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So I’m writing my big end of term paper on pre-Code Hollywood and I just want to let everyone know that both Cary Grant and Randolph Scott played opposite Mae West, who was arguably considered one of the most beautiful women of the era, and was definitely the most successful and wealthy, and any way they both played her love interests, but in real life they had a gay love nest together and lived happily and in love for many years.

Jon Girodes ®, a Republican candidate for NYS Senate, outraged constituents in New York’s 30th District — Harlem — with an offensive and racist offer to hand out “Kool Aid, KFC and watermelons” at a campaign event in the community. The community, which is primarily black, what NOT IMPRESSED. In interviews with NBC 4 New York, Harlem residents responded with harsh words. “It’s more than an insult and anybody with any sense would see that’s pathetically racist and insulting,” community member Scott Randolph said in an interview with the network on 125th Street.