahead of the lawman.  

Characters: Female!Reader x Sam

Words: 1,592

Warnings: Kinda Angsty, Homelessness, Theft, Disney (if that’s a warning) 

A/N: I wrote this one shot for @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious Disney Song Challenge, with my song of inspiration being One Jump Ahead from the film Aladdin. I had so much fun writing this and it was the perfect remedy for my writer’s block! I hope you enjoy it :) The Italics are either quotes from the song or edited lines inspired by it. GIFs are not mine. 

When you decided to become a hunter many moons ago, you thought that the most difficult part of the job was fighting monsters. Putting your life on the line every case you took on, but you were wrong. The hardest part of hunting, was the homelessness.

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The Angry Creamsicle has landed! :D I didn’t do the little purple blobs where his insignia should be like I did on Starscream because I’m not sure I like it. I basically used his Kreon coloring because I like it, if I was making one for someone else obviously I’d use whatever colors they wanted. A set of Animated Seekers would be cool, I think. :D

I’ve found it takes about an hour to make one of these, now that I know what I’m doing. So the whole bracelet will probably take around eight hours total, assuming seven Seekers (I’m not counting Acid Storm or Slipstream, and I don’t need that many anyway because my wrists are skinny) and assuming I use premade spacers. It would also go a little faster if I could mark where the stripes go before felting them, but I don’t have a decent marker that’s red right now. I’m supposed to be getting a gift card to Hobby Lobby soon (I have their credit card that gives rewards) but it hasn’t arrived yet, and Hobby Lobby is a bit of a drive so I don’t want to go for just markers.

Sunstorm would be very upset to know that I was listening to Pony Rock Anthem while making him. XD