Damn it, Ed Sheeran...

That’s right, I said it.

I had an SPN fanfic mapped out. It was going to be sexy and wild and fluffy.

There was going to be shower sex.

But the song I had in mind slipped from it rather quickly. So I go looking for another.

And then, by some random crazy happenstance, I stumbled upon Ed Sheeran.

That’s right. This guy:

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And there’s a song in particular that, once I heard it, moved me with warm fuzzy feelings of newfound love.

And the shower sex went right out the window. God damn it.

Oh, there will still be smut. Delightfully so. But the context will be considerably fluffier than I initially intended. And maybe that’s okay.

And it’s all because of that beautiful ginger bastard with the heartwarming vocals.

Ed Sheeran is a precious cinnamon roll that should be protected at all costs. 

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That is all. ^_^

Aspect Association Theory

Now after talking with several people and mulling over everything in my head, I came to a strange conclusion. Now this is just a theory and it doesn’t apply to everyone, but I saw this and had to say something about it. Everyone who is into HomeStuck has that one character. That once they just love to death. The one they feel the biggest connection to. Their favorite. I was talking with several of my HS college friends and after classpecting several of them, I found this.
Their aspects were exactly the same as their favorites. I’m even a victim to this theory before I knew exactly what I was.
I will give a few examples:
I am a Heart player. My fave is Nepeta
the Time player of our group is a Dave fan
Our Blood player loves Sufferer
My brother, a Rage player, loves Gamzee
Even @creative-classpect falls under this, being a Rage player and a fan of Kurloz

This is only a few, but it was a rather odd connection I found. Now like I said before, this doesn’t work with everyone, but I couldn’t help but notice all the connections.
Sorry for the bit of randomness.