Random Acts is going back to Nicaragua to continue work on the Free School in 2018! They’re already collecting donations and I’d really like to earn a spot on the team.

I didn’t manage to raise the money last year, and even if I don’t get it this time either, it’s for a really good cause.

If anyone would like to support me, here’s the link to my campaign:


I’ve just donated $100.

This is Aya, from the 2016 #Gishwhes “Change a Life” item. (https://www.crowdrise.com/change-a-life-khoulouds-story )
She’s the little girl with spinal bifida whose family fled Syria. For years, her sister has had to carry Aya everywhere because the family could not afford a wheelchair or health care.

The Gishwhes team went to France and met with her family. We got to share the good news that Aya will be receiving the best medical care and a new wheelchair, and her family will be receiving a car to help transport her to medical appointments. This is all thanks to the generous efforts of you Gishers… 

This is Khouloud and her family. We introduced them to you with the 2016 GISHWHES’ “Change a Life” item. (https://www.crowdrise.com/change-a-life-khoulouds-story) In 2012, Khouloud was shot by a sniper while tending her vegetable garden in Syria and was completely paralyzed from the neck down. She and her family escaped Syria and have been living in a tent in Lebanon since then.

The Gishwhes team went to Lebanon and shared with them that we’re going to be moving them into a flat and providing food for the family and medical care for Khouloud. We’ll also be funding the education of Khouloud’s children.